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Store All of Your Passwords with One File

v3.5 for PC 
Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
PasswordsPro Screenshot

You realize that your little Post It note with all of your passwords written on it is the most unsecure thing ever, right? But you have too many passwords for too many sites, so it’s justified! What if I were to tell you that there was an easier, better solution that only required memorizing a single password? Would you jump on that? Well, you should, because it’s today’s discount software promotion – PasswordsPro!

PasswordsPro stores all of your passwords and access credentials in a single file, protected by a single master password. With PasswordsPro, you’ll never need to remember multiple passwords to multiple sites, nor will you have to experience the hassle of locking yourself out of sites after multiple failed password tries.

Even better, PasswordsPro also lets you store text notes, text mails, and any ASCII document within the same master password file! So it’s really like getting a password manager and more when you get PasswordsPro. Getting started is easy, thanks to a new toolbar with intuitive icons!

The Conversation
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Clive Richards They demo video shows a lot of keystrokes to open one site - this does not have the capability of roboform or lastpass etc. OK for people who are uncomfortable with the more complex programs but I think I will pass on this one thanks
May 19 2016 at 1:56am Copy Link
German Arduino Thanks for your comment and yes, PasswordsPro is focused in people that wants simplicity of use.....Anyway we have planning several improvements for the new version.
Arduino Software - May 19 2016 at 3:49am Copy Link
Richy For simplicity, Dashlane IS the best...this one is a NO GO. Too much going on in that video just to open a thanks!
May 19 2016 at 6:45am Copy Link
Doris Ballard Ok, so I installed it, and at the end of the install, the default is to run the program as you close the installer. So it ran. I was a bit surprised to see that it was a trial version, after reading in the email I received that it was "already unlocked", and there wasn't a single word about having to fish around in those lovely Windows directories and copy files over before running.

I decided that I'd better look at the other two files that came with the program. One of them - the lic, was not a text file. The other was, and it explained that I had to paw around in my computer to find the place the supporting files for the program are written to, and overwrite the file that was already there. Really?

So ... I did that.

Then I shut the program down, and started it back up with the new lic file being the only lic file in that folder. The program came up, and told me that if I continue to use it beyond the trial period, that I'll have to buy a license ... and it still has the "register the full program" option.

What's the deal? At the VERY LEAST, there should have been an explanation in the email I received ... and really, the files should already have been set up in such a way that the program truly *was* already registered. Very bumpy start for this program.

So - I've jumped through the hoops, and I still have an unregistered version, what now?
May 19 2016 at 8:08am Copy Link
Robert Snith So where does the licence go it just keep taking me to the web page with no help how about making it user friendly .
May 19 2016 at 8:16am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Robert Snith, Please read the registration_instructions.txt file inside the zip file. You can download the zip file by pressing the Download button in the receipt email.

The license file goes here:
For Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\ \My Documents\PasswordsProData

For Windows Vista, 7 and 8:
C:\Users\ \Documents\PasswordsProData.
BitsDuJour Admin - May 19 2016 at 8:23am Copy Link
German Arduino @Doris Ballard: You must copy the PasswordsPro.lic file that comes in the zip in your PasswordsProData directory ovewriting the original PasswordsPro.lic file (this is the trial). And it's all.
Arduino Software - May 19 2016 at 8:36am Copy Link
Doris Ballard @German Arduino ... if you carefully REread my original comment, you will see that I *did* copy the lic file into the folder, and that I *still* have the trial version, in spite of doing EXACTLY that.

... ????
May 19 2016 at 8:40am Copy Link
German Arduino Replied by mail.
Arduino Software - May 19 2016 at 8:46am Copy Link
Doris Ballard @German Arduino ... I got the email., but all you did was repeat the same thing as you said in the comment above ... !

Dude ... if you READ my original comment, you'd see that what you're telling me to do is EXACTLY what I DID do - yet the program remains UNregistered.

You know, forget it. I only have so much time to sink into this.

I agree with the comment above - this is does not make BJD look great, sad to say, because I'm truly a "Bitster".

Thanks for your time, but no thanks for the program. I'm uninstalling it. If you're just simply going to continue to tell me the same thing over and over, although I keep trying to tell you that it's what I've ALREADY DONE, then we're not going to get anywhere and figure out WHY it's still unregistered.
May 19 2016 at 8:53am Copy Link
German Arduino Hi again, this is simply not possible. But still, I can build a new installer for you, if you wants.....but doing the steps, using the license that I sent you, you shouldn't have problems. The program is being used by more than 2000 users in the world, with no problems.
Arduino Software - May 19 2016 at 8:58am Copy Link
Doris Ballard But Mr. Arduino, I listed what I did ... and yet I do, indeed have the problem, and so it *is* possible. I'm not a computer newbie. I know how to copy a file, and understand how to maneuver to the right folder to do so.

Sometimes, issues like this happen ... they should be seen as a means to either find and squash a previously unseen bug ... or to *improve* your instructions.

Done. Uninstalling. Don't bother replying.
May 19 2016 at 9:05am Copy Link
German Arduino Have you considered the possibility that you made a mistake? Are you sure that you copied the PasswordsPro.lic file in the PasswordsProData directory? Can you send my a screenshot of you PasswordsProData directory?

I want to help you, but need your cooperation.
Arduino Software - May 19 2016 at 9:10am Copy Link
Robert Snith I can not believe with so many people complaining about to get get this program to work properly that you do not get you software engineering department to do a better job to get you program to work right.Why do so many people have this problem with getting this to work it must be then that you are doing something wrong so why not fix it and make it more user friendly. I see even people that have know how to install programs have problems with yours Time to fix your problems there just are too many people that can not folllow your install process you install into one fold and then place another folder somewhere else why is that most programs install into the same folder making is simple to find.
May 20 2016 at 5:33am Copy Link
Bruce Brent No offense against the software's designer, but wouldn't Microsoft's Word or similar word processing program work as well? Heck, all you have to do is enter needed info on a page, hit the enter key and then add another password site, etc.
Then, just hit "save as" with the option of a password to enter that page full of passwords?

The above saves space from an added program, plus you can add your password list/file to other drives/USB sticks, etc to have for backup and carry your passwords with you (a keychain USB) so you can enter passwords on someone else's computer.

My 2¢
May 20 2016 at 7:16am Copy Link
Alex Freiman How do I list passwords alphabetically
May 20 2016 at 7:46am Copy Link
Bruce Brent Alex, simple, in Word, I go to "edit" then click "find." I type the name of the website/program, etc., then copy & paste (websote/URL is on the same line as each password).

BTW, I have 24 pages with approx. 12 password sites per page. Never had a problem using this method.
May 20 2016 at 12:03pm Copy Link
Candice Robertson What type of encryption is employed for the passwords file?
May 20 2016 at 3:33pm Copy Link
German Arduino Word is a password manager? And you can buy it for 9.99? :)
Arduino Software - May 20 2016 at 3:46pm Copy Link

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