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NoteFrog Professional Lifetime LicenseDiscount

NoteFrog Professional Lifetime License

Use it, Don't Lose it!

for PC 
Platforms: Windows XP, Vista (32 and 64 bit), 7 (32 and 64 bit)
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"273-374-9984 ext.35"
"DiPalma's Pizza on 3rd"
"Little Bobby's Birthday 4/8"
"Google: Gogol"
"Pitch Brand Name: Squiggles"
"Milk, TP, Celery, Onion, Crackers"
"Copy all .xls files to hard-drive before Wednesday's clean-out"

All important, and all essentially useless -- a dank bayou of misplaced information -- without a sound system of navigation and retrieval.

NoteFrog keeps every bit of information organized, accessible and meaningful. Breaking away from conventional spreadsheet systems of information management, NoteFrog uses an open-ended, amendable system of stacks to organize your notes. Allowing you to organize information in a way that makes sense to you. Have a stack for work, or each individual project at work. Have a stack for reminders, phone numbers, important dates, things to do at work, things to youtube at home, potential names for the puppy, research, finances, purchase dates and warranties, accounts numbers, passwords -- the possibilities are as endless as language itself!

Once everything is stacked, NoteFrog's supersearch will quickly guide you to the information you need. From the first letter you type, in NoteFrog's search box, candidates are selected from your Active stack. Once you've whittled it down to the note you need, just click and read. Or you may save a NoteFrog stack as a publishable, searchable, HTML document: see this feature in action!

NoteFrog also features tagging capabilities and a "clipboard capture" feature which is great for quickly gathering large chunks of information and safely filing it away in the stacks. So when you need it the NoteFrog can retrieve it.

Review Written by Derek Lee
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_*_ Nice program, with a very responsive developer; plus lifetime updates is hard to beat. I own this and it holds a place on my desktop as a useful program.
Sep 11 2012 at 7:02am Copy Link
Berry Taylor Mr Bright

Your email address is being rejected. Maybe an invalid forwarding address?

Please contact us.
HTConsulting - Sep 12 2012 at 2:55am Copy Link
Michael R. Can the stacks being individually password-protected?

What happens if a cross-reference is clicked on which is linked inside a password-protected stack, which is not unlocked yet?

Is there any priority while searching. E.g. I think, it would make sense to give an entry with the searched pattern in it's headline a higher order than one with this pattern somewhere in the text.

Can I search for diffent words in one article?

Are there any command-line args?
Sep 12 2012 at 3:28am Copy Link
Berry Taylor "Can the stacks being individually password-protected?"


"What happens if a cross-reference is clicked on which is linked inside a password-protected stack, which is not unlocked yet? "

At present, the item content is displayed. We will revisit this.

"Is there any priority while searching. E.g. I think, it would make sense to give an entry with the searched pattern in it's headline a higher order than one with this pattern somewhere in the text."

No. The current search is based on the entire item content. There is no real "header".

"Can I search for different words in one article? "

Yes, compound searching is supported.

"Are there any command-line args?"

Not presently.
HTConsulting - Sep 12 2012 at 3:42am Copy Link
Mary Wilson Purchased this the last time that you had this on sale. I do have a question. What is the best way to back up the files?
Sep 12 2012 at 4:42am Copy Link
Berry Taylor Hello Mary,

You may backup at anytime via the "Library" menu selection "create a backup of the NoteFrog Library".

You may also create a backup upon each startup of NoteFrog via the "Options" selection "Automatically backup library each startup". Using this method cycles through three backups, A, B and C.
HTConsulting - Sep 12 2012 at 4:46am Copy Link
M K G Hi

Does NoteFrog support:
a) Online syncing
b) Iphone app
c) Internal/External linking using WikiWords


Sep 12 2012 at 5:12am Copy Link
Randy Martin If I am doing research, using the auto function, and saving a dozen or more separate quotes. Can I out put all or selected choices of those later as one word doc?
Sep 12 2012 at 5:28am Copy Link
Max Frenkel Does NoteFrog import InfoSelect wd2 fies?
Sep 12 2012 at 5:46am Copy Link
Berry Taylor Hello Mr Singh

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "online synching". NoteFrog does not currently support database synching via the cloud, however I believe you could use the cloud to house the database.

