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v1.21.14.0 for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows 7,8,10
GhostVolt ScreenshotEncryption Software ScreenshotGhostVolt, Encryption Software ScreenshotGhostVolt, Security Software ScreenshotEncryption Software, GhostVolt ScreenshotSecurity Software, GhostVolt ScreenshotSecurity Software, Encryption Software ScreenshotGhostVolt, Security Software, Encryption Software Screenshot

Are you worried about the privacy of your files and folders? Perhaps you’re concerned about your data being stolen and held to ransom by cybercriminals, or simply worried about the privacy of your personal files and who has access them?

GhostVolt is a security App which protects your privacy and stops unauthorised access to your files and folders and helps fight against cybercriminals who want to steal your data and use it for identity theft, ransomware, blackmail, and other criminal attacks.

With GhostVolt, you can secure all your personal files including your health records, photos, movies, tax returns or any other document so you’re in control of who has access to your files and data, all the time. All your files are automatically encrypted with industry standard 256 AES encryption and because it works just like your regular file manager, you already know how to use it.

But that’s not all, GhostVolt works perfectly with Microsoft OneDrive and allows you to automatically backup and sync your protected files across your computers, you also get an integrated secure note manager, secure file sharing, file comments and tagging and so much more.

The Business edition of GhostVolt offers even more value in the form of team collaboration, team member roles, file and folder auditing and reporting, usage statistics, asset restriction and so much more, it’ll even help keep your business compliant.

This promotion includes the following:
GhostVolt Solo v1.21.14.0 ($99.99)
GhostVolt Business 3 Users ($135)

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Jan 1 0001 at 12:00am Copy Link
*** User Would just like to confirm two things. First, all updates/upgrades are free for the life of the software. Meaning a one time charge and that is final? Second, since it appears to be a lifetime offer, what happens once a person updates, and or buys new computers over the years; will more installs be allowed for future computers, since it is user based not computer based?
Thank you
Jan 18 at 1:29pm Copy Link
steven User Hi,

it's one time charge which includes all updates for life.

Your licence is fully transferable at no cost. We've recently updated our fair use policy so you can install GhostVolt on 2 computers as standard, if you need more, we'll do that for free too, simply drop us a line.

GhostVolt Ltd - Jan 18 at 2:06pm Copy Link
*** User @steven, thank you very much. Look forward to the sale.
Jan 18 at 4:33pm Copy Link
Rasmus Any plans for Mac support?
Jan 19 at 2:48am Copy Link
steven User Hi @Rasmus,

We're currently focusing on allowing GhostVolt to run over Cloud Apps such as OneDrive, DropBox etc.. and will eventually add the ability to access you data from any device including Mac.

So yes we'll be adding Mac support, but we're probably looking sometime late 2022 - early 2023 I'm afraid.

GhostVolt Ltd - Jan 19 at 2:59am Copy Link
Pete User #1. What are the system requirements for GhostVolt?
#2. Will it work on Windows 7? 8? 10? 11? Windows Server?
#3. Does GhostVolt install any kind of database server? If yes, which one?
#4. Your website shows prices for an annual subscription. But, the BitsDuJour deal seems to be presented as a Lifetime Deal (no mention of annual renewals). Please clarify?
Jan 20 at 12:23am Copy Link
steven User Hi @Pete

If you're using GhostVolt Solo with OneDrive integration then everything will be backed-up for you automatically.

If you're using another back-up App, you need to add 2 additional folders, your GV Repository folder and the settings folder where you GV database is located.

On my computer these would be:

Repository= C:\GhostVolt
Settings = C:\ProgramData\GhostVolt

GhostVolt Ltd - Jan 20 at 1:51am Copy Link
steven User @Pete

1) Min spec would be Windows 8+, 4MB Ram, 2Ghz Processor, .Net 4.7.1
2) Yes
3) Yes - SQLlite
4) GV is usual licenced as a subscription but for BDJ customers we have a lifetime deal which include all updates and no addition charges.

