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FileWhopper: transfer big files and folders onlineDiscount

FileWhopper: transfer big files and folders online

Transfer Files and Folders of Any Size for a One Time Price

v1.0 Mac & PC  Download Trial
Platforms: all Windows and Macintosh versions

Please note folks: the 50% coupon code is applied for any order value.

So you want to transfer a huge file, right? You can’t attach it to an email because it’s too large. You can’t even use your cloud storage provider, for which you pay a monthly fee, because of the file size. What do you do? You take the easy, painless route by using today’s discount software promotion, FileWhopper!

FileWhopper lets you transfer files and folders of any size, paying just a one-time fee based on file size while enjoying strong password-protected encryption. With FileWhopper, you’ll never run into a limit on file sizes – you could even transfer a multi-terabyte file if you needed to. And once you start the transfer, you’ll get a link that you can share with your recipient to enable them to download it.

Best of all, FileWhopper works on a tiny app that deletes itself after the transfer. This is way better than web-based file transfers, where an interruption will set you back to square one. Instead, FileWhopper transfers, both uploads and downloads, pick up right where they left off in case of an interruption!

Review Written by Derek Lee

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LU Does this purchase include the transfer of only one file of any size?

Is it a pay as you transfer?
Is it a subscription?
Is it a one time purchase and transfer as many files as needed with no time limits?
Jan 16 2021 at 3:48am Copy Link
anupam awasthi also waiting for answer?
Jan 16 2021 at 7:02am Copy Link
Deborah User I don`t see a place to paste the discount code. I don`t want to transfer anything now. How do I save the program for later?
Jan 16 2021 at 9:22am Copy Link
Jim Knecht For those asking if it is a per use/sub/1 time fee. According to the website it is "Pay As you go" while listing things like dropbox as subscription, so this seems to be per file charge. The cost also changes per file size. Website is if you wanna check it out. I don't know much more than that I just went to their website and looked, never used the actual service.
Jan 16 2021 at 10:29am Copy Link
Phil User I think you pay for program, then pay /byte every time you use the service.
Jan 16 2021 at 10:52am Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Great News! Auslogics has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!
BitsDuJour Admin - Jan 17 2021 at 12:11am Copy Link
Indusekar SK no support for any of the doubts raised. also seems to be dangerous to handover a file to these people
Jan 17 2021 at 4:03am Copy Link
Tony Drago Please clarify exactly what this 50% discount buys us. One time transfer of ONE file? Transfer many files? Pay more money ? And if so for what?
Looks like normal business is by each individual file and varies by file size. Pretty sure that I am not the only one confused about this deal. Thsnks
Jan 17 2021 at 2:55pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea Here is what the vendor's wrote about this deal:
Users have to normally create the transfer right from the main page and enter the coupon code in the cart, during the checkout process. It will reduce the bill by -50%.

