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Video Watermark ProDiscount

Video Watermark Pro

Apply Watermarks to Videos Quickly

80% Off
$13.98 $69.95
for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows NT4, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7, 8
Video Watermark Pro ScreenshotWatermark Software ScreenshotVideo Watermark Pro, Watermark Software ScreenshotVideo Watermark Pro, Design, Photo & Graphics Software ScreenshotWatermark Software, Video Watermark Pro ScreenshotDesign, Photo & Graphics Software, Video Watermark Pro Screenshot

You know what really catches people’s attention? Online video! Some of the most popular viral videos can reach millions of views in just a few hours – and advertisers and marketing people know this! So it’s not surprising that unscrupulous individuals would troll the Internet, looking to steal cool video clips to use as bait to sell stuff with advertising. Safeguard your video content with today’s discount software promotion, Video Watermark Pro!

Video Watermark Pro lets you guard against unauthorized use and sharing of your videos by embedding text, image, logo, and signature watermarks in them. With Video Watermark Pro, you’ll be able to take advantage of an intuitive interface and fast operation to protect your ownership interests in your videos quickly and easily.

Need to add watermarks to a whole slew of videos? Video Watermark Pro is perfectly capable of placing watermarks on multiple videos at once in batch. You can even adjust watermark features like text opacity, fonts, rotation, and more! Set when and for how long your watermark displays on your video! All of this, plus you can use Video Watermark Pro to convert between 12 popular video formats!

Review Written by Derek Lee
Prices are subject to vendor's pricing and may change

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The Conversation
The Fine Print
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pestoking To the maker of Video Watermark Pro: I am also getting a virus warning. ESET Smart Security keeps warning of "NewHeur_pe" virus in the installation executable. Do you have some hidden marketing, phone home or monitoring code in this software? Until I hear back from ESET (I have submitted the software for analysis), this is suspicious. Perhaps you would like to respond.
Jan 9 2014 at 6:59am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @pestoking - Please notice the virus scan page for the installer:
BitsDuJour Admin - Jan 9 2014 at 7:16am Copy Link
WILLIAM ROSE hi i got an email to say this program was now available at 100% off and $0 but when i clicked the link it takes me here and says its 80% off and $13.98
Jan 9 2014 at 11:47am Copy Link
pestoking @Constantin Florea. Thanks. I also scanned the software at and it came out clean with all the virus checkers. ESET may be reporting a false positive. I submitted the file to ESET so they can make corrective action to their anti-virus software.
Jan 9 2014 at 11:57am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @WILLIAM ROSE - The free promotion was valid yesterday on 01/08/2013 starting with 00:00 PST (3:00 AM EST). After the free promotion ended, the EveryDay promotion at 80% off took its place.
BitsDuJour Admin - Jan 9 2014 at 11:59am Copy Link
pestoking @WILLIAM ROSE. The free personal license deal appears to have ended. I paid $13.98 for the unlimited license, which is now being offered. That's a good deal, IMO, if you want the lifetime updates.
Jan 9 2014 at 12:01pm Copy Link
WILLIAM ROSE ahh ok thks for that i must have missed it
Jan 9 2014 at 12:02pm Copy Link
Xi Annie @pestoking
Hi pestoking,ESET reports a false positive. We'll contact ESET to correct. :)

Best Regards,
Annie - Jan 9 2014 at 5:34pm Copy Link
Rick Hello,

“The Fine Print" refers to a free license key in one bullet point and I was wondering if the other bullets are referencing the free version and/or the purchased/discounted version?

I also had a few other presales questions that I was hoping the software publisher or an informed user would be able to answer.

1. Is transfer of a license to another owned computer allowed?
2. Are upgrades for the purchased version described correctly (i.e., free vs. purchased)?
3. Is license activation required?
4. If applicable, how many installs per the same hardware fingerprint?

Thank you…
Jul 14 2014 at 1:58pm Copy Link
Carl Dolc Hola:

En la letra pequeña de esta pagina mencionan las condiciones respecto a las actualizaciones a nuevas versiones diciendo que:

Upgrades to future versions of the software will require additional payment. Installing a new version may overwrite the existing version and invalidate your license key.

Pero en la pagina del fabricante mencionan que:
Now, only $XXXX you will get Video Watermark Pro lifetime license for 2 PCs and enjoy free consumer service and free update lifetime.

¿Cual es la politica que se aplicara en la compra de este programa desde la pagina de BitsDuJour?

