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The Bat! Professional EditionDiscount

The Bat! Professional Edition

Give Your Email Experience a Boost

v8.8.2 for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 10
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Working with email should be more than just a necessary evil of today's modern lifestyle. If you've got used to the standard email client that came preinstalled on your computer, it's time to move to a platform that makes email more enjoyable, productive, and efficient. Today's discount software promotion for Windows does just that - it's called The Bat! Professional Edition.

The Bat! Professional Edition is an email client that transforms your email experience, with useful features that make email simple and convenient. First of all, The Bat! Professional Edition supports a wide array of authentication protocols and encryption methods, ensuring that your company's secrets remain secret and that your competitive advantage is secure. Additionally, The Bat! Professional Edition also features robust anti-virus defense, leveraging the power of its own integrated HTML viewer to stop executing malicious code that can be served via web page content. And by opting to purchase the Professional Edition, you get even better features that include spell checker dictionaries, multilingual interfaces, hardware authentication for mail servers, message base encryption, and even biometric authentication!

Do you want to be more efficient? Well, think about how much time you spend sorting email - now think about reclaiming all of that time by just setting up a few rules in The Bat! Professional Edition. Just set sorting rules, and your incoming, outgoing, and read email will automatically be directed to the appropriate folder. You also get the benefits of custom templates, auto-response, confirmations, and the ability to run external programs. Take it to the next level with custom message templates that are triggered in response to unique events. Quick templates cut down on the amount of typing you need to do, by automatically filling in frequently used text snippets. The Bat! Professional Edition even features integrated backup and restore for each mailbox that you manage.

If you have a license for The Bat! Pro, you can also take advantage of The Bat! Voyager, the portable version of The Bat! You can download The Bat! Voyager at the Ritlabs website.

Thanks to its ability to import messages from a huge roster of email clients, including Outlook, Outlook Express, Pegasus Mail, Eudora, and Netscape, there's no reason not to switch to The Bat! Professional Edition as your primary email client today!

The Conversation
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Ricky Rick A most EXCELLENT Email Client. Been using it for around 12 years now. Probably way more than 12 - lost count!

And in all that time I still haven't even scratched the surface of all it's capabilities. I'm more of a basics user but there's power (bells & whistles) under the hood if I need it!

The Pro version is the ONLY way to go - because - with the Pro version you also get (FREE from their website) The Bat! Voyager -- it's a Portable version for that USB you carry around.

Voyager uses a strong encryption mechanism to encrypt the whole message base, address books, configuration files, etc. on-the-fly.

If you lose your flash drive, you don't lose your privacy, because all of your information is encrypted.

Plus -- Voyager includes all of the features of The Bat! Professional. Plus -- Transferring data from The Bat! to The Bat! Voyager and vice versa is simple.

And no ... I'm NOT a salesman for The Bat! Pro version-- just a VERY satisfied customer for 12+ years.

And the couple times in those 12+ years I ran into a snag - Support from RitLabs (the Developer) was excellent.

Also - this is a DeskTop Application so you're not tied to "the Cloud" and/or stuck depending on Gmail or etc.

The Bat! Pro is definitely a keeper in my book.

Ricky Rick
May 11 at 12:18pm Copy Link
Dunking Can this discount be applied to an existing license upgrade? This offer, for a new license, and a normal upgrade work out at about the same price.
May 11 at 12:18pm Copy Link
juvp455 I noticed that the current version is - 8.8.2.

Am I eligible for free update when version 9 releases if I'd purchase this deal?
May 11 at 3:37pm Copy Link
J S To USER's: Dunking & juvp455


Currently the Upgrade POLiCY [] states:

"...The Bat! license purchased from August 22, 2017 is valid for all The Bat! versions 7 and all The Bat! versions 8. For The Bat! v9.0 and higher these licenses will no longer be valid."

