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Experience True Anonymity Through Decentralized Servers

72% Off
$36.72 $131.40
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Platforms: Mac, Windows, Android, Linux

Please note folks: this is a subscription based product however the discount offered during today's promotion applies for all future renewals.

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So you use a VPN in order to browse the Internet without revealing your identity, but are you truly anonymous? If yes, how can you be sure? Because the VPN company told you so? Achieve true anonymity using technologies that make it impossible to track you, by picking up a copy of today’s discount software promotion, Portals!

Portals is a decentralized VPN which, by the nature of its technology, makes it impossible for government or third parties to track you online. With Portals, you’ll benefit from an independent peer-to-peer network which eliminates any single point of control. That’s right – no corporate servers, and thus no ability to comply with any demands to track specific users!

This means you get the true benefits of VPN without any risks, including hiding your IP and location, shuffling IP addresses with each connection, accessing geo-restricted content, and more! Best of all, your traffic going through Portals is protected by military grade AES-256 bit encryption!

After you purchase Portals, it may be used for 18 months.

Prices are subject to vendor's pricing and may change
The Conversation
The Fine Print
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Portals To CL:
Thanks for pointing out!
This deal is for annual subscription (i.e. not lifetime subscription).
"Upgrades to future versions of the software will be free for the lifetime of the product." refers to the lifetime of the product (i.e. while you use it). We'll remove this statement from fine print tab as it's confusing and provides little value.
Application One Inc. - Dec 31 2020 at 2:33am Copy Link
Portals To soo mi:
Thanks for doing deep research :)

Yes, we're a funded startup, yet funding details (including the names of investors) are confidential.

As you correctly mentioned we're plugging into Mysterium Network infrastructure. Please refer to our Security and Privacy FAQ for more: https://www.portals.netwo...nd_Privacy

- "What differentiates your company from other decentralized VPN providers"
Most (if not all) decentralized VPNs require technical knowledge to setup and use daily. Yet we believe users shouldn't be required any significant effort to use such a must-have infrastructural utility like VPN. So we aim at simplicity, yet with the power of decentralization.

- TOR is quite a separate topic as it's been here for a long time, and is basically the backbone of dark net, so (taken from https://www.portals.netwo...t_than_TOR):

TOR is similar conceptually to dVPN technology, yet it has its own limits:

- TOR is aimed at ensuring anonymity and accessing dark web – it was primarily designed for journalists / undercover agents working in hostile locations. This is great, but …
- To ensure anonymity, TOR employs multi-hop technique (called onion layers), where user’s traffic is passed through at least 3 nodes.
-- This makes TOR very slow, and one cannot achieve most typical day-to-day activities (e.g. watching Netflix / Youtube or other streaming content), browsing at a quick and unrestricted speeds.
- There are a limited number of TOR exit nodes and all of them are known and rarely changes, therefore …
-- Most content / streaming providers (e.g. Netflix) are blocking TOR exit nodes.
-- A lot of websites (e.g. google) constantly bombard you with captchas to make sure you’re not some kind of bot.
-- As TOR is designed for high anonymity activities (mostly for something illegal like buying drugs in the darknet online), TOR raises red flags by your ISP/government right away.
- In TOR you can’t choose exit country easily (requires technical expertise).
- TOR is very complicated to use for global network protection (casual users will usually stick with TOR browser instead of their favorite browser).
dVPN technology tries to be in-between hardcore TOR anonimity and centralized VPN – providing quick speeds, raising less (or none) red flags, yet providing comfort of no centralized logs being possible.

Yet, for activities, that require very high anonymity, we’d still suggest to use TOR, as you would rather use tank than a jeep in the battle.
Application One Inc. - Dec 31 2020 at 2:35am Copy Link
DH007 1) Is it possible NOT to work as a node?
2) How do I protect myself when using the Portal dVPN from my IP being accused of illegal activities as someone used my IP as exit node?
Jan 2 2021 at 10:07am Copy Link
Portals To DH007:
Portals users are never "working as nodes".
Application One Inc. - Jan 2 2021 at 10:37am Copy Link

Please note that all comments for this promotion will be screened before posting. It's nothing personal, just a step we have to take because of a few bad apples last time around.

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