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SoftPerfect RAM DiskDiscount

SoftPerfect RAM Disk

Faster Performance, Longer Hard Drive Life

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Platforms: Windows XP, 2003, 2008, Vista (32 and 64 bit), 7 (32 and 64 bit)
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As your hard drive fills up, your computer's performance goes down! Little bits of data start getting put into all of the nooks and crannies of available space, resulting in more fragmentation, and making your hard drive work even harder -- possibly towards premature failure. And yet most of the time, a large portion of your PC's RAM sits unused, calm, cool, and collected, on the sidelines.

It's high time you put that RAM to work!

SoftPerfect RAM Disk lets you set up disks on your computer that are entirely stored in memory. What does this mean? Data speeds that far exceed any physical hard disk. Better performance. Longer hard drive life!

With SoftPerfect RAM Disk, you can even set up a virtual RAM disk to handle all of those files that Windows and applications use for temporary data storage. You know, all of those little bits that get dumped to your hard drive during an installation, or that get accumulated during web browsing.

Need to access your virtual RAM data between sessions? Set it up with an associated on-disk image -- the virtual RAM drive reads from it once, writes to it once, and all of the read/write work that happens in the middle is VIRTUAL.

SoftPerfect RAM Disk lets you create any number of virtual RAM drives and is only limited by the available memory on your system, and boasting sizes of 3.5GB on 32-bit systems to a whopping UNLIMITED on 64-bit systems!

This promotion includes the following:
SoftPerfect RAM Disk (Home license) ($29)
SoftPerfect RAM Disk (Business license) ($49)
Review Written by Derek Lee
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Sputnik I am new to this kind of software and I have a simple question about it.

What's happening when this soft is running with some data sent in the memory and that at this moment we do an image of the operating system drive with a software like Acronis True Image.

Will the ACTUAL data in the memory be backed up as all the rest ?

Thank you for your answer.
Sep 12 2012 at 5:09pm Copy Link
ehab are you asking if Acronis will backup the ram drive?

did you already see if you Acronis provides the ram disk as an optional drive to back up?
Sep 12 2012 at 11:31pm Copy Link
Sputnik I will change my original question to this one : if we shut down SoftPerfect RAM Disk, will SoftPerfect RAM Disk transfer to the hard disk the data which he holds in the memory ?
Sep 13 2012 at 8:03am Copy Link
ehab I think in ramdisk there is an option to save the contents as an image. Which is a great feature. If you do not set this option all the contents will be gone if you shut down the application or pc off course.

hope this helps.
Sep 13 2012 at 9:41am Copy Link
Sputnik OK. If I understand correctly, the use of a software like SoftPerfect RAM Disk is more a f.....g around than anything else for someone who wants to make disk images with softwares such as Acronis True Image because some data will inevitably be missing from the image created by Acronis True Image because this data will be on another disk image created by SoftPerfect RAM Disk.

When would come the time to restore an old image created with Acronis True Image, the restored image would have to work with newer data in the ram drive of SoftPerfect RAM Disk which would surely be non correlated to the data of the restored image of Acronis True Image.
Sep 13 2012 at 10:08am Copy Link
Overtkill I use QSoft's RAMDrive Enterprise. It has an option to load and save the data at startup and shutdown. It stores the information in a file in the .img format to my SSD C: drive.

Acronis should be able to image the RAM Disk because its simply an NTFS partition, which is using main ram. So technically any backup utility should be able to access the drive as a standard partition.

As far as the F'in around part, I have a 16GB Ram drive on my puter. I sue it for caching of everything from Win 7's swap file, to Firefox's built in cache, and a few other tools I use. The performance gain is simply untouchable when compared to standard hard drive caching. I now consider it an invaluable tool.
Sep 13 2012 at 1:57pm Copy Link
Amit Ram disks are the best solution for speeding up your apps. They are even lot better than ssds. Really !

Just wish there was an easy solution to load operating systems - windows 7 or xp in it. I am not talking about loading virtual machines in ram drive - but loading the Main OS - not from hdd but a ram drive - REAL PERFORMANCE GAIN !!

Also there's a commercial product - but that is not fully popular or known of about using of it.

There are some solutions also that can be done (YOU can easily find by google) but they are a bit complex. Anyone who has some insight to it, would be really great.
Sep 15 2012 at 1:08am Copy Link
Matt The advantages are obvious for 64-bit systems and I will be buying it for mine, but can someone tell me how useful this would be on 32-bit systems which have a 3.5 GB limit on RAM?