NoteFrog has the capability to output data to a stand alone HTML file which can be viewed via any platform which supports a browser.

NoteFrog supports external hyperlinks as well as internal item links.

HTConsulting - Sep 12 2012 at 5:47am Copy Link
Jack Roberts As a longtime Frog user, who could not mange his life without it- a couple of comments:

The creative use of NoteFrog "Tags" turns a powerful search tool into a truly magnificent organizer.

The person above mentioned giving the "headline" a higher priority in the search. There is no distinction of a separate "headline" as far as Frog's normal search is concerned. frog is TRULY free-format, and oddly enough that actually is a bonus in function and simplicity. While you can not do exactly what that user wanted, for many cases the real bonus power of Frog is only realized in using your own system of "Tags" along with the "Search within Subsets" incorporated as the "Compound" search.

For most every case, if you want to "headline" or be able to choose ANY subset of notes you can choose some unique character or characters as a tag and initially enter that tag and hit "Enter." That immediately gives you a subset of only those notes containing that tag. You may then search within that subset and even continue the process of entering additional tags to create subsets within subsets.

For the specific notes that you wanted to have a "headline" for you could add something like #H to the first line (or anywhere in the note) and hit enter to select that subset for subsequent searches.

Or you could tag a note with " !H auto "' to select only those notes about your car.

Tags just keep getting better and better as use begin to use them.
I think that with a bit of creative tagging you will begin to see the inexhaustible potential. It can even be used as an n-dimensional Cross-referenced Tree Structure for those who prefer that system of organization.
Sep 12 2012 at 5:47am Copy Link
Berry Taylor Hello Mr Martin

NoteFrog may be set to capture plain and rich text. It may be set to automatically combine captures of plain text only, but any number of items captured are available for subsequent pasting.

I'm not familiar with Kindle PC, but NoteFrog may be set to capture any text data rendered to the windows clipboard.
HTConsulting - Sep 12 2012 at 5:51am Copy Link
Berry Taylor Hello,

"Does NoteFrog import InfoSelect wd2 fies?"

I'm not exactly sure of the format of wd2 files. NoteFrog has an import capability which facilitates importing text data from a "delimited" file, so if the wd2 file may be created with a single line delimiter between items, NoteFrog "should" be able to import it.
HTConsulting - Sep 12 2012 at 5:54am Copy Link
Berry Taylor Hello again Mr Roberts

Thanks for your excellent description on "Tags". If you don't mind, we may use it as the basis for another blog post on tagging.
HTConsulting - Sep 12 2012 at 5:59am Copy Link
VLM Can anyone compare this product to AllMyNotes, MyInfo, or the like?
Sep 12 2012 at 6:12am Copy Link
Berry Taylor Mr. Singh

To be a bit more specific about your iPhone app question, NoteFrog allows you to export your individual stack/s into standalone HTML files that self-contain a sort of miniFrog search program. These "HTML-Program-Stacks" can be opened on any device having a modern javascript-enabled browser, whether that be PC, Mac, Linux, pad, notebook, or smart phone. The stacks are searchable, including subset/compound features. No app is needed on any smartphone, just a browser.

There are far too many hardware/software combos to give you a guarantee on your specific device and release, but the feature has thus far been well-recieved by users.

You can read more and see it in action at
or try a sample stack on any device by browsing to
on that device.
HTConsulting - Sep 12 2012 at 7:12am Copy Link
_*_ Jack Roberts, Berry Taylor, can you point to where I can locate information within NF on how to use Tags.

This sounds wonderful, and would like to understand it better. Is there a simple step-by-step you can provide?

Sep 12 2012 at 7:53am Copy Link
Berry Taylor Hello,

From the NoteFrog "FAQ" (see )

A search "tag" is just any special character string that you decide to use anywhere in a note that will make that note easier to find, either as an individual note or as a member of a group of related notes all including that same tag. You can use any scheme you choose for your tags, however, we recommend that you use the same general scheme for all of your tags. For example, one good approach might be to use two right-bracket characters "]]" as the first two characters of every tag you create. That has the advantage of being a lower-case character and also easy to locate on the keyboard. But feel free to use whatever tagging scheme you choose.