Currently the PRO UPGRADE PRiCE is USD$46.15, EURO's €29.95, etc

SO unless the COUPON works with UPGRADES TOO, then it may well be cheaper to buy a new version license
BUT ONLY ONCE we know whether the soon to be offered BdJ DEAL includes v9.x UPGRADE or not.

Hmmmm time will tell


May 12 at 2:13am Copy Link
Metta Zetty (1) Is this the most current version of TheBat! Pro?
(2) Is it possible to edit the subject lines of incoming messages in this version of TheBat?
May 12 at 5:50am Copy Link
Neostar I bought this a while ago and it's good but I find that it's slow with gmail
May 12 at 5:50am Copy Link
Louis H Direct question for the vendor....

Will the license purchased for this offer include upgrading to all versions of V9 and then require a new license for V10?

Thank you.
May 12 at 6:15pm Copy Link
Ritlabs, SRL @Dunking, this 50% discount cannot be applied to license upgrades. With this offer you can still get The Bat! v8 at a lower price compared to the upgrade price for the Professional Edition.
Ritlabs - May 13 at 12:17am Copy Link
Ritlabs, SRL @juvp455 & Louis H, if you take this offer you will get a license for The Bat! v8, it does not include a free update to v9. This license will only be valid for The Bat! and The Bat! Voyager v8.xx.
Ritlabs - May 13 at 12:22am Copy Link
Ritlabs, SRL @Metta Zetty, the most current version of The Bat! Professional is 8.8.2. There is no way to edit the subject line of the received messages.
Ritlabs - May 13 at 12:23am Copy Link
Dunking @Ritlabs - thanks for the info. It doesn't seem compelling for existing users, to me. I would imagine that if one were happy with the upgrade price one would be on the current version anyway, but this deal being limited to V8 only would make an existing user worse off - why not just wait until V9 and pay the same to get a better upgrade?

On the other hand, if we got 50% off the upgrade price I'd probably jump at that even though it's limited to V8.
May 13 at 3:14am Copy Link
Louis H Thank you @Ritlabs for the clarification.
May 13 at 5:23am Copy Link
Neo Alive The product only costs 39,90 regular. So where is this 59,90 coming from?
May 14 at 2:28am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Neo Alive, The order page:
shows a price of 39.95 euros if you are from an European country.

However if you look at the order page from USA (or using a USA web proxy) you will see the price of $59.99.
BitsDuJour Admin - May 14 at 2:31am Copy Link
PatrickB I love thebat! I have been using for over 8 years now. I wrote a great article on my blog, except that the latest versions do not bring much since version 6. I expected much more from Ritlabs and that for several years. It would be time to evolve with its time, when an integrated agenda, a contact program synchronized with Gmail, forced to go through another program (outlook, vueminder ..), or why not an integrated task manager.
My customers are starting to leave theBat to return to outlook by the lack of features. It's a shame, but that Ritlabs do not notice it is incomprehensible!
Sorry for my English!
TheBat: http://www.leblogdepeexel...unication/
PatrickB - leblogdepeexel
May 14 at 2:33am Copy Link
John User I used the Bat for several years and it was very good. However, through sites like BDJ I am always trying new/other programs. I was introduced to Mailbird and was able to purchase a lifetime license including updates that can be used on multiple machines from them for the same price being offer here today for the Bat.

IMO it is at least as good as the Bat. the Bat Professional may have a few more features, bells and whistles, but for me the fit with Mailbird made a lot more sense.
May 14 at 5:54am Copy Link
Scot Gerardi Hi Constantin,

Cleverbridge is down. You can't purchase the software. I even went directly to their web site and it is down for some reason. I hope it is not down for a long period. I will keep my eye on this and hopefully you will too.
May 14 at 3:03pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Scot Gerardi, I just checked it from my side and I see it is working, both the purchase URL for this promo and the main page. It has probably recovered since you tried it.
BitsDuJour Admin - May 14 at 3:05pm Copy Link
Scot Gerardi Thanks Constantin. I was able to purchase it. Yes it took a while fro Cleverbridge to come back online. Could have been overwhelmed by the sale?
May 15 at 3:45am Copy Link
J S Scot Geradi, ... Your Father wouldn't happen to be 'Mike Geradi' who does Overnights Finance Reports for the ABC in OZ?
May 15 at 3:45am Copy Link
Robert User I have been around since the earliest days of personal computers, and as e-mail became available to us, I got to experience it from the very start, even back in the ARPANET days, and when universities got to send messages across the country before the rest of us could.