Also, isn't it misleading to advertise this by saying that a 3.5 GB RAM Disk is possible for 32-bit systems. I mean there is already a fair amount of RAM being used for the operating system and other processes and services. How much RAM is really left over to work with?

You can't assign all 3.5 GB of RAM to RAM Disk can you?

Can anyone provide any examples how they would use this on 32-bit systems? Would it be practical for netbooks? Many thanks!
Sep 15 2012 at 1:08am Copy Link
Lupke Brother @ James Fischer,

I have a win 7 32 bit system with 8gb memory. I use the memory above 3,5 gb for my ramdisk. I use it with Samplitude pro X software to assign extra memory to my softsynths. Works good! Of course the 32bit system only uses 3,5gb from your internal memory (simply summarized and let's say standard 4gb). Every extra memory you can assign to the ramdisk. Be aware that you MOBO supports extra memory above 4gb!

Hope this helps. Read this BDJ forum post too:
Sep 15 2012 at 2:10am Copy Link
ehab @ James Fischer,

i mount a 1.5 or 2 GB disk and use it to encrypt/decrypt files " a lot of files" then its uploaded to cloud -- saves hdd writing and fragmentation.
Sep 15 2012 at 2:19am Copy Link
GoodNPlenty @James Fischer - You can't assign all 3.5 GB of RAM to RAM Disk can you?

Absolutely, this RAM Disk allows you to use memory above the 3.5 to 4GB range on supported Windows 32-bit systems that would normally be unusable. So along with reclaiming memory you can speed up your system by assigning your temp directory to the ram drive. Speed up your Internet browser and improve privacy by storing your internet temporary files on the RAM Drive. Run frequently used applications from the RAM Drive for awesome performance. I use it for many disk intensive tasks such as un zipping files that would normally place additional wear and burden on my hard drive. I would not store important data on ANY RAM Drive as it could be lost in a system crash. So there should be no need to back up your RAM Drive with Acronis or any other backup utility. I will say this is anything but f’ ing around as this is an awesome utility at an unheard of price. My current RAM drive originally cost $70 and offers nothing in performance or features above this product. Count me in for a purchase; it’s a no brainer at this price.

Per Microsoft Developer Network
Windows X86 client versions with Physical Address Extension (PAE) enabled do have a usable 37-bit (128 GB) physical address space. The limit that these versions impose is the highest permitted physical RAM address, not the size of the IO space. That means PAE-aware drivers can actually use physical space above 4 GB if they want. For example, drivers could map the "lost" memory regions located above 4 GB and expose this memory as a RAM disk.

PAE is supported only on the following 32-bit versions of Windows running on x86-based systems:
•Windows 7 (32 bit only)
•Windows Server 2008 (32-bit only)
•Windows Vista (32-bit only)
•Windows Server 2003 (32-bit only)
•Windows XP (32-bit only)
Sep 15 2012 at 2:23am Copy Link
VLM GoodNPlenty - You write: "Run frequently used applications from the RAM Drive for awesome performance." How do you set this up, if you don't mind my asking? I'm thinking about dog-slow but functionally excellent applications like Outlook and (unfortunately) Firefox.

Also, nice discussion about PAE, never knew about that. Thank you! And I agree, no brainer at this price.

From discussion during the last promotion for this product, it does apparently continually back up the RAM disk(s) and has the ability to restore completely. Automatically puts certain items into RAM disk (unless you turn this off), saving on configuration errors. (I never make any, but someone ELSE might. :)
Sep 15 2012 at 3:10am Copy Link
Andreas Schöneck I have bought two licenses of this software a while ago.

While this software works pretty well under normal use circumstances, there are a few pieces of software that stop to work when there's a RAM disk set up via SoftPerfect Ramdisk. Namely of which I know are Raxco PerfectDisk and Sysinternals Disk2Vhd.

It turns out that, despite other statements here, that RAM disks by SP Ramdisk are not just normal partitions and some software might not work properly when targeting a RAM disk or even with just a RAM disk present.

Obvious advantages are the ability to have multiple RAM disks, to easily manage them as well as image loading options available. And easy pricing :)
Sep 15 2012 at 3:20am Copy Link
VLM Andreas Schöneck - Would you be willing to say more about the conflict with Raxco PerfectDisk? For example, do you have to tell PerfectDisk to ignore all the RAM disks? ??

I imagine we'll hear from Andrew Lock soon, he was very active during the last promotion. I don't know what time zone he lives in.
Sep 15 2012 at 3:23am Copy Link
Andreas Schöneck VLM - I have been provided with a patch from Raxco to get PerfectDisk working again.