GhostVolt Ltd - Jan 20 at 2:09am Copy Link
Harlen Wiebe We use Xyplorer for accessing all our files. Do I understand correctly that any GV encripted files cannot be opened with Xyplorer and we wold need to switch to the GV file explorer to open these? Can GV work inside Xyplorer or another file manager?
Jan 20 at 4:35am Copy Link
steven User Hi Harlen,

That’s correct. You’d need to use GVs file explorer when working on your GV encrypted files/notes etc..
GhostVolt Ltd - Jan 20 at 4:59am Copy Link
Alexander Deliyannis Hi and thanks for this deal, this looks like a very interesting product! Two questions:

#1 Does the GhostVolt Business 3 Users' version follow the same installation logic, i.e., 2 computers per user?

#2 I read "Each license allows installation on 2 computers, but GhostVolt may not be used at exactly the same time on each of them." What happens if I have a GhostVolt-encrypted file open in my desktop and I open GhostVolt by mistake in my laptop at the same time? Will I get a warning in my laptop that Ghostvolt has an open file elsewhere and can't start a new instance? Will it shut down in my desktop whether I've saved the file or not?

Jan 20 at 7:47am Copy Link
steven User Hi @Alexander

1) No. With GV Business, the licence is associated to the computer in which GV is installed - (this is your GV Server). Your users then connect to the server from their computer. With this deal, you can have 3 users connecting to the server at any time. If required, we can easily bump your user count for you.

2) First thing, this clause is not applicable to GV Business as you can have any number of users connected at the same time. This clause is specifically aimed at those who have their repository located on OneDrive and syncing between 1 or more computers. Its really a mechanism to prevent OneDrive conflicts - we show a warning if you try to log into GhostVolt on more than one computer at the same time - you can, if you want, ignore the warning.

Further reading here:

GhostVolt Ltd - Jan 20 at 8:08am Copy Link
1. Has your software been audited, and if so, what were the results?

2. Does it encrypt files in-place (such as BoxCryptor), or move them into a container (such as VeraCrypt)? I ask this because if they're moved into a large container, then even a small change to a single file can cause the entire container to change and thus get backed up to the cloud again.
Jan 20 at 9:57am Copy Link
steven User Hi @Kydara,

1) The App as a whole has not been audited however, the encryption module we use to has. Results here:

2) GV encrypts files in-place. Its a little more complicated than that under the hood to prevent temp files leaking data and when connected to OneDrive, to prevent plaintext files being synced.

GhostVolt Ltd - Jan 20 at 11:01am Copy Link
kydara Thanks for that information. Has the one critical finding been remedied since the audit?

So to make sure I understand, say I have a folder with .JPGs, .PDFs, whatever, that I want encrypted. GV will encrypt them individually and leave them in whatever folder they're already in. Windows Explorer will see encrypted filenames and encrypted data if it tries to open them. These files can then be backed up to a cloud storage server (I am taking more about a backup service like Crashplan/Backblaze than something like Dropbox or Google Drive here), and if a change is made to one file and the backup engine detects it, only that one file would be re-backed up to the cloud Are my assumptions all correct? This is how BoxCryptor classic used to work before they went to a SaaS model.
Jan 20 at 11:22am Copy Link
steven User @Kydara

I believe so but struggling to find the relevant information on the developers site:

I'll contact the guys at Inferno to clarify.

GhostVolt Ltd - Jan 20 at 11:27am Copy Link
kydara You answered while I was editing to add more questions. :) Bravo for being so prompt.
Jan 20 at 11:39am Copy Link
steven User @kydara, good timing as I was re-reading the audit report since it had been a while.

When you add your files to GV, they're moved to your GV 'repository' which you specify during setup. Your repository is a normal Windows folder, the difference being, all files are encrypted.

In terms of encryption, each folder within GV has an encryption key, so when files are added to the folder, its this key that is used to lock the file. This means that files in different folders have different encryption keys.

Getting a little deep here... all folder keys are encrypted by a single master key which is encrypted by your login password or rather, a key derived from your password via a special algorithm. Bottom line is, your keys and passwords are never stored in plaintext.

GhostVolt Ltd - Jan 20 at 12:07pm Copy Link
kydara I'm still not quite sure I'm understanding the nuts and bolts of it, but since you have a 30-day return policy I am going to purchase and evaluate. Thank you very much for your quick responses to my questions.
Jan 20 at 12:26pm Copy Link
steven User @kydara, any issues just let me know.