I have used just about every e-mail client program ever produced, including all of the early e-mail clients, such as Eudora, Pegasus, and so on, including things like Squirrel Mail, and setting up e-mail servers. Some clients I got experienced with at a job I worked at, but mostly for my own personal e-mail. I have used the free e-mail clients, but I never quarrel on paying for a decent e-mail client I can use for my own. Most older users have some similar experiences, at least to the degree of using Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird, or some browser infused e-mail clients (e.g., Opera, Mozilla). A lot has changed from the days of configuring those early e-mail clients to the ones today, that can nearly guess everything except for your username and password.

I buy a lot of programs at BdJ, so when The Bat became available a few times, I finally decided to give it a try, especially since there were some other users that liked it. After trying the program out, I found that there were things that did not work as other e-mail clients did. For example, if I got a valid e-mail that ended up in the spam folder, there was no simple way to just tell the program that it was not spam, and then have it jump back into the Inbox. The program did not handle that by default.

Next, I found that the program crashed under certain circumstances, and the dialog that was displayed announced the crash, and requested I click OK to terminate the program. But that was a problem in itself. Every click of OK created another crash. The intermediate crashes would take over the entire screen. There was no way to keep up. One attempt to terminate the program caused 20 to 30 other crashes in succession. Here was a cycle that you could not get out of. The only solution was to reboot, and too bad if you were in the process of working on other things that now could not be accessed to close them before rebooting. In the end, I had to press the Reset button, and deal with everything mangled in that process when the PC was back and running. Soon, I learned to never run The Bat when I had anything going on, just in case it was one of those times. Tech Support was not able to solve the problem after several individual releases. I would have to wait for the next release, hoping the problem was finally resolved, but alas, the problem still happened. For whatever reason, the program did not have enough debug logging going on to help the developers solve the problem. There is no excuse why a program should continue to crash over and over, yet the user is expected to purchase upgrades to hopefully fix it. Like one other commenter pointed out, when you start noticing other users stop using the program, that product has an issue. My money is not the solution for fixing that issue.

From that point on, I started wondering how there were users that were immune to this issue, or why some liked the program so much. I started noticing a pattern, that the users that liked the program the most were the ones that barely cracked the surface of what the program claimed to be able to so. If you are planning on not going beyond opening The Bat, read an e-mail, respond to an e-mail, then exit, your experience may be similar to the ones that really enjoy and love the program. If you are the type of person that goes beyond the surface and want to take advantage of everything you have paid for, you may end up like me.

I now avoid programs that are very close to the next major version number, especially when you realize you are gambling on whether the developer has the same interest in solving your problems as you have. At least I get to vote with my own money. Regardless, my experience is not an indication that any of the issues I experienced still exist. You will need to make your own decisions regarding a purchase.
May 15 at 5:17am Copy Link
Sven Åke Carlsson What about html mail
is it still not possible to handle this ?

Sven Åke
May 15 at 5:17am Copy Link
Scot Gerardi JS, I am sorry but he is not. My father has been dead for 30 years.
May 15 at 5:17am Copy Link
Ricky Rick @Robert User

You said:

"..... if I got a valid e-mail that ended up in the spam folder, there was no simple way to just tell the program that it was not spam, and then have it jump back into the Inbox. The program did not handle that by default ..... "

That's why I use Mail Washer along with The Bat! I get my email via Mail Washer "first" BEFORE it comes into The Bat! so I can can decide what is spam and what is not.

I personally wouldn't use ANY email client without my email first going thru Mail Washer.

