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Ultra Recall

All of Your Data, On Demand!

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Platforms: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 thru 2019
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Ultra Recall is a personal information and document management app that gives you the power to manage all of your data, regardless of its source or location, in one centralized spot. With Ultra Recall, you never need to remember which application holds your data -- all of it is instantly available on demand, no matter where it's located.

What kinds of data are we talking about? How about all of your Microsoft Office files, all of your Outlook messages, appointments, contacts, and notes, any email program that supports the .eml format, websites bookmarked in all of the major internet browsers, and every file on your hard disk, including ZIP archives? Even images, text, online documents, and clipboard data can be fully organized into an on-demand database with Ultra Recall! Populating Ultra Recall is ultra-easy - just drag and drop, copy and paste, or enter your information manually.

When it's time to retrieve all of the information that you need on a topic, just enter your search term into the Quick or Advanced Search, and Ultra Recall will display all of your matching items. Quick Search retrieves a list of matching items in a flash, or use the more detailed Advanced Search to pull information out of the database with surgical precision using logical operators! Each of your data items comes with an attributes list that tells you everything you need to know about that file.

Finding your data is just the first step. Everything that you need to view, organize, and work with your data is neatly contained in Ultra Recall. Use the integrated web browser to view your bookmarked sites, or the rich text editor to open text files. Images display in the image viewer, and the native email message viewer, contact editor, and form viewer round out the arsenal of convenient features. Of course, you can always elect to open web pages and documents in their associated application, but with such robust integration, you may never need to leave the program!

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bvssunnydale Like everyone (it seems) I have multiple computers (and, not that it matters, a previous version of this software - I ended up using RightNote but am open to a new version). Can I install this on multiple machines, if I don't ever use it simultaneously on more than one machine (the "license by user" implies this)? Thanks very much.
Apr 1 2019 at 8:48am Copy Link
Egon User It seems the zoom is not persistent within a session. Instead of displaying any other page (item) with the same zoom level, Ultra Recall displays any other page at 100 p.c. again, which is too tiny. Please make it persistent for the session. It is not possible in practice to trigger the same zoom command a 100 times or more the same day.
Apr 1 2019 at 2:18pm Copy Link
Wearsie Jackson Yikes! It seems that a major version of this software hasn't been released in nearly 7 years! (V5.0 released 6/8/2012)

This was a powerful tool - any chance that a major version will be released soon?

Thanks - Weerz
Apr 1 2019 at 9:11pm Copy Link
Kyle A @bvssunnydale: Yes.

@egon user: Good idea, we have taken note of your request.

@wearsie jackson: It still is a powerful tool. More updates will be coming.
Kinook Software, Inc. - Apr 2 2019 at 6:45pm Copy Link
Eduardo Amado Just a comment about your marketing strategies. You should not use a screenshot which shows a Calendar of "july 2006", and in a Windows 98 or XP window either. We are in 2019, and from Windows 7 up.
Apr 4 2019 at 6:11am Copy Link
varmint Great software and responsive developer.

Thanks Kinook!
Apr 4 2019 at 7:55am Copy Link
RS Indeed, UR is a very powerful tool which offers functionality that no other application does. However, it has failed to keep up with the times. While I see that a minor update was recently released--almost two years since the last--it appears that browser integration is still a major problem that has not be addressed.

Currently, only Internet Explorer and the old Firefox are integrated with extensions, forcing users to copy and paste information manually from their browser of choice to UR. The Firefox extension hasn't worked since version 57 was released, and the developer has resisted updating to WebExtensions, arguing that it may not be possible, and that, in any event, it isn't a "trivial" task. Clearly, other programs (like RightNote) have found a way. And, as far as I'm aware, no extensions for Chrome and Edge have ever been offered.

Perhaps the developer has had a change of heart, and is now dedicated to addressing these issues, but this isn't evident from the recent update. It seems to me that integration is at least as important, if not more so, than any of the matters addressed in the latest version. I know that I, for one, would return to using UR in a heartbeat if this integration failure is resolved.
Apr 4 2019 at 8:28am Copy Link
MrZebulon Very powerful - OK, but no possibility to simply search and delete double entries.
Only from outside the program. A deal breaker for me.
It seems, that there is no continuous development anymore.
Only now and then.
Apr 5 2019 at 2:07am Copy Link
Steven Avery I own Version 3 from over a decade back. The points about web integration are valid. I will also add that the editor has very little RTF. Generally we want color and fonts and such, and the ability to paste in a picture (dunno if IR has that.)
Apr 5 2019 at 5:32am Copy Link
lisba f I cannot use characters in UNICODE with this program. Any help?
Apr 5 2019 at 6:09am Copy Link
Kyle A @RS: Browser extension updates are on our todo list.

@MrZebulon: There should rarely be double entries, since UR will detect and create a logic link instead.

Create logically linked items for duplicate URLs: If checked, when a file or web page is imported that already exists in Ultra Recall, a logical link to the existing Info Item will be created instead of a duplicate Info Item. If the URL is still valid, the Info Item will also be resynchronized.

@Steven Avery: The text editor in UR supports fonts and colors and such. See screen shot at

@lisba f: That works in our tests. See

Kinook Software, Inc. - Apr 5 2019 at 7:53am Copy Link
lisba f My test with ancient Greek doesn't work.
Apr 5 2019 at 9:13am Copy Link
Kyle A Importing as web page or text from


worked in my tests.
Kinook Software, Inc. - Apr 5 2019 at 11:04am Copy Link
Kelly Hamblin Just wanted to jump in and say, I used this program for many years on my XP system. More recently I was again able to purchase Ultra Recall when it was on offer here at BITS. I am so glad to have it back.

Yes, it's a little glitchy, and yes it's a bit clunky getting it to store a website, but it is well worth the $39.00 that it can be purchased for today.
Apr 5 2019 at 2:31pm Copy Link
lisba f @ Kyle To come back to my comment about Unicode. Yes, I can cut & paste a text from another source to the program (although it appears not in the best form) however - and this is my main concern - I cannot WRITE in classical Greek.
Apr 5 2019 at 3:23pm Copy Link
Kyle A I googled "greek keyboard windows 10" and saw this:

How do I change my keyboard to Greek?

Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
Under Clock, Language, and Region, click Change keyboard or other input methods.
In the Region and Language dialog box, click Change keyboards.
In the Text Services and Input Languages dialog box, click the Language Bar tab.

Also see

I added Greek language, logged out and back in, and with the greek language selected, started typing in UR and got what looks like Greek text.
Kinook Software, Inc. - Apr 5 2019 at 4:11pm Copy Link

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