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Ultra Recall

All of Your Data, On Demand!

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Platforms: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 thru 2019
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Ultra Recall is a personal information and document management app that gives you the power to manage all of your data, regardless of its source or location, in one centralized spot. With Ultra Recall, you never need to remember which application holds your data -- all of it is instantly available on demand, no matter where it's located.

What kinds of data are we talking about? How about all of your Microsoft Office files, all of your Outlook messages, appointments, contacts, and notes, any email program that supports the .eml format, websites bookmarked in all of the major internet browsers, and every file on your hard disk, including ZIP archives? Even images, text, online documents, and clipboard data can be fully organized into an on-demand database with Ultra Recall! Populating Ultra Recall is ultra-easy - just drag and drop, copy and paste, or enter your information manually.

When it's time to retrieve all of the information that you need on a topic, just enter your search term into the Quick or Advanced Search, and Ultra Recall will display all of your matching items. Quick Search retrieves a list of matching items in a flash, or use the more detailed Advanced Search to pull information out of the database with surgical precision using logical operators! Each of your data items comes with an attributes list that tells you everything you need to know about that file.

Finding your data is just the first step. Everything that you need to view, organize, and work with your data is neatly contained in Ultra Recall. Use the integrated web browser to view your bookmarked sites, or the rich text editor to open text files. Images display in the image viewer, and the native email message viewer, contact editor, and form viewer round out the arsenal of convenient features. Of course, you can always elect to open web pages and documents in their associated application, but with such robust integration, you may never need to leave the program!

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The Fine Print
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Mario Demi Deal is comming soon!
Is a Date possible?
May 5 2020 at 3:44am Copy Link
Harald Vogel Hi, will there also be an offer for upgraders? Thanks.
May 11 2020 at 3:53pm Copy Link
Kyle A There isn't an upgrade offer per se, but the BDJ price is less than a regular upgrade.
Kinook Software, Inc. - May 11 2020 at 6:25pm Copy Link
Chuck Just to clarify, once purchased the user only gets free upgrades for two months per the fine print. Is this correct?
May 11 2020 at 8:33pm Copy Link
geo User @Kyle A
Currently using v5.3. I would like to purchase the latest version and would like to know if the following is possible. Can v6 be installed without touching the current installation and then be able to run both versions at different times of course?
The reason is for another user of the PC to have their own installation to use and not risk messing up my own copy. I know it would work if there is a seperate user account on the PC, but for the time being it would create a lot of work to reinstall a lot of other software and there is need to access identical stuff by both users at different times. Just wondering what is possible.
Also, what are the most significant differences/improvements of v6 over v5?
Great work by the way!!!
May 11 2020 at 11:05pm Copy Link
Pavi Johnson Ultra Recall is still the best outliner/info manager for Windows. I should know, I have active licenses to almost 10 of them!

The structure is so good that I typically organize everything without even using keywords (tags) via search, saved search, cloning, etc. since the searches can use any attribute including parents.

Kyle always replies when you have a question/bug/issue, and the program is extremely well documented.

If you use Windows and Outlook, again the integration is simply superb as a file manager, data manager, todo planner, contact manager/CRM, PDF library, and many more. You can also make your own templates with forms specifying fields, so the flexibility is huge.

Best, /Pavi
May 11 2020 at 11:48pm Copy Link
Kyle A @Chuck: All v6.x updates are free, which is at least 3 years of updates. A major update (v7) beyond 60 days from the date of purchase would not be free, but that is a ways off.

@geo User: You can install v6 to a different location than v5 and run both (but not at the same time by the same user).

See here for details on changes in v6:
Kinook Software, Inc. - May 12 2020 at 6:05am Copy Link
geo User @Kyle A
Thanks for the reply.
May 12 2020 at 9:45pm Copy Link
MrZebulon Hi Kyle.
My problem is still to have no (easy) way to find and delete double entries. (version 5)
Kind regards
May 13 2020 at 1:12am Copy Link
Chaz Stipkovic Is there an upgrade comparison between V5 and V6?
May 13 2020 at 5:12am Copy Link
Kyle A @MrZebulon: Typically, this would be automatic since UR detects duplicate URLs during import (if 'Create logically linked items for duplicate URLs' is checked).

You can also use SQLite tools to find items with duplicate URLs or titles, and then delete them.
Kinook Software, Inc. - May 13 2020 at 7:35am Copy Link
Kyle A @Chaz: The new features in v6 are described here:
Kinook Software, Inc. - May 13 2020 at 7:36am Copy Link
Harald Vogel Hi Kyle, do you plan to update the integrated browser? I sometimes get "Support for this browser will end soon. Please update" messages like from Youtube. Thanks.
May 13 2020 at 3:22pm Copy Link
Kyle A That is on the todo list, via CEF or webview2browser.
Kinook Software, Inc. - May 13 2020 at 5:04pm Copy Link
Dunking Just having a look at this and I couldn't find a way to resize a table. Can it be done? If it can, is it a 'drag so it looks right' thing (preferred) or some dialog where you set a dimension/scale?
May 14 2020 at 5:49am Copy Link
Kyle A You can resize table columns by dragging. You may need a different version of the rich edit control -- see
Kinook Software, Inc. - May 14 2020 at 8:01am Copy Link
Dunking Thanks for explaining that, Kyle :)
May 14 2020 at 8:22am Copy Link
InterestedParty Hi - I just bought it - but I cannot find the sample databases - is there a separate download available for them ?