NOTE: I have an older FREE version of Mail Washer (V6.3) ... so I can't vouch for the newest/later paid versions after the older version I have.

You can check out Mail Washer here if you're interested:

Ricky Rick
May 15 at 12:03pm Copy Link
HJ B 1. I would like to see the developer respond to the comments made by Robert User. Does he describe known issues with regard to the program?

2. It may be that the computer environment that Robert User has presents an unusual challenge to The Bat. He refers to the problems occurring when certain advanced features of The Bat are being used. His comments would be more helpful if he were to describe what those apparently vulnerable features are.

3. If it turns out that some features The Bat do not function properly in my computer environment, how long do I have to discover that, remove the program and get a refund?

4. Does The Bat have any particular facilities for managing the creation and sending of newsletters and the management of newsletter subscriptions and mailing lists?

5. Is The Bat capable of personalizing emails that are sent to a list?

Thank you.
May 15 at 12:05pm Copy Link
Sid Bratkovich This is at version 8.8.2 which means it is VERY close to a new major version. If the next major version was included I would probably buy but I can't see spending money on something that will probably need an upgrade in just a few months.
May 15 at 12:08pm Copy Link
Scot Gerardi I bought this program yesterday. I migrated my mail and contacts and am very disappointed. I agree with Robert user. I got access violations when using HTML. I submitted a support ticket and was disappointed with the answer I got. I tried to export a couple of contact groups I created and it did not work. I got all of my contacts instead of the groups that I wanted. I also had trouble getting my email. They weren't coming in. I tried numerous times. The lack of response from the developer speaks volumes. I have purchased many programs from Bits Dujour but this is the most disappointing purchase. I have been around personal computers since their existence. Customers should not have to pay for developers mistakes.
May 15 at 4:01pm Copy Link
Ritlabs, SRL @Scot Gerardi, we have replied to your support ticket. If mail doesn't come in, there must be a reason for that and we will try to find it out.
Ritlabs - May 15 at 11:38pm Copy Link
Ritlabs, SRL @HJ B, 1. In any any complex software a user might stumble on an issue. We are doing our best in identifying and resolving them as quickly as we can.

2. In certain cases issues are environment specific and that makes it harder to replicate and apply a fix, but it's doable though it requires more time and efforts.

3. When a user installs The Bat! he gets a free 30 day trial period to get acquainted with the software, learn the advanced features and decide whether to continue using the program after the trial period expires.

4. The Bat! is not a newsletter managing software it is primarily an email client. However it allows carrying out mass mailing:

5. Yes, you would need to use the address book macros to personalize emails:
Ritlabs - May 15 at 11:49pm Copy Link
Roberto Well... I'm on v7. No issues at all. My clients use the bat too, some came from Outlook and complained a bit at first but now they work with the bat.

I use antispamfilter and works fine. I have configured around 10 email accounts, pop3 and IMAP.

I'm surprised about reading many issues here, my only nag with this software is when the backup process interrupts me. (Well, that time I have to wait).

Before thebat I used Thunderbird, bad I prefer thebat by far.
May 16 at 4:31am Copy Link
Robert User @Ricky Rick:

>"I personally wouldn't use ANY email client without my email first going thru Mail Washer. "

I agree with you totally. That is what Mail Washer is made for. I'm glad you made that point; hopefully others will take heed and do the same.

In my particular case, I did not want any other programs to be involved with the e-mail process while trying to diagnose a problem with the Bat. Very often, a developer will not consider a customer's issue if that customer is using any additional programs that might interfere with the process. By not having Mail Washer running, RitLabs could not deny the issue was anything other than with their program.
May 16 at 4:32am Copy Link
Bertie Brummel I use the The Bat Pro since many years on several PCs under, Win 7, 8, 10 (and XP before). There were long periods with a daily mail traffic between 1.500 and 2.000. My current installations of The Bat! handle mail archives of > 200.000 posts
in approx. 1.500 folders w/o any problems.
Of course over the years there were a few problems, some caused by AV soft like Kaspersky or by providers changing settings etc. . But I never experienced any problems similar to Robert's description.

