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ActionRunner 4.0Discount

ActionRunner 4.0

Automate PhotoShop Actions for Multiple Images

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Platforms: MAC and PC
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As a photographer, you understand that taking photos is only part of the job, and that a disproportionate amount of time is spent editing images in PhotoShop. In fact, you'll readily admit that you spend way too much time in PhotoShop, but short of hiring someone to take some of the editing workload (and also some of your revenue), what can you do? Well, you can automate your PhotoShop actions! How? With today's discounted software promotion, ActionRunner!

ActionRunner lets you automate the process of applying PhotoShop actions to batches of folders, using simple drag and drop functionality! With ActionRunner, you will experience tremendous gains in productivity, freeing up time and achieving that holy grail of work/life balance. After loading your images and clicking Run, you can just sit back or do other things as ActionRunner opens each image, applies your desired actions, then saves the image to the destination of your choice! You can load ActionRunner with your favorite actions, or try out any of the 15 included custom actions.

Bonus features include the ability to Move files, helping you to see which files have been queued, and the ability to Copy images so that multiple actions can be run against the same photo. Just a few weeks spent with ActionRunner will prove its positive impact on your work/life balance and your productivity!

Review Written by Derek Lee
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Louis H Is there any way to have Action Runner load Photoshop 64 bit instead of the 32 bit version? It's irritating to have to close the 32 bit version and open the 64 version after the processing is completed.

And I notice that after running my first set of photographs, when I add another group the icons that display for the second group are the icons of the photographs from the first group? Is this a known bug in the Win version? And is it being worked on, if it is? It's not a deal killer, but it is irritating.

Any other known bugs for the Win 7 version of V4? I've had it crash a couple of times when playing around with it.

Still undecided, but going to continue to give it a longer test run before deciding.

It's fast. It's very easy to add my other actions to it. Not sure, however, that I need it right now, but one never knows what turns my photography skills will take in the future and thus I am seriously looking at picking it up with the hefty discount being offered soon here on BDJ. (Out of the question at my current level of skill at full price.)
Dec 27 2011 at 4:21pm Copy Link
James Hicks Luis H, you could just uninstall 32bit PS and it will only see the 64 bit version. Or if you change your default to PS 64 bit it might just open that one. However, we are working on an update that would allow you to choose which version of PS to open upon opening of ActionRunner.

We are unaware of the icon issue as it's not been reported by any other users, however we can look into that and of course get you fixed up asap.

As for crashing it shouldn't but we are always working to improve and offer free updates for bug fixes when they are discovered.

It is a killer deal and will make editing any photos much, much faster. At $89 it's hard to beat!
ActionRunner - Dec 27 2011 at 11:41pm Copy Link
Sarah K Hi,

I cannot install the program!?

My system: Windows 7, 64bit, german.

Dec 28 2011 at 8:34am Copy Link
Mac Max You don't mention Elements, so do we take it that ActionRunner does not work with this programme?
Dec 28 2011 at 11:59am Copy Link
Louis H Thanks James.

Sarah K... It installed ok on my Win 7 Professional 64 bit, English, system. Had a few hiccups with the trial but tracked it down to hitting the wrong option in my Antivirus program causing it to be suspect of the program.

I like the program but will have to pass this time around as my vehicle died this morning and had to break down and buy another one. :(

Hope it comes back around.
Dec 28 2011 at 1:31pm Copy Link

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