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Vole Media CHM Ultimate EditionDiscount

Vole Media CHM Ultimate Edition

Create CHM that supports HTML 5 Based on Usual Documents

v3.71.8051 for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows All with .Net 4.0 32bits& 64bits
Vole Media CHM Ultimate Edition ScreenshotWriting and Journaling Software ScreenshotVole Media CHM Ultimate Edition, Writing and Journaling Software ScreenshotVole Media CHM Ultimate Edition, Hobby, Educational & Fun Software ScreenshotWriting and Journaling Software, Vole Media CHM Ultimate Edition ScreenshotHobby, Educational & Fun Software, Vole Media CHM Ultimate Edition ScreenshotHobby, Educational & Fun Software, Writing and Journaling Software ScreenshotVole Media CHM Ultimate Edition, Hobby, Educational & Fun Software, Writing and Journaling Software ScreenshotVole Media CHM Ultimate Edition Screenshot 8Vole Media CHM Ultimate Edition Screenshot 9Vole Media CHM Ultimate Edition Screenshot 10Vole Media CHM Ultimate Edition Screenshot 11Vole Media CHM Ultimate Edition Screenshot 12Vole Media CHM Ultimate Edition Screenshot 13Vole Media CHM Ultimate Edition Screenshot 14Vole Media CHM Ultimate Edition Screenshot 15

Vole Media CHM creates HTML 5 multimedia CHM based on commonly used word processing documents. Vole Media CHM converts word document to Sanwhole PageShare website and then compiles the website to multimedia based CHM via Microsoft standard compiler. So the created CHM is not only totally supported by Microsoft Windows but also having all Vole PageShare website features.

Since each CHM is a multimedia website, plus embedded a variety of HTML 5 advanced controls and users can read without installing any extra software, Sanwhole media CHM is not just PDF and Microsoft Word. Resumes, report, letter, agendas, announcement, bids, quotes, budgets, business plan, birthday, address book, brochures and so on are all OK. You have every reason to consider replacing your current sharing and collaborating environment with Sanwhole Media CHM.

    Key Features:
  • Create HTML 5 multimedia CHM based on usual word processing documents.
  • Created Media CHM is totally supported by Microsoft Windows, read without installing any other software.
  • Supports menu automation, built-in previewer.
  • Supports professional table, custom HTML, advanced responsive tabs, slideshow control, accordion control, hover zoom control and more.

The Conversation
The Fine Print
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Norman Wong Hi everyone! You are welcome to attend Sanwhole Live Open Lecture - How to use Vole Media CHM professionally.

Scheduled today, May 3 2018 Thursday. GMT 14:00 Beijing 22:00 New York 10:00 Germany 16:00.
Sanwhole - May 3 2018 at 3:36am Copy Link
Norman Wong Great news! Vole Media CHM supports to create professional multimedia CHM based on TXT and RTF now. You can use Windows Notepad and WordPad to create a HTML5 stunning multimedia CHM.

Watch the short tutorial video:
How to create Media CHM with Notepad (.txt):
How to create Media CHM with WordPad (.rtf):
Sanwhole - May 3 2018 at 3:51am Copy Link
Richard User OK, I bought this program. I don't know if I'll ever use it, but I'm a sucker for a 96% off promotion!

I just want to warn future purchasers that the activation process is a little idiosyncratic and way more complicated than it ought to be. Follow the directions completely and you'll be fine. I did, and the app activated for me, no problem.

