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Scratchpad For Images

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Rapid manipulation of images. These words would be the best way to describe this application. Scratchpad For Images is a program which allows you to quickly and easily create more detailed images made of other images.

You can create a variety of operations on images all of them having the purpose to allow the 'rapid manipulation of images'. You can rotate, resize, duplicate, drag, filter, crop, text to an image, create animated GIFs, split images based on rows and columns, create silhouettes, create outline and line art images and in some cases with only just two clicks. It's that easy. You can even make an image behave as a background or as a foreground and in this way you can put images one on top of the other in the order you like.

The Scratchpad For Images application also features two tabs: the "My" tab and the "Options" tab. The "My" tab has the purpose of storing thumbnails of imported images so you can just click on the image (on the thumbnail) to add its associated image to the canvas of the application. The "Options" tab has several settings controlling how the application works.

Here are a few examples on how easy it is to work with images in Scratchpad For Images and as a start, let's talk about rotating an image: you can rotate an image clockwise or counter-clockwise. To rotate the image counter-clockwise, keep pressing the Left SHIFT key and click the mouse. The more you click the image (while pressing Left SHIFT) the more it will rotate counter-clockwise. Each rotation is done in steps of 5 degrees. To rotate the image clockwise, keep pressing the Right SHIFT key and click the mouse. The more you click the image (while pressing Right SHIFT) the more it will rotate clockwise. Each rotation is done in steps of 5 degrees (this is the default) but you can change this number from the "Options" tab. When you have a picture and you rotate it manually in steps of 2, 3, 5 degrees, etc until a certain number for example 90 degrees and then you use the Quick Filters to rotate Horizontally (or Vertically) please notice that the application first rotates it Horizontally or Vertically depending on what you initially selected and then rotates it to 90 degrees.

How about resizing an image? To resize an image, press any of the CTRL keys and click the image (keep the left mouse button clicked) and drag the mouse around. As you drag the mouse around (while keeping any of the CTRL keys pressed), the image will be resized. When you're done resizing, release the mouse.

And that ease of image operations applies to all the other functionalities which were implemented in the Scratchpad For Images application, all this having the following purpose: rapid manipulation of images.

Here are several Youtube videos showing more of what you can do with the application:

Create a reindeer head in Scratchpad For Images

Building a stone path in Scratchpad For Images:

Review Written by Constantin Florea
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