Symptoms were that PDEngine (the PerfectDisk core service) was unable to start on my computer with a RAM disk present, so I was unable to load the UI, and that adversely prevented me from adding the RAM disk to the exclusion list. So no chance without the special patch from Raxco which will be included in a next PD release.

Since I heard nothing else from SoftPerfect but the confirmation that they can reproduce, I uninstalled SoftPerfect Ramdisk and currently try alternatives.
Sep 15 2012 at 3:29am Copy Link
Matt Thanks so much Lupke Brother, ehab and GoodNPlenty for taking the time to write!

Man, you guys are way ahead of me!

@ Lupke Brother - Thank you. I didn't think you could access anything above ~3.5-4GBs. Well that's good to know. And I forgot all about my MOBOs supporting above 4GB.

And thank you for the link on your "Advice needed about RAM-lock removal" thread. That will be some interesting reading!

@ ehab - Thanks ehab. Encryption/decryption, that's a really good idea! I'm guessing you you have it 'wiped' when its dismounted.

@ GoodNPlenty - Wow! Thank you for such a detail reply and all of the good tips! I'm just going to have to ponder on your comments for a while... there is a lot of really good information here!

To all of you guys... many thanks again! I didn't realize how much of a novice I am. Your answers will be a lot of help to many others as well!
Sep 15 2012 at 3:31am Copy Link
VLM Everyone ... Take a look here: The author of SoftPerfect RAM disk offers some other interesting products, many of which are free. These products appear to be under continual development (as needed), which I find most encouraging!
Sep 15 2012 at 3:31am Copy Link
Andreas Schöneck VLM - wait, I remember there was a workaround. You could mount the RAM disk as removable. Then you will run into problems when you want to pin programs installed on the RAM disk to Win7's superbar.
Sep 15 2012 at 3:32am Copy Link
VLM Andreas Schöneck - Thank you! I'll be updating PerfectDisk soon, will ask about this patch. What alternatives have you found helpful?
Sep 15 2012 at 3:36am Copy Link
Andreas Schöneck VLM - I am currently on QSoft which lacks an easy UI and - as far as I can tell - the ability to have more than one RAM disk at a time.

There are also a few free-of-charge alternatives out there.
Sep 15 2012 at 3:39am Copy Link
Amit The current results at raymond are not good indication for softperfect ramdisk -

Also @softperfect - if I have 8gb ram total on windows xp 32bit sp2 then can I allocate the unused 4.5 - 5GB ram to a ramdisk drive with this softperfect ramdisk ?
Sep 15 2012 at 3:53am Copy Link
Matt Thanks for the link VLM! A lot of good freeware!
Sep 15 2012 at 3:54am Copy Link
VLM Thanks. I am a tad familiar with DataRAM RAMdisk, but I haven't looked in a long time. Believe they just released a new major version upgrade. When last I checked, SoftPerfect RAM Disk offered a bunch of nice features that set it apart for me.
Sep 15 2012 at 3:54am Copy Link
Matt Might be a dumb question, but should I be using a utility to free up the RAM that RAM Disc is NOT using? Or in other words, to free up RAM that Windows is using?

Here is the reason I ask...

As secondary pcs, I have two older (2008) identical Vista 32-bit machines with 4GBs of RAM each. I don't want to sink much $ into them. The RAM is maxed out... the motherboards only support 4GB.

They run decent for what I use them for.

Should I buy RAM Disk for each of them or would I be throwing away $18? If RAM Disk would help, should I then also use a RAM freeing utility?

Sep 15 2012 at 4:55am Copy Link
GoodNPlenty @VLM
You write: "Run frequently used applications from the RAM Drive for awesome performance." How do you set this up, if you don't mind my asking? I'm thinking about dog-slow but functionally excellent applications like Outlook and (unfortunately) Firefox.

I run a lot of intensive command line development applications from the RAM drive. Although I have been able to install some applications to the RAM drive and then import them back on reboot as a disk image.

For Internet Explorer, Outlook and Firefox I get significant improvement by putting the temp files and databases on the RAM drive, plus it also improves security by clearing your browser cache at shutdown. i.e. For Firefox: Type in about:config in the Firefox address bar then Right-click and select New - String from the menu, then enter browser.cache.disk.parent_directory as the preference name and the RAM drive letter. This saves a lot of wear on your hard drive, especially SSD.

I also get improvement from setting the Windows temp folder to the RAM drive. I believe you can select the 'tools menu - set windows temp folder' and set them to your RAM drive. I have the RAM drive create a temp folder on startup for this purpose.
Sep 15 2012 at 5:18am Copy Link
VLM James Fischer - You're welcome!

