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Disk TriageDiscount

Disk Triage

Recover Disk Space on Your LAN

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Platforms: Windows 64 Bit, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
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Every morning, you notice your network's available disk space creeping lower and lower. If this were your own personal computer, locating and deleting large files to recover space would be a no-brainer -- but this is a LAN, with many users who may or may not be digital packrats. It's going to take FOREVER to find the worst culprits, unless you use DiskTriage!

DiskTriage is the best disk space management tool on the market for LAN administrators and power users. With DiskTriage, you'll get all of the answers to your most important questions! Which users are the biggest disk space hogs? What types of files are taking up the most space? When and where are files being created? With the knowledge that you'll uncover using DiskTriage, you'll be able to surgically recover precious network disk space!

Using a visually intuitive tree view, DiskTriage lets you analyze disk usage by file size, files, directory count, percentages, wasted space, actual space used, date created/modified/accessed and activity. You'll actually have the ability to compare disk space scans from different dates, and chart the gradual erosion (and recovery) of your free space over time! Then, use DiskTriage to take action on multiple files by compressing, moving, copying, or deleting them!

But that's not all! Disk Triage also provides very detailed NTFS Permission reporting, showing you exactly what permissions are set and where they are inherited from. In fact you can even ask Disk Triage to tell you which folders and files below the current directory have a different set of permissions! Imagine having that capability the next time you are trying to find out why someone doesn't have access to a particular file or folder!

Also, version 10.x of the application features the Massively Multi-Threaded Scanning Engine which is the star of this version. Here is a bit more information about this:

The engine is setup so that the user can determine how many threads to use. With the advent of the Intel i9 chips and the AMD Threadripper machines – this is going to start making a real difference. With a 4 core i7 chip – I can allocate 6 threads to the directory scanning – and see (in some cases) a 30X speed improvement. Yes- a 30x – not a 3x!! Imagine what could be achieved with a 16 core/32 thread AMD chip!!

As well – the type of disk space being scanned has an impact. The Wider and Deeper the directory structure – the bigger the speed difference (i.e. more chances for more threads active at the same time – thus greater speed of scanning). As well – remote disk (or any slower disk) – offers more chances for the multi-threaded engine to shine.

It is one thing to scan local disk (like a lot of the other tools out there do very nicely) – as Windows caches directory structures, etc. However, when you start scanning network disk, such as NAS devices, SANS, etc. – Windows cannot cache them - so Disk Triage’s new Multi-Threaded engine really shines.

Please note: Today you can purchase the Professional and Expert editions of Disk Triage! Take a look at the feature comparison matrix to determine which version is right for you.

This promotion includes the following:
Professional ($99.95)
Expert ($199.95)

The Conversation
The Fine Print
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Smile Excuse me.

Lifetime license above the ordering side of your website.

your lifetime authorization refers to.

Free upgrade for lifetime?

Thank you.
Oct 30 2018 at 4:10pm Copy Link
Bradley MacDonald Hello Smile, You are correct - that wording is a little vague not that I look at it. Lifetime means that you can purchase Disk Triage - and you will have the license to the software forever. (However, you are not allowed to resell it). You are covered in the first year for any updates and upgrades and support. After that year is up - there is a 20% maintenance fee (of the current price of the software) if you want to continue to receive updates, upgrades, and full support.
Basically - this is not subscription software.

Does that help clarify? If not - let me know.
TimeAcct Information Systems - Oct 30 2018 at 5:40pm Copy Link
Smile Thank you, I understand,

Usually lifetime licenses are free upgrades for life.
So I asked this question,

However, the lifetime license is really an illusion that it is a free upgrade for life.
Oct 31 2018 at 2:55am Copy Link
Bradley MacDonald Smile - I agree with you. I have changed the order page so that the one year of maintenance and support is very clear now. Let me know if you have any other questions.
TimeAcct Information Systems - Oct 31 2018 at 6:47am Copy Link
Smile Propose a way for your company to increase sales and increase market share.
It is less harmful to the method of profit.

You can write the following words on the webpage, "continuously" upgrade the version for five years, and get a free lifetime upgrade of the version in the sixth year.

I think this kind of sales method is reasonable, and it can also lead consumers in this aspect.
Consumers are more loyal to software.

Thank you.
Nov 1 2018 at 2:55am Copy Link
Richard User your response to Smile: "After that year is up - there is a 20% maintenance fee (of the current price of the software)"
20% of current price of Expert is $40
from the Fineprint: "...after that, upgrades will require additional payment, which will be discounted by 20%."
A discount of 20% ($40) against the current price of Expert means an annual maintenance of $160. (or do you mean that an annual maintenance fee, amount not specified, will be discounted a further 20%?)
Please clarify.
This works only for Windows Server volumes (NTFS), not Linux or other OSs, right?
Nov 2 2018 at 12:22pm Copy Link
Bradley MacDonald Hello Richard,

A good question. Yearly maintenance is currently $40. We have not increased the price of the software in a long time (10+ years?) and we have no plans on doing so.
If you as a user stops paying maintenance and then say - two years later you want to upgrade to the latest version - you would then pay the $160 to get caught up with the latest version and have the next year of maintenance.
Is that clearer?

Disk Triage will access any disk space that Windows can read. So - if you have Linux for example - you can use SAMBA or NFS to access those drives.
Disk Triage will also scan FTP servers as well. It has a FTP client built into it for that purpose. in fact we had a client years ago use Disk Triage to size some drive space on an IBM system 360 (Mainframe) via their FTP Server...
TimeAcct Information Systems - Nov 2 2018 at 12:31pm Copy Link
Smile Share-it! Can't buy, there will be an error message. I used to have this problem in share-it!, can I send another purchase page, such as paypal's purchase page, thank you.

Another question is:
I saw that the previous version of this software turned out to be in 2009 (9.x), which is currently 10.x, which means that the company's maintenance is not active enough, so that this software can be upgraded after the current purchase, it may be 10 years After that, this is not good news for software.
Nov 2 2018 at 6:07pm Copy Link
Bradley MacDonald Hello Smile. I am sorry to hear you are having issues with the purchase. Can you tell me what the error is that you are getting? Perhaps email with a screen capture?

IF you are interested in purchasing the program - I am sure we can work with BDJ to extend the discount offer to you for a few days to get this sorted out.

In terms of Version 9 vs Version 10 - you are correct - there were a number of years where we really only put out bug fixes and dealt with issues in new versions of Windows.
However, with Version 10.x (2017) - we have stepped up and have put out the fastest scanning engine out there! As well we added some new Stats and a number of final bug fixes - and changed to using Firebird as the local database store.

Moving forward - I see a period of relative calm. We are always looking for new features requested by our user base. If you have suggestions we would like to hear them!

TimeAcct Information Systems - Nov 2 2018 at 6:45pm Copy Link

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