B.T.W. Antispam Fighter for the Bat! works fine for me.
May 16 at 4:32am Copy Link
Sven Åke Carlsson Tested to receive a HTML mail but stll can NOT display it
Sven Åke
May 16 at 6:16am Copy Link
HJ B I know you have on-line help.
Is there also a pdf manual that incorporates all of the help information?
May 16 at 7:49am Copy Link
Bertie Brummel Experienced supporters know: In many cases problems are caused by the person in front of the keyboard.
May 16 at 7:58am Copy Link
Ritlabs, SRL @HJ B, there is no such PDF file.
Ritlabs - May 16 at 11:11pm Copy Link
Robert User >"It may be that the computer environment that Robert User has presents an unusual challenge to The Bat."
That is very true, and that is essentially what RitLabs is saying in their statement: "In certain cases issues are environment specific and that makes it harder to replicate and apply a fix, but it's doable though it requires more time and efforts."

As a software developer myself, I know that a program that appears to be working fine in all intended environments can encounter situations that the developer did not expect for just a few users, so my issues are not an indication that everyone else will have similar issues. A lot of users will not have any errors at all.

In the case of having Invalid memory access, that should not happen regardless; that is more an issue with mis-managing memory. Software developers have logging, tracing, and debugging aids to help them determine where in their code they are blatantly breaking memory management rules.

>"He refers to the problems occurring when certain advanced features of The Bat are being used. His comments would be more helpful if he were to describe what those apparently vulnerable features are."
Due to the great length it would have taken (and my comment was already larger than a quick comment), I did not go into every issue to the degree that I had with RitLabs on the issues. For this program, I did not get to go into it as deep as I intended on going. The only advanced features I got into was having multiple accounts, and playing around with the plugins. I played around with the plugins, but most were old, and the documentation was so poor that I never made any progress. The problem I mentioned before of having an e-mail end up in SPAM, requires a plugin be installed for the The Bat! to handle that situation.

Ricky Ric mentioned that he uses Mail Washer with The Bat to ensure he does not get SPAM into The Bat.

In the specific case I mentioned, it was a software purchase registration and activation details e-mail, which is very important of course, but it ended up in the SPAM folder as decided by The Bat! Mail Washer could have also saw it as SPAM, blocked it from ever reaching The Bat!, and I may have never known that I did not receive the e-mail (depending on my monitoring). Alternatively, Mail Washer could have determined that it was not SPAM, and sent it directly to The Bat! In that case, The Bat would have then saw it as it had before (as SPAM), putting it back exactly where it would have arrived if Mail Washer were not involved. I would end up in the same predicament, having an important e-mail in my SPAM folder and I would have no simple way of moving it to the standard Inbox.

In this scenario, Mail Washer could have made things worse.

Regardless, The Bat! solution is to download an extra Plugin to handle these cases, but I ask, "Why should I have to install a plugin for something that even the simplest of mail clients handle just fine?"

How I Track and Test

When I purchase a program, I track every single step of the purchase, and I do the same with the install, and initial testing. If later on a program has significant errors, I make every effort to capture those as well. These help the developer, and it allows me to keep a record of what I went through because as time passes, each issue is not as fresh on the mind. I have all of the data I captured still. My problems happened starting in January 2017, so without that information, I would not do as a great a job of recalling what I encountered.

RitLabs does not handle the full technical support via e-mail; everything is through the website, so you receive only a link to go check the updated status.

When I first experienced a problem with The Bat!, I had to create a trouble ticket on their website, but for some unknown reason that process did not complete correctly (the part where I am given a password or to activate the login). That is obviously needed in order to check the status of tickets. When I attempted to contact RitLabs via e-mail to let them know of this calamity, I would be sent a response that the status of my trouble ticket had been updated, and I could log in to view the status. Of course, that was not possible. Back and forth we went. It took several days and e-mails to have RitLabs understand that I cannot log in to see the response they had given.