GoodNPlenty - Thank you, particularly for the details about HOW to do this, e.g, with Firefox. I'm not sure, but I THINK SoftPerfect RAM Disk can automagically set up the Windows temp folder in a RAM disk. I seem to recall that from last promotion.

I also look forward to running MS Outlook in RAM disk, at least by putting all the .pst files there. Outlook has a fantastic feature set, but it can run SO slowly at times.
Sep 15 2012 at 6:40am Copy Link
Lupke Brother people who are using 32bits X86 systems and have problems using the memory in a RAMdisk above 3,5 can allso try this one. It's the freeware version of dataram ramdisk. It supports free ramdisks up to 4gb and has a special menu for advanced memory functions, where you click on 'use memory above 4gb'. See:
Sep 15 2012 at 8:00am Copy Link
Software Babe I purchased RamDisk back in April and IT IS FABULOUS!


If I had more computers, I would buy more copies!

TRY THE TRIAL and you will see what it can do. I have tried all the good Ram Disk-type software out there and THIS ONE IS THE BEST!

FASTER ACCESS are the 2 key words to remember, PLUS it does other great things too!

ANY files from any drive, folder, or software, can be accessed in half the time using this tool!

Sep 15 2012 at 8:46am Copy Link
MinnMatt I bought this also and use it to store the cache files from Chrome on it. Makes chrome much faster.

Just change the target line in the chrome shortcut and add the disk cache parm. I set R: to being my ram drive.

"C:\Users\Matt\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome SxS\Application\chrome.exe" --disk-cache-dir="R:\BrowserCache"
Sep 15 2012 at 9:28am Copy Link
Chaim Krause This comment has been deleted due to a violation of the rules
Sep 15 2012 at 10:09am Copy Link
Software Babe This comment has been deleted due to a violation of the rules
Sep 15 2012 at 11:07am Copy Link
Lito It works nice and for the price it is worth it, but I have issues in Win7 since I installed it. I redirected the windows temp folder and now when I boot and log in I get errors for several of my startup programs. They all start before SoftPerfect RAM Disk start, so there is no temp folder and some programs crash or won't load. There doesn't seem to be a way to make the RAM disk to start first so that is kind of a problem. It looks like the only real way to do it is to change the windows temp folder to default settings before restarting or shutting down, then after the system is up and running change it to the RAM disk in the program. Not exactly convenient. Still it's worth doing since I would like to reduce writes to my SSD as much as possible.
Sep 15 2012 at 11:36am Copy Link
Sputnik @ Lito

Maybe you could try Anvir Task Manager Free for delaying the startup of your different softwares : don't delay SoftPerfect RAM Disk, but delay a little bit all the other softwares which have to work with the contents of the RAM Drive.

You may find Anvir Task Manager Frre at this address :
Sep 15 2012 at 11:48am Copy Link
Matt @ Lito - You could also check out the very nice freeware called Startup Delayer from r2 Studios. I've been using it for years.

Make sure your RAM Disk is starting as a 'boot disk' and not at 'login'.
Sep 15 2012 at 11:57am Copy Link
GoodNPlenty @SoftPerfect Research

Is it possible to have an option to start the RAM disk service as (Start Type Boot 0x0 Loader Kernel) instead of the current configuration (Start Type System 0x1 Loader I/O Subsystem)? This would start the RAM disk driver at an earlier stage like storage drivers which would make the RAM disk more suitable for use in storing Windows temp files. The RAM drive that I purchased previously to buying yours runs the RAM drive service as (Start Type 0x0 Kernel).
Sep 15 2012 at 12:26pm Copy Link
Matt Does anyone know if a 'RAM Freeing' utility should be used on the RAM that is NOT being used by RAM Disk? If so, could you recommend any?

I have the maximum of 4GB installed (that is the limitation of my motherboard), so my pc is a little 'cramped'.
Sep 15 2012 at 12:40pm Copy Link
Sputnik @ James Fischer

CleanMem is one of the best softwares of this kind and it is free.
Sep 15 2012 at 12:45pm Copy Link
Matt Hi Robert. Thanks a lot! It looks really good!
Sep 15 2012 at 12:52pm Copy Link
lemonade soda I use a couple of SoftPerfect's free utilities (Network scanner, firewall, and Networx).

I don't think their RAMdisk product is quite as good as the competition - it isn't as fast - and it isn't loading early enough... see GoodNPlenty's comments and I agree with him encouraging SoftPerfect to fix it. All other RAMdisks that I know of (and ROMEX that I use) don't suffer from this problem of /temp folder being created too late in the boot process.