So you would have to use the 50% off coupon code during the promotion period as the coupon code may expire some time after that.
BitsDuJour Admin - Jan 17 2021 at 3:28pm Copy Link
soo mi TL:DR Yes, their system seems to work, although the transfer speeds, which were low, may have been due to congestion on my cable network. I'm bothered that there is no average pricing chart on their website for different size file/folder transfers, and that, therefore, you have no way to know, in advance what a transfer might cost, or if there is any real value in buying this coupon today. Also, unfortunately, the service is able to run on a mobile device, which I think will be an increasingly significant limitation in deciding to use it. Review: Like Jim Knecht, I crawled around their website as well, and read the same info that he did, to whit: their is no charge to use their software (it downloads a small applet for the uploading/downloading of your file, which Auslogics says self-deletes when the process is completed), and the cost of using their service is based upon a "per use" fee (the fee is based upon a single upload, and, unless you a small, extra fee, A SINGLE DOWNLOAD, of the file/folder). Each time you transfer a file, using their service, you have to upload the file (or folder) to their system, in encrypted form (which their applet accomplishes), and, according to how I read their website, there is no way to know, or predict, what the transfer will cost (after their system determines the size of the file/folder to be transferred). I don't know if their applet(/system) is not smart enough to read the size of the file/folder on your hard drive and give you a price quote, or if it can do so before you invest the time of uploading to their system, and then be told what the cost will be. After you have uploaded your file, or folder, to their system, they will also offer to up sell you with a few additional options (the most important being the ability to PAY FOR THE FILE/FOLDER TO BE DOWNLOADED MORE THAN ONCE, and for your information to remain available for download from their server for more than 14 days). So, what they are charging for is the cost of using their system to manage the encrypted upload/download of you file/folder, the bandwidth and storage costs for this, and the value of using a "reliable" system that will let you "securely" accomplish this file/folder transfer without any upper limit on the size file/folder to be transferred. What annoys me is that Auslogics isn't willing to post average prices on their website (e.g., how much to transfer a 10MB file/folder, a 50MB file/folder, a 100MB file/folder, or a 1GB file/folder, etc., so that you would be able to have a ballpark sense of what their service might cost, before using them). The other thing that I learned, since this offer doesn't come with a "free" trial, is that if you move your mouse around on their website (i.e., towards the vertical slide bar on your browser), their site will "react" as if you leaving, and offer to send you a free coupon for a 5GB transfer. I received the free transfer coupon (along with the message: "Don't think too long - the coupon will be valid for 3 weeks only ;) "), and tried their system, using a folder of YouTube videos (4.3GBs) I put together for the test. Perhaps because I clicked on their website's "start" button to transfer a folder, it never asked me to enter the coupon code, but did tell me the price for the 4.3GB folder that I wanted try transferring (to myself) would be free. It also asked me to login/create a user account before it would complete the transfer. Before completing the transfer, I took a break to do some other things, and when I came back to the computer, the system had timed out and I had to start over (although it still told me the transfer would be free). After completing the registration for a new account, it allowed me to confirm the file transfer. Prior to downloading their applet, my new account dashboard showed me the size of the folder to be transferred, and the cost. It also offered to sell me an additional 14 days of storage (for a total of 28 days on their server) for US$0.99, file insurance (which would provide me with 90 days of storage, and cannot be used in conjunction with the additional 14 days of storage---basically, an either/or situation) for US$2.50, and an additional 5 downloads for US$0.99. Actually, for transferring a folder of this size on a non-subscription basis, the add-on prices seemed pretty reasonable (to me... ). My dashboard also provided me with a transfer ID (which I'm assuming Auslogics would need to provide tech support if the transfer failed to work properly), and a footnote telling me that taxes would be added to my price, as appropriate, based on my location. When I clicked the (Windows) Start Transfer button on their webpage, a file download window popped up on my screen so that I could download their applet. As soon as I executed their applet, a dialogue screen opened, and it told me that my file transfer would be encrypted. When their applet launched, it showed me that a folder transfer of 4.3GB was pending, and automatically created a password, which it obscured with asterisks (why would you obscure a password from the user, that your system auto-generated?) ; I had to tell it to show me the password [this is/was very critical, because if you click on their little question mark, you get a helpful dialogue pop-up that tells you that without this password, your recipient will NOT able to download the file/folder (not just to be able to open it, but to not even be able to download it, which I'm thinking is to prevent password guessing/cracking software by whoever may inappropriately downloaded your file/folder)]. To further test their system, I then changed their auto-generated password to one of my own, which it failed to accept. Their minimum password length is 6 characters, and they have a max size 64 characters they will accept; I created on that was 11 characters long, and had a mix of special characters, numbers, and upper- and lower-case letters. When I told their system to automatically regenerate a new password for me, I noted that their password had upper- and lower-case letters, and numbers, but NO special characters (this inability to use special characters was NOT mentioned in their "helpful" little pop-up dialogue box). I recreated my own password, without the special characters, and it was accepted by their system. This "helpful" little dialogue pop-up also tells you that a download link will be made available in your account dashboard, as soon as the upload starts (they say on their website that they support the downloading of a file/folder IN PARALLEL to it being uploaded; basically, simultaneous transfer). At the bottom of the dialogue window, it gave me check boxes that would allow their applet to shut down my computer on completion of the file transfer (not pre-selected in their window), and (pre-selected) to also resume any interrupted file upload (this one I left checked). What I found strange was that, as soon as I told their applet to execute the folder transfer (which it had already told me was pending, and showed me the correct size), it took me to a new screen and asked me to designate the folder to be transferred, which made me wonder what happened to the information that I had already provided to Auslogics' system, and which they used to calculate the size of the folder? Moving along, I re-designated the folder, and told their applet to start the transfer. It took almost two minutes to encrypt the 4.3GB folder (not bad), and then sat their for about a minute before beginning the upload; it told me that 5MB had been transferred, while showing that the speed and time left were still being calculated. After another minute, or so, the actual file transfer began, with time left increasing as the speed decreased (from just under two hours at 5.0Mbps to 2 hours and 15 minutes at 4.3Mbps <-- not sure why the speed dropped after the first 5.0MBs of transfer, but, then, I don't understand how color TV works either... ;) ). As the transfer proceeded, the speed continued to drop down to 1.92Mbps (maybe do to mid-day internet congestion on my cable modem, with people streaming their favorite football games), and the time remaining to increased to over 5 hours. At this point, I walked away from the computer and left to run some errands. After being gone for almost 5 hours, I returned to find that the transfer speed had increased to 6.25Mbps, but that it was still telling me that over an hour remained in the upload (it had only uploaded about 35%, at this point). So, while I'm ending my review of this product now, I intend to see how long it takes to complete the upload, and then how long to download the same folder. While I will be open to using this product/service in the future, I am bothered that there is now way to know how much it will cost in advance (e.g., why should I pay US$2.50 now if it will only cost me US$1.50 to transfer an average size file, for me, that is too large to email? How can I know in advance if there is any value in paying US$2.50 now for 50% off a future file transfer, especially if any file transfer that I may need would cost less than that?). I guess that Auslogics' unwillingness, or inability, to give any potential user of their service a sense of the cost, in advance, makes me think that if I use them, it will always be as a last resort to accomplish a task, since I won't be able to know what it might cost me.
Jan 17 2021 at 3:30pm Copy Link
Nunya User File transfers are free up to 5 GB. But, IMHO, that's where the good news ends. After 5 GB, the price starts at $4.99 per file. However, that only buys you 14 days of storage and ONE download of that file.

You can purchase additional storage time at $0.99 for 14 days and additional downloads at $0.99 for five downloads. Those are one-time purchases per file.

You can also buy file insurance, which starts at $2.50 for free files and goes up from there. What that gets you is 76 additional storage days and 2 additional downloads for that file.

On the other hand, most file hosting services, at least the ones I've used, are either free or have free accounts with limited features.

One that I use a lot is It offers two free account plans, as well as paid accounts. Transfers can be up to 20 GB, no matter how many files are in the transfer. For the free accounts, files are deleted after 2-3 days, depending on the account and there's no storage capacity. The paid accounts give you storage capacity and additional days before UNSTORED transfers expire. This is their site, Click on Plans to see what they offer. It's very easy to use.
Jan 17 2021 at 6:42pm Copy Link

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