The crashes continued. They had started with version 7.3.12, and continued for versions 7.4, 7.4.4, 7.48, 7.4.10, 7.10.12, 7.10.14, and 7.10.16. For each new version RitLabs released, they suggested that the new version "might" solve the problems I was having. There was no indication that any effort had been made to specifically investigate the problem or solve it, but merely, the new version number might be the solution. I was just a number on a list of users that had a problem, and had experienced one that was left unsolved. If the program is still having memory access errors, then RitLab's statement "We are doing our best in identifying and resolving them as quickly as we can" does not seem to apply to the errors I recorded.

Starting April 1, 2017, The Bat no long showed new e-mails. Again, I opened a trouble ticket. That problem had temporary intermediate bouts of getting the new e-mails, but would return to the state of not showing new e-mails.

RitLabs has the trouble tickets I created, and I still have the e-mails that lead to them, although I can not log in, and I did not receive a response for "Forgot Password."

There are times when I do not capture screens of a program, because I think it is a momentary glitch. Here are some that I do not have details on:
I had problems with the display not placing html e-mail parts in the place where they were intended on displaying (I create a lot of HTML e-mails that look like live webpages, and I expect the rendering engine of the e-mail client to display them properly). I also had trouble with e-mails for an account showing up that were for a different account (I should not have been able to see them).

The program was not as easy as most e-mails clients to set up, but at least having worked with a lot of other e-mail clients, it wasn't a problem. If someone was new to setting up a client, it might have been more difficult.

At the time I was dealing with these issues, I was working around other programmers, and technical people that were half-laughing and half-feeling sorry for me, but all concurred that sooner of later, it was time to move on, and so I did.
May 17 at 5:43am Copy Link
J S Wll i for one would appreciate a PDF HELP Manual and that makes at least 2 user's who bother to comment here
May 17 at 5:47am Copy Link
Ricky Rick @Robert User

You said "in part" in your latest post: " Mail Washer could have also saw it as SPAM, blocked it from ever reaching The Bat!, and I may have never known that I did not receive the e-mail (depending on my monitoring)."

Robert, Mail Washer would not block any email from ever reaching The Bat, provided you didn't have Mail Washer set to "automatically blacklist an email without notification".

Mail Washer allows you to see ALL emails that come in but at the "server level" before they are downloaded by the user's permission into their regular Email Client.

Like I mentioned in another post I use an older version (V6.3) of Mail Washer Pro so I don't know how the latest Mail Washer versions operate.

I see every email that comes to me via Mail Washer ... good or bad ... spam or virus ridden ... with attachments or without attachments ... etc. I then make a decision as to what is allowed into The Bat and what is not.

Besides ... via Mail Washer, you are able to see what's in the Subject Line, who it's from ... and read the email message without ever downloading it to an Email Client. The only thing you can't see are any pictures. Just the Text part of the message.

And yes ... Mail Washer does automatically mark some emails as spam -- but if you are sure they are not spam you would simply click on the G (Good Button to put it in your Friend's List) or S (Spam Button and it will be blacklisted).

I don't possibly see how Mail Washer could make things worse. But anyway I hope you can get your issues with The Bat sorted out.

All the best,
Ricky Rick
May 17 at 7:54am Copy Link
Louis H I knew a license for V9 was coming soon. They have announced that as of June 3rd, any purchase will not only include V8, but V9 as well. The discount was very nice, but I am glad I passed on this and waited to update when V9 was included. The announcement I received does not say when V9 will actually be released, but at least it is included. Wish Ritlabs had included V9 with this deal being so close to June 3rd, but at least they were very clear that it was NOT included in this offer.
Jun 5 at 12:04pm Copy Link

Please note that all comments for this promotion will be screened before posting. It's nothing personal, just a step we have to take because of a few bad apples last time around.

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