Thank you!
May 14 2020 at 10:41am Copy Link
Kyle A They are installed to a folder named "Ultra Recall Samples" in your Documents folder. On the Start menu, select Ultra Recall -> Samples.
Kinook Software, Inc. - May 14 2020 at 11:35am Copy Link
InterestedParty I have the link in the start menu and the folder - but it is empty - I'll try a reinstall, thanks!
May 14 2020 at 3:48pm Copy Link
Mario Demi I would like to copy emails from "The Bat" in Ultra Recall with the right mouse button. When I release the mouse button over Documents the menu with the selection "copy" does not appear
What am i doing wrong please
May 15 2020 at 12:33am Copy Link
Bertie Brummel Does UR allow installation on another drive than c:\
Do you offer other payment options than Credit Card? I'd prefer PayPal.
May 15 2020 at 1:59am Copy Link
Kevin User I have tried according to your help about "Office or RTF documents still open externally when selected in UR" but unable to fix it. The link to your forum by clicking "configure Windows/Office " is also useless. The help from microsoft to the link "" is not clear. Can you make it easy to fix the problem?
May 15 2020 at 2:12am Copy Link
Kyle A @Bertie Brummel: Yes, you can choose the installation drive+folder when installing. You can purchase via PayPal by sending money to
Kinook Software, Inc. - May 15 2020 at 5:01am Copy Link
Kyle A @Kevin User: How is this worthless?

The .reg file included there is very useful.

You do need to match the UR edition (32 vs. 64-bit) with the Office edition 32 vs. 64-bit) you have installed. Also see
Kinook Software, Inc. - May 15 2020 at 5:07am Copy Link
Kyle A @Mario Demi: When you say 'release the mouse button over Documents', are you copying and pasting from The Bat to Windows Explorer? Can you provide more details?
Kinook Software, Inc. - May 15 2020 at 5:13am Copy Link
Mario Demi I can only use the drag and drop method with the left mouse button. A mail in the bat with the pressed mouse button is going to Ultra Recall. But I want to correctly copy the mail into Ultra Recall that it is also available on another computer. I had read in the help that the right mouse button was pressed and asked to move it when copying, etc. With the right button I can do this successfully with PDF files but not with emails
May 15 2020 at 5:47am Copy Link
Kyle A I downloaded The Bat 64-bit and created a message in it. I wasn't able to drag the message from The Bat, nor did I see a Copy option.

A couple of ways you should be able to import your messages into UR:

1) Tools | Export messages to | UNIX Mailbox, then import via File | Import -> An mbox file.

2) Message | Save As or Tools | Export messages to | Message Files (.EML) and save to disk, then import the .eml files into UR (drag/drop, copy/paste, or File | Import -> Files).
Kinook Software, Inc. - May 15 2020 at 11:01am Copy Link
W Ma Hi Kyle,
I can't get office docs to open in UR internally using windows 10 and Office 365, either. My registry is set up to open docs automatically in Office and not in the same browser window.
The Microsoft help page seems to tell us how to get docs to automatically open in the Office program instead of in the same browser window. (It tells me to put in the registry entries that are already there in my case.)
My understanding is that we want the opposite to occur. We want docs to open within the UR browser instead of automatically opening in the external Microsoft 360 program. Is that right?
If so, what registry entries do we need to make in order to stop doc links in the UR browser window from automatically opening in the external Office 365?
May 15 2020 at 12:25pm Copy Link
Bertie Brummel Hi Kyle,

following your suggestion I just placed my order via payment with PayPal, of course using my real name not the alias used here for BDJ.

May 15 2020 at 12:27pm Copy Link
Kyle A I removed that MS link in the forum FAQ. They used to have a decent support page for configuring to open Office documents in IE, but the link is no longer valid.

The .reg file in this thread will make the necessary registry changes for internal editing (in conjunction with the changes configured in UR explained there):

Also see here for some additional nuances:
Kinook Software, Inc. - May 15 2020 at 1:03pm Copy Link
W Ma Thank you, Kyle,
The .reg file worked and docs no longer open externally.
However, they open misaligned with the item details page and aren't workable. I've sent an email with a screenshot to Kinook support to show you what I mean.
I have had UR since ver.4, through 5, and now 6, and I hope we can get docs working right with UR on my computer.
May 15 2020 at 2:17pm Copy Link
Kyle A Adjust the High DPI compatibility settings of Ultra Recall, to either

'Override high DPI scaling behavior, scaling performed by' System


Uncheck 'Override high DPI scaling behavior'

and restart.

See (Windows Desktop Applications section)

Kinook Software, Inc. - May 15 2020 at 7:27pm Copy Link
W Ma Thank you, Kyle,
May 15 2020 at 9:28pm Copy Link
Mark User I wish this deal had been nearer to when I get paid. I have been waiting for this for such a long time and missed the deal again. I had to give up work and just can't afford the normal price any more. Any idea when the next time it will be on offer?
May 17 2020 at 8:36pm Copy Link
CL I would also appreciate an idea as to when the next time the offer is available so that I can be on the look out for it.
May 20 2020 at 1:53pm Copy Link

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