BUT - I am going to buy this software today from SoftPerfect as a THANK YOU for all the other great software they release for free AND ON THE HOPE AND EXPECTATION that they will fix this startup issue!
Sep 15 2012 at 2:50pm Copy Link
Andrew Lock @GoodNPlenty,@lemonade soda: Yes, it's possible to have an early created RAM disk. In our RAM disk, choose from the main menu Disk - Add Boot Disk rather than Disk - Add. It will make a RAM disk that is created as early as possible during the startup sequence (and it's available for use well before the system has fully loaded).
SoftPerfect Research - Sep 15 2012 at 3:03pm Copy Link
lemonade soda Andrew - thanks for the quick reply - I will try fixing this as you suggest.
Sep 15 2012 at 3:06pm Copy Link
GoodNPlenty Andrew - Thanks for the fast response. Already puchased and still learning the ins and outs. Great Product, unbelievable price.
Sep 15 2012 at 3:23pm Copy Link
lemonade soda I am having problems with who are rejecting perfectly good payment cards issued here in Europe. Got any other (more competent) payments processing companies that I can use to purchase a license? In fact, in my opinion, plimus looks like a pretty dodgy Israeli company with a "box office" in the US, and now I'm a bit worried they have 2 card details. Damnit!
Sep 15 2012 at 3:33pm Copy Link
Lito @Andrew
Thanks for the quick support answer to the problem I had. That add boot disk option seems to be just what I was looking for.

@lemonade: I have use plimus before, for other purchases before and never had any issues when purchasing from the US. Not sure how it works in europe, but there are many times when ordering from European stores that I had to clear it with the bank or the bank would just deny the use of the credit card. You might want to call your bank and make sure that isn't what is happening.
Sep 15 2012 at 3:41pm Copy Link
Dariusz Jaworski TRANSLATOR

I'm trying to translate the language file program.Gdzie put ini., To get the effects of translation.
Sep 15 2012 at 3:54pm Copy Link
Richard User oh what a bummer, I went to buy this and Paypal is not an optio, Sorry, I only use paypal.
Sep 15 2012 at 3:55pm Copy Link
Matt @ Lito

I suggested the 'Add Boot Disk...' option to you earlier.

You must have missed it.
Sep 15 2012 at 4:36pm Copy Link
Mark Johnson
Sep 15 2012 at 5:31pm Copy Link
Andrew Lock @D.J jawdar, right in the INI file it says: "In order to test your translation, launch the RAM Disk and choose from the main menu Help - Load Language..."
SoftPerfect Research - Sep 15 2012 at 5:35pm Copy Link
Germain Lavoie Thanks for the deal! Went ahead and bought program.
I understand the concept of a ramdisk and advantages,
My question is on the setup. I read the "help" file to create a "drive" and so on.
I know some of you are "pros" on using it and want to pick your brain.

1) I read in the comments using it for firefox, et. al. I know about creating new string but is drive letter in same string? Same goes for the system temp folder, if is activated at boot or logon?
Examples please.

2) I have 4gig memory, win7 with the program open showing me the free memory amount value. But I do I know how much value to allocate as a ramdrive?

3) A practical guide of actual use would be helpful. That is,
I read the help file describing the function of the program but no specific real life applications. Is it possible? I did go to the forum (developer's website) for additional information.

Thanks for anyone that can assist me using this program.
Sep 15 2012 at 6:24pm Copy Link
Andrew Lock @G L. A RAM disk is merely a extremely fast volatile storage. No more, no less. The idea of using it for FireFox cache or Windows TEMP folder assumes there will be numerous small files created and used by the software, and a loss of those files is acceptable.

As to the size to allocate, it once again depends on what you are planning to use it for. For FireFox cache and Windows temporary files a 1 GB disk would normally be sufficient. Once a RAM disk is created, you can configure FireFox and Windows to use that disk as the place to store files.

I also recommend creating a boot-time RAM disk (created early during system boot). In order to do so, choose Disk - Add Boot Disk from the main menu and create a disk. Assign it to a free drive letter (I personally prefer R:). Then follow this article to setup FireFox:

Hope this helps.
SoftPerfect Research - Sep 15 2012 at 6:48pm Copy Link
VLM Lito, - I realize that your startup load order issue has been resolved by Andrew Lock. But just FYI, to control the order/timing of startup items, you can use WinPatrol, which allows you to put each startup item on a timer. I believe the free version does this, though I have the paid version. I feel grateful for this software and am delighted to support the developer. And WinPatrol offers a WHOLE lot more value than Startup Delayer or the like, IMO.