The NoteFrog compound search is so powerful and fast that you may easily and efficiently use NoteFrog for thousands of notes in many different Stacks and Stack Libraries and never need to add search "tags" to any of them. Most users will probably use tags only infrequently. Even the most intense users are unlikely to ever include tags in more than a small percentage of their notes.

See the FAQ for other uses as well.

HTConsulting - Sep 12 2012 at 8:05am Copy Link
Software Guy Thanks to HTConsulting for this great deal - a handy notes utility with a LIFETIME User license for $16 - now that is a great deal.

Also thanks to Jack Roberts for pointing out the utility of "tags". Once you start to tag your notes, the utility and versatility of this handy notes program will become indespensible - especially for writers and researchers.

Because of the tags, I use this utility with another notes utility - sometimes allmynotes, sometimes treenotes, sometimes texnotes (depends on the computer) but this is great for researching broad topics and doing a quick organization of related material. Once the notes start to take shape, then they go into one of the other mentioned notes program for bulk organization, then they usually head out to word or powerpoint for presentation.

And at this price, give the software a try before you think of passing it up.
Sep 12 2012 at 11:55am Copy Link
Berry Taylor Hello all,

We've had a report from a new user who received a message from NoteFrog regarding a possible clipboard loop.

There are several possible conditions which will cause this message to be shown and in most cases there is no "real" problem with the clipboard - for a more detailed discussion see

In this case the message was due to a particular clipboard collection program attempting to ensure it is still "connected" to the clipboard.

There is a new version of NoteFrog currently in beta testing. We will change this new version such that the message is not displayed under conditions where the "loop" appears to be another program "refreshing" itself.

HTConsulting - Sep 12 2012 at 12:33pm Copy Link
amar singh Thanks Berry,

By online syncing I was referring to the lind offered be evernote. Sorry for not making it clear earlier. But DropBox syncing too is good. :)

An HTML export is OK for passive reading, but i would really appreciate the possibility of editing the notes on iphone and android. Having only a PC based editing aolution is too restrucitve for people like me, who use the iphone on the move to make notes.

All in all, NoteFrog looks cool, and I willbuy it immediately today if these features are being planned.


Sep 12 2012 at 1:34pm Copy Link
Berry Taylor Mr. Singh,

Thanks for the nice comment. All in all, we think the Frog is cool too, and our users agree.

But unfortunately the facts are that we will never be able to put a large enough dent in the market to afford to chase all the possible options. At this time there is no "plan" to add any "hot" sync or stack-update capability to our mobile strategy.

For example, our "browser" approach for mobile allows us to give our users access to their stacks on a wide variety of devices using that identical HTML file on every one. No unique apps for each environment- a focused-market product like NoteFrog just does not have the market size to fund that development.

It is not impossible that as the smartphone market matures there will be standards and supporting software that will allow us to support more features in that environment, but we can't say that there is any sort of active plan on our part- just that we are ready to proceed when more features can be offered that our own resources can support.

We do have our own internal mobile update/edit capability, but it is far from being a product that we are going to punish our users with.

That "feature vs resources" has always driven our strategic planning. We are forced to pick our path and new features carefully, keeping our ability to produce quality product and superior customer support within our resources. We think we do, and will continue to do so.

Who knows, maybe we will get you back in the future.
HTConsulting - Sep 12 2012 at 2:15pm Copy Link
M K G Thanks a ton for the excellent explanations and for taking time to respond to me, Mr. Berry.

Seeing your dedication, I am sure that you will incorporate Mobile support whenever it will be possible. Until then, I will try to play with the program a bit, and get to know it better. To express support, I am purchasing a license.

Thanks a lot, and please keep up the great work.

Amar :-)
Sep 12 2012 at 4:37pm Copy Link
Sothink Software Berry Taylor - Wow, what a GREAT response about resources and focus. I would like to buy the product just on the strength of your common sense and honesty. But I have a payment-related issue. Could you kindly check your support tickets, I just submitted one.
Sep 12 2012 at 7:44pm Copy Link
Berry Taylor Hello Joey,

If you're techadmin, we have responded to your inquiry, otherwise, please refresh our memory.

