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Sanwhole Office Ultimate EditionDiscount

Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition

Create and Edit Files Compatible with Microsoft Office

v5.12.20081 for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows 7, 8, 10 (32-bit & 64-bit) with .NET 4.6.2
Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition ScreenshotMicrosoft Office Software ScreenshotSanwhole Office Ultimate Edition, Microsoft Office Software ScreenshotSanwhole Office Ultimate Edition, Business & Finance Software ScreenshotMicrosoft Office Software, Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition ScreenshotBusiness & Finance Software, Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition ScreenshotBusiness & Finance Software, Microsoft Office Software ScreenshotSanwhole Office Ultimate Edition, Business & Finance Software, Microsoft Office Software ScreenshotSanwhole Office Ultimate Edition Screenshot 8Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition Screenshot 9Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition Screenshot 10Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition Screenshot 11Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition Screenshot 12Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition Screenshot 13Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition Screenshot 14Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition Screenshot 15Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition Screenshot 16Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition Screenshot 17

Have you ever tried to get along in this world without using Microsoft Office? It’s nearly impossible! Everyone that you work with expects you to be able to work on Word and Excel files, and if you can’t do it, you’re going to fall behind. So do you have to buy Microsoft Office? Not if you pick up today’s discount software promotion, Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition!

Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition offers you inexpensive programs that are fully compatible with Microsoft Office applications, and so much more. With Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition, you’ll be able to create and edit DOCX documents and XLSX files, plus create stunning presentations, all without Microsoft Office!

In addition to full compatibility with Microsoft’s flagship applications, you’ll also be able to build websites, watch videos and play music, and create HTML notes, using a variety of applications that are included with Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition. There are even programs to build PDF files, manage files, browse the web, and check your email! No other package gives you such a level of utility as Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition.

    Sanwhole Office is not only a complete alternative to Microsoft Office, it also provides features that Microsoft Office does not have.
  • (1/12) Sanwhole Office - Vole Word: A light Microsoft Word editor, help you create full-featured Microsoft Word DOCX document and replicate Microsoft Office user experience.
  • (2/12) Sanwhole Office - Vole Excel: A light Microsoft Excel editor, help you create full-featured Microsoft Excel XLSX document and replicate Microsoft Office user experience.
  • (3/12) Sanwhole Office - Vole Briefcase: Create, edit, and present your ideas in dynamic, visually compelling ways. Vole Briefcase lets you present your ideas with rich text, images, audio, video and online resources. Vole Briefcase uniquely support present whole document such as DOCX, PDF, MHTML etc. Vole Briefcase uniquely support present a whole embed HTML 5 website.
  • (4/12) Sanwhole Office - Vole PageShare: The HTML 5 website is recognized as the strongest presentation system, and no other presentation software can match it. Why not create a website to show your thoughts. Creating a HTML 5 website with Vole PageShare is as simple as using Microsoft Word.
  • (5/12) Sanwhole Office - Vole Edutainment: A powerful player. The difference is that Vole Edutainment can not only play music and videos, but can also automatically present file contents such as DOCX, PDF, MHTML, etc. Vole Edutainment can also present web pages, as well as online music videos like YouTube etc.
  • (6/12) Sanwhole Office - Vole Magic Note: From simple rich text note to the most complex HTML 5 note, the Vole Magic Note can handle it with ease.
  • (7/12) Sanwhole Office - Vole Word Reviewer: Review Microsoft Word document without changing the original file. The only Microsoft Word review software that meets ISO file review requirements.
  • (8/12) Sanwhole Office - Vole PDF Creator: Vole PDF Creator lets you create professional PDF just like editing Microsoft Word files. You can create multilevel bookmark PDF with rich Text, pictures, hyperlinks, and MS style tables and preview in the built-in previewer.
  • (9/12) Sanwhole Office - Vole Windows Expedition: One-click to get all your files and folders ready in a nicely gallery format. A more graceful way to manage documents.
  • (10/12) Sanwhole Office - Vole Internet Expedition: One-click to get all your websites ready in a nicely gallery format. A more graceful way to browse the web.
  • (11/12) Sanwhole Office - iMail: Sanwhole Exchange email client. iMail helps you send and receive company internal email (similar to Outlook) and public domain email (similar to Gmail) at same time (need Sanwhole Exchange Server installed).
  • (12/12) Sanwhole Office - Sanwhole Cloud: Free hosting sites up to 150 MB created by users using Sanwhole Office.

After you purchase Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition, it may be used for 12 months.