You may also be able to use Sysinternals AutoRuns to change the order in which startup items are initiated. I'm not certain about this one.

Andrew Lock - You write: "For Firefox cache and Windows temporary files a 1 GB disk would normally be sufficient." Here, do you mean 1 GB for each or 1 GB for the two combined?
Sep 15 2012 at 7:55pm Copy Link
Andrew Lock @VLM, I reckon 1 GB for the two combined should be sufficient for a regular user. Yet once again, it depends, if you do video editing for example, it would require a much larger temporary storage.
SoftPerfect Research - Sep 15 2012 at 8:08pm Copy Link
VLM Thanks Andrew. Just out of curiosity, for editing a high def video, are we talking on the order of magnitude of 4 GB, 16 GB, all the RAM in Intel's inventory, ...?
Sep 15 2012 at 8:22pm Copy Link
P C For a 5GB ram Windows Vista/7 32-bit system with PAE enabled, can SoftPerfect ram disk support the followings at the same time?

1. use "unmanaged" Windows' memory above 4GB.
2. use the stubbornly inaccessable memory between 3.2GB and 4GB.

As such, we can create a 1.8GB ramdisk leaving 3.2GB available for system use.

Note: I’ve tried the latest version of Dataram RAMDisk v3.5.130R24. It supports the use of unmanaged memory above 4GB. However, if we choose to use this feature, the maximum size of ramdisk can be created is only 1GB (coz we’ve only 1GB above 4GB) leaving 0.8GB not in use by any mean (Windows can only recognize 3.2GB).
Sep 15 2012 at 8:27pm Copy Link
Andrew Lock @VLM, when it comes to HD video editing, it would probably require 16 GB more. I am not really into the field, but I know video editing apps are quite heavy resource consumers.

@P C, No. Unfortunately our RAM disk can't use the unmanaged memory.
SoftPerfect Research - Sep 15 2012 at 8:33pm Copy Link
Germain Lavoie Thanks for the tips. I want to get some idea on values to use and locations. Looking to see how stable windows will be when adjusting ram values. Matter of time before all is understood.
Sep 15 2012 at 8:45pm Copy Link
Matt VLM - I also use WinPatrol PLUS, Autoruns and Glarysoft's Quick Startup.

I really like WinPatrol PLUS, but I don't use the 'Delayed Start' feature because other than 'Delay Time' it is just not very customizable.

I have Startup Delayer 'delay start' 10+ programs. It has a few nice options... Checkboxes (the older version) to quickly enable/disable programs from startup... a 'Pause until previous completely loads' option that delays the startup script until the last program has completely loaded to avoid collisions... and the newest version has a much smoother/balanced approach that's also based on available CPU.

Then to make it nicer... to get a 'somewhat' clean boot, I open Quick Startup and 'uncheck' Startup Delayer'. By unchecking just one checkbox, Startup Delayer won't start, therefore the 10+ programs that it controls won't start either. It works really nice. Plus it's free. You just can't do that with WinPatrol.

By using this approach, I can still run WinPatrol Plus, on a relatively clean boot when I sometimes need it.

Sysinternals' Autoruns doesn't have the ability to 'delay start' so it can't rearrange the startup order.

Just my thoughts.
Sep 15 2012 at 10:18pm Copy Link
Cooler Quite a nice discount, but is there any advantage over Gavotte RAMDisk? I noticed the 3.5GB limit on 32-bit systems, so are there any other bad news?

I'm currently using free Gavotte RAMDisk in old XP computer with already half of it's 6GB memory set up as RAMDisk for swap and all temp files.
Sep 16 2012 at 12:04am Copy Link
Steven Avery Hi,

Chameleon Startup Manager (often on Bits) is very strong on configurable startups, including delays. My Startup team is WinPatrol and Chameleon.

You can even have Chameleon pop-up, waiting, for you to choose which configuration you want, and each configuration can have its own startups and delays. (This does not include services.)

Sep 16 2012 at 12:44am Copy Link
Matt Hi Steven, Chameleon Startup Manager looks very interesting. I like the pop-up window and being able to save configurations. Do you have the Pro version and any other Neosoft products?

I like their Window Manager. I have a Matrox TripleHead2Go and three monitors. That would be real helpful. Thanks a lot!
Sep 16 2012 at 1:50am Copy Link
Steven Avery Hi,

James, yes Pro is the way to go. All Chameleon products are good, and Evgeni gives good support, and is generous and consistent on licensing issues. Window Manager is so far not something I will use.

