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Protect Against Brute Force Password Attacks

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Platforms: Windows Vista, 7, Server 2008, 8, Server 2012
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Sometimes, hacking passwords isn't as sophisticated an affair as the movies make it out to be. In fact, many times, evildoers are able to hack into your system just by using brute-force attacks, where your login is repeatedly hammered with numbers and letters until the right combination is achieved. And if you're using the Remote Desktop Protocol to enjoy remote access to your home machine from anywhere, well, you're enabling those dark forces to do the same. And they aren't nearly as nice as you are. That's why you need today's discount software promotion, RdpGuard!

RdpGuard safeguards the Remote Desktop Protocol from brute-force attacks that can compromise passwords and gain entry into your computer. With RdpGuard, all failed login attempts are detected, and IP addressed are automatically blocked after three attempts (or as many as you choose). This, by its very nature, will undermine any brute force attempts and likely push your attackers on to the next not-as-well-protected target.

Even brute force attacks that are unsuccessful tend to eat away at your computer's resources and bandwidth, what with all of that repeated knocking at the door! Using RdpGuard shuts down these attacks almost instantly, immediately freeing up system resources and improving your computer's performance!

Review Written by Derek Lee
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Frank Sielna I am a huge fan of brute force protection. Nevertheless I am asking myself for the use (vs. pricing) of this software?
Whereas such a software (or feature within the service) is /very/ usefull for services that have to be publicly available (such as FTP or SMTP, maybe HTTP) any sane person would never operate RDP on 3389 (POP3 on 110, IMAP on 143, MySQL on 3306 ..., you get the picture). No RDP on 3389 - (almost) no risk. Any service that is accessed only by people you know (before) can (and should!) be operated on non-standard ports.
BTW: What this software does not protect against is a worm using security wholes in the RDP implementation like the vulnerability a few weeks ago with malware in the wild. The only protection against that are ALG or non-standard ports.

So, in one sentence: Just for me the software is too expensive for that tiny use.

Regards, Frank
May 12 2012 at 10:16pm Copy Link
Ivan Moiseev Hi Frank,
thank you for your comment,

Yes, you can change RDP Port and this will reduce the number of attacks, but this approach will not protect you 100%. If someone will be interested in your server, it will use nmap first to find non-standard RDP port and then something like tsgrinder to start brute-force attack.

You can go even further and make rdp port available to limited set of ip addresses, but this also may be not convenient if you are working with your server from various locations.

Regards, Ivan.
NetSDK Software - May 12 2012 at 10:46pm Copy Link
Frank Sielna Dear Ivan,

you're right (BTW: my passwords are usually 10 characters, so happy brute forcing :).
Unfortunately in your scenario your software doesn't help either. The attacker you outlined wouldn't waste time with brute forcing before he tried the available exploits.

So wasn't a usable port knocker for Windows the best approach then?

I happily paid that 80 bucks for an easily usable port knocker, preferably with a web interface too (so I can unlock via port sequence or web interface).

Regards, Frank
May 12 2012 at 11:09pm Copy Link
Ivan Moiseev Frank ,

Surprisingly, but they still bruteforcing sporadically, even on non standard rdp ports, even on xx-characters-length passwords, abusing server resources and generating long security event logs. Otherwise we'd not be working on this product.

And thank you for your feedback, port-knocker with web interface is also interesting idea.

Regards, Ivan.
NetSDK Software - May 12 2012 at 11:47pm Copy Link

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