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Remotely Share Any USB Peripheral

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Platforms: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
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So you went out and bought yourself a couple of nice USB external backup drives for your home and office, and all of your most important files are stored on them. But what happens when you're sitting at home and you really need to get at your work files, or vice versa? Or what if you're actually at home or work, but you're using a different workstation that doesn't have your precious hard drive plugged into it? Do you physically move yourself to the other machine? Do you lose valuable time waiting until you get home (or back to the office) to access your much-needed files? Or do you get a copy of USB Device Share and never be out of touch with your USB peripherals ever again?

USB Device Share lets you share any USB device remotely over the Internet or via LAN. Just install USB Device Share on the computer that has the USB device plugged into it, and any computer that has the client software installed will be able to access that USB device! Imagine being able to tap into your external hard drive from anywhere! Share that expensive USB scanner with every computer in your office or lab setting! Save loads of money by not buying pricey NAS drives or multiple USB peripherals for multiple workstations! Even better, USB Device Share lets you share an UNLIMITED number of USB devices without the need to install drivers!

The new version of USB Device Share now features Callback Connection. Callback Connection allows the server to initiate a connection with a client (which waits for the connection). This feature is useful when the server is behind a router and cannot accept incoming connections!

Besides being incredibly easy to use, USB Device Share comes with a ton of bells and whistles that make it even more useful. You can configure USB Device Share to automatically share any USB peripheral as soon as its plugged into the host machine. You can deny sharing for specific devices, like keyboards. You can even have USB Device Share block or allow selected clients based on their IP address!

So, begin your journey of instant remote access and incredible cost savings with USB Device Share!

This promotion includes the following:
USBDeviceShare (2 Devices License) ($69.98)
USBDeviceShare (3 Devices License) ($99.98)
USBDeviceShare (4 Devices License) ($129.98)
USBDeviceShare (5 Devices License) ($149.98)
USBDeviceShare (10 Devices License) ($289.98)
USBDeviceShare (Unlimited Devices License) ($399.98)
USBDeviceShare Site License ($1099)
Review Written by Derek Lee
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John User The other program on their site webharvy would be great to get onto bitsdujour as it looks like the easiest data mining tool for webpages
Can this be added?
Aug 8 2012 at 4:13am Copy Link
Techtoysavvy I have bought and upgraded this program a couple times. It works!
However, this year I have seen an intriguing product. I am not sure it works. A USB Hub with a network connection acts as a server. You install client software on your PCs. The PCs can see devices connected to the network USB hub as local USB devices. The hub is at a $40 price point. I wonder if these type of devices work?
Aug 10 2012 at 12:20am Copy Link
JohnW2 Question regards Licensing: if I have 3 PCs which might want to connect to different USB devices connected to 2 of those 3, which licence is appropriate - the 2 or 3 Devices version?
For instance my wife's PC is upstairs and has the scanner attached. My PC is downstairs and has a USB drive attached. If I then put the laptop onto the network (to update it or prepare it for work on something whilst away from home), which licence is appropriate?
Aug 10 2012 at 3:07am Copy Link
Sreejith Sreekumar @JohnW2,

Each license type (except the site license) allows you to unlock USBDeviceShare Server in a single PC. You much purchase as many licenses as the number of PCs from where you would like to share devices.

2 Devices License allows you to share up to 2 devices (at a time) from a single PC (server). Similarly 3 Devices License allows you to share up to 3 devices from a single PC. To share devices from multiple PCs you need to purchase multiple licenses.

So, for example, if you have 2 PCs from where you need to share devices and if the number of devices to be shared from the first PC is 2 and that from the second PC is 3 you need to purchase one '2 devices license' and one '3 devices license' of USBDeviceShare Server.
SysNucleus - Aug 10 2012 at 3:23am Copy Link
JohnW2 Thanks for clarification. However, I fear that having to buy 3 of the 2-device licences means that "USB-sneakernet" will have to continue to reign. £80 is just too much to have to pay out simply to avoid going upstairs!!
But thanks for letting BDJ have the offer anyway.
Aug 10 2012 at 3:42am Copy Link
Nelson Therrien @JohnW2
The solution that I use is simply a software like Teamviewer (FREE)!

You can control your computer from another one (on local network or over the web) and even share files, copy/paste from one to the other, do meetings, etc!

Similar products are Splashtop Remote, LogMeIn and others... All free for non-commercial use...
Aug 10 2012 at 5:44am Copy Link
Software Babe JohnW2: I agree. This is just too expensive to be a good ROI.

Here's something that may benefit you. "Network Browser Tool"

It's free.
Also this one for $17.9x: (share all USB devices over network)

I use a free virtual server, (a lot of them free), for sharing all my devices on the network. If you have Windows 7 or 8, it should be really easy to set up!
Aug 10 2012 at 6:02am Copy Link
H. H. Hallo,
does the program also work with pc´s that are connected with powerline adapters (e.g. 3 pc´s at home, all having the same ip adress, since they use the same internet-connection via electricity (powerline adapter) - or isn´t that possible ?
in case it would be possible - how does one get it working?
with kind regards
Aug 10 2012 at 8:00am Copy Link
Techtoysavvy @Nelson Remote desktop software may meet your needs but it is fundamentally a different idea. It will not let a usb device connected to machine A appear connected to machine B all the time. I use Microsoft remote desktop. I can attach my iPod to my PC at work and then remote into a PC at my house. the iPod appears connected to my home machine but just over the remote session. This is not the same.
Aug 10 2012 at 8:38am Copy Link
JesusInsideMe Hi, what about if I have my laptop with W7 64b and my netbook with W7 32b, different versions must be installed in e/o?, God bless u, bye.
Aug 10 2012 at 7:02pm Copy Link
J T @Jesus InsideMe Try again? I just d/loaded both versions with no hitches.
Aug 11 2012 at 2:13am Copy Link
MinnMatt Only 22% off? Still seems too pricey for what it does. Id pay $20.
Sep 15 2012 at 9:24am Copy Link
Brandon H @Prasad, I have used hardware devices from Silex - the work great (even across subnets if the traffic is routable and you enter the IP into the client software) - as long as the you can run the client software to connect (or auto connect) the remote device looks just like it's plugged into a local USB port. Works for printers, scanners, the newer ones even support some isochronous devices (webcams, audio devices, etc)
As a software solution USBDeviceShare looks useful when there's a computer available at both ends.
Jan 14 2013 at 5:10pm Copy Link

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