While I probably have Task Manager and Shutdown loaded, the Startup Manager is really the flagship product. I consider it fully complementary to WinPatrol, and that the top startup products (Metaproducts Startup Organizer and Outertech StartEd are two more in the mix) are worth their weight in byte-gold. The top two are Chameleon and WinPatrol, with very different emphasis.

Start with the Chameleon Startup Manager and then test the others. Highly recommended.

Sep 16 2012 at 4:38pm Copy Link
Matt Hi Steven. Thank you for your additional thoughts and these new recommendations! I will certainly look at them. I tried Window Manager and although it seemed very good, it wasn't what I was looking for. I will try Startup Manager next. And then look at the others you've mentioned. Many thanks again!
Sep 16 2012 at 5:00pm Copy Link
VLM I wrote this explanation to a friend, who also bought the software, and now I wish to confirm that what I wrote is correct.
The basic idea is this:

1. You have extra RAM … intentionally.
2. You set up a portion of your RAM … the “extra” part … as one or more logical disks on your system, designated in the usual way … F:]\, G:\, etc.
3. You put stuff into the RAM disk that has great potential for speeding up your system. Examples include Windows temp files, browser temp files, email data files, databases, audio/video files you are editing, and the like. Whatever is in the RAM disk runs up to 50 times faster than that same item on an ordinary HDD. And because you are using RAM to take all the “hits”, if you have an SSD, you extend its life considerably, over time.

FRIEND responds: I’m just having a hard time picturing the mechanics of it all… how you can store data on the virtual disk if it gets deleted whenever your computer gets shut down… is it just that you program whatever you want to run from inside the virtual drive (ie. you run Outlook on the RAM disk but all your data is actually stored on the HDD when it’s all said and done)? Or do you just store temp folders on the drive to access, while running Outlook (for example) on your HDD, the files then being re-saved/updated when you shut down your computer? Etc.

The software mirrors the content of the RAM disk, then restores it upon restart or command. This is an options setting. You create multiple RAM disks, some of which may be preserved, some destroyed. For example, you may wish to have the Windows temp directory destroyed upon each shutdown, but you may wish to have your email preserved. So you would create separate RAM disks for these. Using your example, Outlook actually runs from a “regular” drive; its data files are located in RAM disk. If you set the RAM disk software to load and establish the RAM disks during the boot cycle, then they are all ready to go when you begin launching applications (e.g., Outlook) … the apps find their respective data files.
Sep 17 2012 at 9:16am Copy Link
Steven Avery Hi,

WinPatrol is designed around security, letting you know when anything starts anywhere, as much as possible, such as even browser add-ons.

Chameleon is designed around user friendly views and control of startup. Win-Patrol is not real elegant in those areas. Chameleon is not anywhere near as thorough as a security tool. e.g. Services are in another product.

Hence, complementary.

Consider Chameleon the flagship product, as Linkman is for Outertech. Thus, they have not yet made StartEd as elegant as Chameleon, the last I checked.

Best way ... look at the pictures, load them up on trial, look for discussions on Donationcodder.

Sep 17 2012 at 12:09pm Copy Link
VLM Steven - Thanks, that's quite clear! So you just don't use the startup/delayed startup features of WinPatrol, correct?

For anyone interested, I notice that Chameleon Startup Mgr Pro is available 30% off at BDJ. So it's about USD 21, vs. USD 30. See:
Sep 17 2012 at 1:23pm Copy Link
Steven Avery Hi,

Right, don't use WinPatrol for that.

I have tried the delayed startup on Chameleon and liked it, but I placed my emphasis on alternate configurations, and generally load a light desktop config without delays. Sometimes I do a type of reverse startup control by loading email and browser manually before saying "go" to Chameleon. The main point, however you use it, it is quite friendly and configurable and makes it easy to have alternate configs decided at run-time. There is a mild learning curve, and good support and solidity.

Sep 18 2012 at 12:04am Copy Link
VLM Thanks Steven! I guess one would have to play with it a bit. My problem is that I often don't know whether this or that item is "necessary". Does Chameleon Startup Mgr help with that at all? I ask, because I believe StartEd does, or at least attempts to.
Sep 18 2012 at 3:50am Copy Link
Steven Avery Hi,

If I see something I do not recognize, I search it in Google and look at the place on my disk (including checking the date stamp). This is rare. It is hard for a 3rd-party to be of much help with a database

Chameleon is helpful with a bunch of info on the bottom of the screen, when you highlight a line with the moue.

One person's necessary is another's who cares :) .