Guys, I'm based in the UK and will be signing off shortly but will be back early tomorrow to answer any queries.

GhostVolt Ltd - Jan 20 at 12:36pm Copy Link
*** User Purchased, but have not received a code to register. How long does it take to receive? It has been about an hour. Thank you
Jan 20 at 1:13pm Copy Link
steven User Hi @***,

You should receive you discount voucher immediately after you purchase via the BDJ store.

I've just checked and nothing is on our system yet. It may be worth firing and email to the guys at BDJ to verify your order.

GhostVolt Ltd - Jan 20 at 1:41pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @*** User, I just resent you the receipt email for your order (the domain is however if you did not receive it please let us know at
BitsDuJour Admin - Jan 20 at 2:34pm Copy Link
Robert User The e-mail receipt and the Bitsdujour page displayed after purchase has a section titled "Instructions." The instructions refer to both a Promotional Code and Redemption code. The redemption code supposedly comes in the Bitsdujour receipt. The instructions section states that the user must enter the Promotional Code/Redemption code on the developer's website, accessed through a link to That page immediately displays what looks like a step before paying for the software at $49.95 and it also has the "Enter Promotional Code" field, and other fields, including credit card data, and ends with a button to "Pay $49.95."

The "Older comments" section for May 15, 2021, has the same "Instructions."

The "Instructions" text sounds like a "redeem" step is required in addition to using the license key (which is in the e-mail).

Is there a "Promotional Code/Redemption code" that the user receives? If not, the Instructions step should be corrected or removed.
Jan 21 at 4:03am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Robert User, The code you receive in the receipt email from BitsDuJour, is actually the redeemable code which should be used according to the redeemable instructions.

The redeemable instructions which are mentioned in the BitsDuJour email, are the following:
In order to redeem your purchase, please browse here:
and then follow these steps:
Step 1. Click on the Redeem button
Step 2. Click on the 'Enter Promotional Code' link in the pop-up which opens
Step 3. Fill in your redemption code you received in the BitsDuJour receipt email
Step 4. Fill in your Name, and Email – no credit card it required
Step 5. You will receive the activation code to the email you provided
BitsDuJour Admin - Jan 21 at 4:28am Copy Link
riad af Can the software encrypt files named in Hebrew / Arabic characters in windows environment?
Jan 21 at 5:21am Copy Link
steven User Hi @riad, GV is fully unicorn compatible so you should be OK with Arabic.

GhostVolt Ltd - Jan 21 at 5:33am Copy Link
Edward Smith I am interested in this program, but the first time I ran a test, Malwarebytes quarantined GV as ransomware (Malware.Ransom.Agent.Generic). I had to reboot and delete GV.
Jan 21 at 7:51am Copy Link
steven User Hi @Edward Smith,

Unfortunately Malwarebytes is currently reporting GV as a false positive.

We've contacted their customer service to add GV to their whitelist but this normally takes a while after we've released a new version of GV.

I can assure you GV is completely clean as reported via Total Virus etc..

GhostVolt Ltd - Jan 21 at 8:02am Copy Link
Stan A question about account recovery: How safe is it for me as a customer if you can recover the account with an (optional) valid email address for this?

Best regards
Jan 21 at 8:53pm Copy Link
steven User Hi @Stan,

When recovering your account, you also need your Master Key which only you should know.

Note: You'll be asked to create an 'Emergancy login kit' after you've created your account - you can also do this later in the Admin tab. Your kit includes your master key for such events.

GhostVolt Ltd - Jan 21 at 10:40pm Copy Link
Bill Sech Why does moving or renaming an onboard file in ghost volt cause it to not be found on the server even though it looks to be there with the space used to store it showing also?
Feb 6 at 9:05pm Copy Link
steven User Hi @Bill,

Can you send an email to: 'support at' please?

If you could include the version of GhostVolt you are using (Solo or Business), if your still running the trial or have activated, and finally, the steps to recreate your issue, that would help greatly.

GhostVolt Ltd - Feb 6 at 9:38pm Copy Link
Bill Sech I will contact as you recommend sometime in the next day or two.
Feb 6 at 9:44pm Copy Link
steven User Thanks @Bill
GhostVolt Ltd - Feb 6 at 9:48pm Copy Link

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