Let me go through the activation steps for you:
1. Buy the app, you get the usual BDJ confirmation.
2. Download the install file via the usual BDJ link.
3. Go to the Sawhole website to create an account. You have to do this. Otherwise, you won't be able to receive a license file. Create your account.
4. Sawhole will send a confirmation e-mail. Confirm your account creation.
5. Sign in again to the Sawhole site as a confirmed user.
6. Go to your account page.
7. On the left, there is a menu. The first Item is "Import Purchases". Click that.
8. Copy/paste the alphanumeric code you received from BDJ into the field and click the "Import Purchase" button. That ties your Sawhole account to the product you just bought.
9. On the left menu, click "Download Licenses File".
10. Once there, click the "Download Licenses File" button. That will download the VoleLicenses.txt file to you. Put that file where you want it on your PC.
11. Install the app. (If you already installed it, that's fine. It will be in trial mode at this point.)
12. The app will likely ask if you want to run a compatibility check. It did for me. I let it and "fixed" what it wanted me to "fix."
13. In the Vole Media CHM window, click the "Advanced" button (the one with the little blue "i" in the upper right corner. (Gee, I miss the old Menu Bar where it would say "Advanced". But I digress.)
14. Under "Advanced", click the menu item "Specify Licenses File". This opens a box where you navigate to where you stored the VoleLicenses.txt file. When you find it, highlight it and click "Open". That tells the app where your licenses file lives.
15. Click the "Renew Code Manager" button (the one with the 2 keys image, to the left of the Advanced button). This applies your license to the installed program. In the title area, it should now read "Vole Media CHM 3.xx - Ultimate Edition LTUD".

Believe it or not, you're done!

Keep a backup of your licenses file. If you lose that, you're toast, although I think you could download it again from the Sawhole website if you needed to.
May 7 2018 at 3:40pm Copy Link
Norman Wong @Hello Richard - Your activation process is totally correct but not finished. Let me complete it.

13. In he Vole Media CHM window, click the "Advanced" button (the one with the little blue "i" on the top right) and select "Specify Licences File" in the drop-down menu to select the "VoleLicenses.txt" that you just downloaded.

14. Click "Renew Code Manager" button (on the top right menu with a key icon) to select one license as current license (in case you have more than one licenses or first using the software)

15. Activation process is complete.

Let me make a small summary to help you understand the process.

Step 1~2 are the common process for BDJ purchase.
Step 3~5 are the common one-time process that register an account at any webiste.
Step 6~8 are the common redeem process at any webiste.
Step 9~10 actually it is one step not two step. One-time and one step to download your license file.
Step 11 is the common install process for any software.
Step 12 is the one-time compatible check process (common process if they have).
Step 13~14 are the activation process.

So only step 13~14 are activation process. You can use these two steps to activate your owned 2nd, 3rd... computers.
Sanwhole - May 7 2018 at 4:34pm Copy Link
Richard User Thank you, Norman. I had to restart my PC and would have lost what I had written so far. I then came back and finished the post.

I'm sure people will appreciate your summary.

Often when one makes a BDJ purchase, you get the license key in the confirming e-mail. you install the app, enter the license code, and you're done. So, your process is a lot more complex than that, and some people will have a problem with it. You are requiring people to create an account on your site in order to get the license key. I didn't notice it saying that in the BDJ "Fine Print". I'm OK with creating an account, but some people might not like having to do that, especially if they weren't warned ahead of time. I'm not intending to complain. I'm just being factual.

Anyway, my post was meant to be helpful to future purchasers, not to be critical.

Another thing that people care about is the responsiveness of the developer to questions & comments. It's clear you are very responsive, so a big thumbs up on that score.

PS- I misspelled the company name in my earlier post. It's Sanwhole, not "Sawhole". I can't edit the earlier post anymore, or I would. Sorry!
May 7 2018 at 4:50pm Copy Link
Norman Wong @Richard User - Sorry. I was not aware that you have modified the post while sending the post that complements your process. Now your original post is no longer visible. I can't modify my previous post now.

Thank you for helping other users understand our purchase, registration, redemption and activation process. We have been working hard to provide better services for our users. We rely on each purchase, which allows us to continue. We thank you and them. The user's opinion, whether it is encouragement or criticism, we will accept and strive to improve.

Since we have our own independent e-commerce system (iStore), you can buy our products directly on our website just like on BDJ, Amazon. Therefore, like BDJ, Amazon, users who buy need to register on our website. At the same time, we not only provide software, we also provide other services, such as Web Hosting services, iMail services, iExchange services, etc. These services require user registration.

Here is short tutorial video about redeem and activate:

Thank you very much for your comment!
Sanwhole - May 7 2018 at 6:02pm Copy Link

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