This promotion includes the following:
Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition AUTD (1 Year) v5.12.20081 ($80)
Sanwhole Office Business Ultimate Edition LTUD (Lifetime) ($384)
Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition LTUD (Lifetime) ($256)
Vole Office Ultimate Edition LTUD (Lifetime) ($32)
Review Written by Constantin Florea
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The Fine Print
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Norman Wong To help students learn safely and reopen schools in the fall, Sanwhole is offering one million suites its iSchool tele-education system completely free of charge to schools around the world. Each suite includes at least 1,000 students, about one billion lifetime ultimate licenses in total. Our voice is far from enough. I hope you can share it and enlarge it to benefit more people. Thank you! For more information, please see:
Sanwhole - Aug 9 at 6:30pm Copy Link
Norman Wong Sanwhole Office contains 10 must-have best software. 1) Explorer with 4 dual MS file explorers; 2) the fastest dock-able browser (see test chart); 3) MS Word editor; 4) MS Excel editor; 5) Briefcase similar to PowerPoint but integrated with multimedia; 6) A Magic Note integrated with multimedia and MS Word editor; 7) Powerful PDF creator; 8) Powerful Website Creator; 9) An Edutainment player can auto play YouTube, MP4, website, MS Word files; 10) MS Word files learning and review tool.
Sanwhole - Aug 9 at 7:36pm Copy Link
Norman Wong It's not the packaging of useless software, it's a collection of must-have software. $2.00/Unit/Year, it's too much value. For the trouble of renewal, you can purchase a permanent version of LTUD and include a 2-year free major version upgrade. If you use it primarily for business, you can buy business edition. The business edition will always show "Business Edition”on the software title.

In addition, all software is integrated into the same installation file. Convenient for you to download, install and upgrade all software at once.
Sanwhole - Aug 9 at 7:38pm Copy Link
MojoMan What are the differences between the Ultimate Edition and the Business Ultimate edition?

The download Trial link does not work... so that doesn't help either. I have MS Office Plus so a lot of it is redundant. I was looking for a OneNote alternative that natively displays pdf files as OneNote does not do this very well at all.

Ideally it would be nice to be able to edit a pdf in the "OneNote" environment.
Aug 10 at 2:21pm Copy Link
Norman Wong @MojoMan, Hello. Download address: sorry.

Ultimate Edition use for personal, Business Ultimate edition use for business. Their functions are basically the same.

If you pay attention to the price, you will find that the price of Vole Office (Vole Word + Vole Excel) accounts for 1 / 14 of the 10 software models. In other words, the function accounts for 1 / 14. Therefore, even if you already have MS office, it will not be "a lot of redundant". Moreover, Sanwhole Office supports Microsoft Office and can take advantage of its additional functions such as Shapes, SmartArt, Chart and WordArt.

Every Sanwhole Office software supports PDF preview.

Vole PDF Creator can create PDF files.
Sanwhole - Aug 10 at 6:05pm Copy Link
MojoMan Hi Norman, Thanks for replying. I'm downloading the trial version to give it a try.

Another question that I had is about saving webpages. As I browse, I find a lot of technical articles that I like to download. I have been using a browser extension and saving the webpage as a pdf... with active links, attachments, etc.

The problem is what I've tried to find an easy solution for but have come up empty. That is a program to organize all of those files into a structure so that you can have a tree or notebook paradigm for organia dzation and be able to navigate and view / read related articles. Ideally, I would like to be able to add tags and links between documents. One Note is as close as I have come but direct capture does not render webpages very well... nothing like the original. OneNote also does natively deal with pdf files, so it requires several extra steps to capture a pdf and link it or print it to one note and it just doesn't work very well. Otherwise it has a lot of good features for organizing, linking, annotating, and working with notes but is still a unhandy solution.

I would almost prefer a program that kept its own repository so that once a document is saved to a file/project, one file would contain the entire subject or project.

So, I don't know if Magic Note can alone or in combination with other tools in S.O. give me those capabilities or not, but that is what my quest has been.
Aug 10 at 10:54pm Copy Link
Norman Wong @MoreMojoMan, Hello. Vole Briefcase is perfect for your needs, tree struct, live websites preview, mhtml offline websites preview. I made a "Websites Gallery Example.vmc" example and screen capture for your understanding here:

How to use: run Sanwhole Studio software, select Briefcase software from top menu, select Home > Import button to import the example VMC file. Then select the "Websites Gallery Example" project from left "Existing Projects" drop-down button.

In addition: no matter how many websites in your gallery, will be saved into just one vmc file.
Sanwhole - Aug 11 at 1:54am Copy Link
Thomas User What's the difference between Vole Office Ultimate Edition (8$) and Sanvole Office Ultimate Edition ($ 20)?
Aug 11 at 4:03am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Thomas User, Hello.

Vole Office Ultimate Edition (8$) includes Vole Word and Vole Excel two software and lifetime using.

Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition ($ 20) include Vole Word, Vole Excel and other 8 software and 1-year using.
Sanwhole - Aug 11 at 4:09am Copy Link
Peter Dr Hello Mr Wong:

Just to be clear: "After you purchase Sanwhole Office Ultimate Edition, it may be used for 12 months." means that after one year, the program no longer functions?

Thank you!
Aug 11 at 9:12am Copy Link
Norman Wong @Peter Dr, Hello.

After 12 months, the software can continue to be used, but its functions are reduced. For example, it can only be read, previewed but not modified and edited. The data you saved previously will not be lost. It can be used normally after renewal at any time. The LTUD edition can be used permanently.
Sanwhole - Aug 11 at 3:03pm Copy Link
fpi fpi Do you plan a multilingual version, with French for example?
Aug 12 at 3:03am Copy Link

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