Ojala me puedan responder lo antes posible, gracias......
May 4 2015 at 1:46pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Carl Dolc, I am sorry for the confusion. The condition you mention was there since the last 100% off promotion ended. I just updated it accordingly for the current EveryDay deal to specify: free updates for life.
BitsDuJour Admin - May 4 2015 at 2:16pm Copy Link
NorkDorf Is there a lifetime version with free upgrades Instead of "additional payment to upgrade"?
Oct 14 2017 at 11:02am Copy Link
Michelle Sanchez This page is old according to the dates on the discussion. Is this a new updated version of the program? The website says that it is only compatible with Windows 8.1 and does not list Windows 10.

I bought this program years ago from BDJ and never used it because I kept getting security warnings from ESET as others have mentioned here. I tried to download it again today just to see if it has been fixed and it has not after all these
years. Even when I go to their website, ESET says it has blocked an attack! ???
Jul 10 2018 at 8:33am Copy Link
yin jing This tool works, But there are one software that can add watermark to videos and can remove watermark from videos - Free Video Watermark Removal Tool
Aug 11 2018 at 7:25pm Copy Link
eazy User Great to use it on bulk videos
Sep 23 2020 at 10:26am Copy Link
Philip101 Is it compatible with Win10 and Win11? Website only mentions up to Win8
Jun 8 2022 at 2:42pm Copy Link
Heidi-Ann Kennedy-Fourkiller Curious what the relationship with Wonderfox is since the software is identical?
Feb 23 2023 at 7:35am Copy Link
The Next Tech Video watermark software plays a crucial role in protecting the intellectual property of content creators and ensuring brand recognition. Whether you're a filmmaker, YouTuber, or a business sharing promotional videos, adding watermarks helps deter unauthorized use and establishes ownership. It's also a valuable tool for enhancing professionalism by including logos, text, or graphics in your videos. With a wide range of video watermark software options available today, users can easily customize their watermarks to suit their branding needs and maintain the integrity of their content.
Oct 4 2023 at 2:56am Copy Link
Daniel Gutknecht I dont see any of the comments re: invalid registration keys posted Friday and Sat.
Was the issue resolved?
Did they issue new keys?
Jan 7 at 9:00pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Daniel Gutknecht, It seems the code was working fine for most of the customers but there were specific cases where the vendor had to help the customers make the code work. If you are one of the customers having this issue, please contact us at and I will forward your email to the vendor who will contact you with the fix for this issue.
BitsDuJour Admin - Jan 8 at 4:41am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Daniel Gutknecht, The comment you mentioned were not deleted, they are hidden under the Load 72 Older Comments link at the top right of this comments section. Our system groups the comments based on the type of deal which was live at the moment the comment was added and then shows the comments based on the type of deal which is currently active.
BitsDuJour Admin - Jan 8 at 4:44am Copy Link
Daniel Gutknecht Still waiting for a response from Watermark people.
It has been a week since I first bought tried to install.
Registration key is not valid.
Bitsdujour rep Constantin said he could help so he informed Watermark (Monday I believe), they never contacted me. It's Friday.
Did I say or do something to make them mad?
Other people got help.
I also requested help from Watermark people myself, as Constantin suggested.
Jan 12 at 8:00am Copy Link
CHUCKY Same issue. Copy and Paste. Verify there are no blank spaces before or after. And says "Invalid Registration Information".

@Constantin Florea , Can you help me too?
Apr 19 at 12:04am Copy Link
Constantin Florea If you have issues with registering the application, could you please do the following:
Q: What should the user do if they cannot use the code to register for the program?

A: It is recommended that users uninstall the source program and try to open "Computer" ? "Libraries" ? "Documents" ? find the “Setup.ini” of the corresponding program and delete it ? restart the software and fill in the giveaway license code.
BitsDuJour Admin - Apr 19 at 2:47am Copy Link
Jerry Voletto @Constantin Florea;
I'm reading your reply now. But, If I remove it and re-install it I've gone past the limit of days allow to install it, is the right? I'll give your solution a try and let you know.

Thank you for any help.
Apr 19 at 6:46am Copy Link
CHUCKY @Constantin Florea : Followed all your previous instructions but still receiving the same error message :/
Apr 19 at 11:47am Copy Link
John User Still the same problem. Invalid Registration Information. Can someone help me? Or is it just a scam.
Apr 19 at 12:36pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @CHUCKY and @John User I just asked the vendor to help by mentioning to him your comments above.
BitsDuJour Admin - Apr 19 at 12:54pm Copy Link
CHUCKY Up to now, I still haven't received any contact from the vendor to help me :/
Apr 21 at 12:45pm Copy Link

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