Sep 18 2012 at 11:44am Copy Link
VLM Thanks Steven.
Sep 18 2012 at 4:52pm Copy Link
Brent Burdick As of 9-30-2012, SoftPerfect Research has changed this license to Freeware. Anyone wanting this deal should be able to acquire for free from their website.
Sep 30 2012 at 11:18pm Copy Link
VLM I wonder why they abandoning this product. ?? Is the whole idea of RAM disk becoming antiquated? I wonder what will happen to support, and whether any ongoing development will take place. The September 30 release does add support for Windows 8 and differential writing of disk images.

Of course, it's disappointing to learn about this so soon after having paid for the product. But at least the cost was quite reasonable.
Oct 1 2012 at 12:17am Copy Link
Andrew Lock We are not abandoning the product, just changing the monetisation model. From now on the product will be free (and we hope more popular) but we will be making money from ads shown on the home page. This approach worked well for some other our products. Thank you all guys for buying it though! :)
SoftPerfect Research - Oct 1 2012 at 1:10am Copy Link
GoodNPlenty @Andrew Lock

It is deplorable to sell a product then two weeks later market the product for free. You must have known this in at the time you ran this promotion.

Requesting Refund.
Oct 1 2012 at 1:15am Copy Link
MinnMatt That sucks... I just bought it a couple of weeks back... I want a refund :(
Oct 1 2012 at 2:02am Copy Link
VLM FWIW, from support at SoftPerfect:

Yes, there will be continued support and development. We have just changed the monetisation model. From now on the product will be free (and we hope more popular) but we will be making money from ads shown on the home page.

Personally, I'd prefer that they make their money off me, that way they may have some incentive to ANSWER to me!!!

And I agree, they HAD to have known this was coming. OTOH, USD 9 isn't all that much, really, so perhaps the cost of creating internal upset exceeds the cost in dollars???

Just a thought to share. :)
Oct 1 2012 at 2:19am Copy Link
Andrew Lock As I said, the product will be free from now on (supported and maintained), so you lose nothing. Those wanting a refund, please drop a line to quoting your order number. These requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
SoftPerfect Research - Oct 1 2012 at 3:20am Copy Link
VLM Just FYI, from a support email:

... in the past we have converted two of our applications to freeware. At the same time we continued to listen to customers' feedback and improving the product. As the result, now it's one of the top quality product in the niche (I am referring to "NetWorx") and we are satisfied with money it makes. So don't worry, nothing changes apart from that you don't have to pay for it any longer.

Although morally, I prefer to pay my own way, I choose to take this explanation at face value and to go right on using SoftPerfect RAM disk. If the product ever falters, I can deal with it then. But for now, I'm taking them at their word.

As for the USD 9 I paid, honestly, if it helped the product reach this point in its development, that's fine with me. I neither seek nor expect something in exchange for nothing.

I can understand why some here might seek a refund, given the proximity in time of the sale to this news. And I can also understand the point of view that if the funds are well spent, then why cry over them. Speaking only for myself, I choose option #2. :)

I appreciate BDJ, I appreciate this product, and I wish the folks at SoftPerfect all the best!

Just my 2 cents worth!
Oct 1 2012 at 8:29am Copy Link
GoodNPlenty @VLM
@Andrew Lock

Quote: ... in the past we have converted two of our applications to freeware.

Did you aggressively market those two products before giving them away also? I had the choice of better performing freeware options and chose to pay for a user supported product which was yours.

Quote: can understand why some here might seek a refund, given the proximity in time of the sale to this news.

Please issue my refund per my email request as I choose NOT to use freeware solutions and will purchase a user supported model as you advertised and I thought I was purchasing 15 days ago.

I’m hoping this was just bad timing and you will do the right thing and refund my purchase price. I completely understand how this could happen and will view your company on how you resolve this matter.
Oct 1 2012 at 8:59am Copy Link
VLM GoodNPlenty - Just to be clear, I'm a customer, a participant here just like you. I was merely sharing my point of view in the matter. Andrew Lock has already invited those seeking a refund from the recent promotion to contact the company (3 posts above). Perhaps you will find satisfaction there. I doubt that expressing anger will improve the situation ... just ask for what you desire. :):) From what I've experienced, these seem to be eminently reasonable people.
Oct 1 2012 at 9:19am Copy Link
GoodNPlenty @VLM

Sorry, I see you are a customer sharing positive comments from a support email on another one of their products and hopefully not a company shill.

I have requested a refund without response. Per (3 posts above)

I don't see that I was expressing anything but reasonable frustration in purchasing a product that 15 days later was given away for free. Please point out to me what you perceive as anger.
Oct 1 2012 at 9:35am Copy Link

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