HTConsulting - Sep 12 2012 at 8:00pm Copy Link
James Wang Can I install the Note Frog in both my desktop and laptop while using "Dropbox" to hold the database?
Sep 12 2012 at 8:12pm Copy Link
Berry Taylor Hello all,

FYI, Elvis will be leaving the building soon. Any orders received after that will be fulfilled early tomorrow.

Rest assured, you can "Frog" in the meantime. The download demo is active for 30 days.

Best to you all and thanks for the fun.

HTConsulting - Sep 12 2012 at 8:14pm Copy Link
Berry Taylor Hello Mr. Wang,

We have used a local database that is part of our "SkyDrive" cloud storage and it works OK.

My wife has her's "dropboxed" but I'm not sure that she uses it remotely from the dropbox.

If you want to try it, go ahead. I'm unsure if there will be any performance degradation from doing that. I'm also unsure whether or not DropBox will permit simultaneous access to a SQLite database.

If you decide to try it and it does not work to your satisfaction, feel free to ask for a refund any time within 30 days.

If you try, please let us know your findings.

HTConsulting - Sep 12 2012 at 8:23pm Copy Link
PortablesFan Hi, I read your blog and forum post(s) regarding portable use at

But I am having difficulty successfully accomplishing this. I would expect the paths for the three variables to support relative paths ( .\resources\NF.db or ..\NoteFrog.db for example) or some kind of custom environment variable ( like %FrogHome%\NoteFrog.db ). For many portable programs, something like this would enable you to even change the folder name and have the program still work without difficulty. I have not gotten NoteFrog to "tolerate" this test of changing the folder name as of yet, though. Any help, or clarification of the portable-use instructions, would be appreciated.

Thanks for this great deal on BdJ!
Sep 12 2012 at 10:45pm Copy Link
Melanie EO Hmmmm....paid for it via the receipt from Paypal was redirected back to the register page --- seemingly on your site asking me to buy it again???? What gives? Nothing in my spam folder...nothing on the receipt from Paypal. Have I been scammed?
Sep 13 2012 at 2:24am Copy Link
Berry Taylor Hello PortablesFan

We will post a version 2 update for a portable installation later today in our blog - - It has changed slightly with the introduction of version 2.

All file/path references are absolute.
HTConsulting - Sep 13 2012 at 6:55am Copy Link
Berry Taylor Hello Melanie,

Thanks for contacting us. Our keys are "customized" by user and need to be created and emailed by us separate from the PayPal process. Everything should be taken care of now. If you have any additional questions you may contact us via htconsulting at
HTConsulting - Sep 13 2012 at 9:56am Copy Link
Melanie EO Never mind on that last comment...I found that the expected route is to download the trial first at Customer service turned out to be exemplary!!!!
Sep 13 2012 at 10:08am Copy Link
Mary Wilson Why does the program not say that it is registered. It excepts the code and says that it is saved, but does not tell you the program is registered?
Sep 14 2012 at 12:37pm Copy Link
Berry Taylor Hello,
If you click on the little top rightmost "FrogTools" button "Open NoteFrog Help/Utilities window" it should show you the registration information.

"NoteFrog Professional Version 2.2.2
Registered to YourName"

HTConsulting - Sep 14 2012 at 1:18pm Copy Link
Chris It seems the trial download is dead. I purchased this awhile back and have a new laptop I wanted to install it on. Is there any way to get a download link to the latest version?

Thank you......
Oct 2 2014 at 9:57pm Copy Link
Que La @Chris - We've contacted the vendor to ask about a trial download URL for the program.
BitsDuJour Admin - Oct 3 2014 at 4:22am Copy Link
Berry Taylor We've sent Chris a link to download NoteFrog.

HTConsulting - Oct 3 2014 at 5:30am Copy Link
Chris thanks
Oct 3 2014 at 10:42am Copy Link
Pedro This software seems to be now an abandonware as the author posted a registration key to register the program. I have since a couple of years switch to a program named NoteCase Pro.
Dec 16 2019 at 3:21pm Copy Link

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