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Writing Outliner for MS WordDiscount

Writing Outliner for MS Word

Turn Microsoft Word into a Powerhouse!

50% Off
$24.50 $49.00
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Platforms: Windows 7/8/10 with Office 365/3019/2016/2013/2010/2007/2003 (32-bit and 64-bit)

*** Great News! Innovation Gear has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy! ***

Writing Outliner for MS Word Screenshot

"A must-have for all serious writers who use MS Word!" -- Andrej E. Skubic, novelist and playwright

Love it or hate it, for better or worse, Microsoft Word (and the DOC format) is pretty much standard when it comes to writing on a PC. Ubiquitous, even.

That's exactly why we're so excited about Writing Outliner for MS Word. It's an add-in that takes Microsoft's industry standard word-processing platform and supercharges it with a host of tools designed specifically for large-scale writing projects.

In a nutshell, Writing Outliner allows you to treat individual sections of a large project as smaller separate documents. This project-based method of writing is ideal for any complex document. For example, novels, research papers, technical white-papers, a series of columns, a short-story collection, or even a personal diary!

The hierarchical outliner is probably the most important and powerful aspect of Writing Outliner. It faciliatates better, more intuitive organization of notes and thoughts, offers a big-picture overview, and allows for much easier navigation of long texts.

But that's only the beginning! Writing Outliner also features lightning-fast full-text search, tabbed document editing, Outlook-style document status flags and icons, custom document tagging, a comprehensive document synopsis and notes system, and much, much more. Make sure to click over to the Writing Outliner website for a thorough overview!

Writing Outliner also includes a fantastic feature called the Corkboard View! The Corkboard is a fantastic tool for plotting a novel, or providing a visial overview of the entirety or parts of your project. Want to see the Corkboard in action? Take a look at the brief video demo.

What's new in v1.9 since v1.5:

  • - Supports all the new versions of Word including Word 365, 2019, 2016, 2013, 32-bit and 64-bit, for Win 10 or older versions.
  • - Supports 4 color index cards - pink, yellow, blue and green.
  • - Significant corkboard usability improvements.
  • - Supports high resolution screens including 4K monitors.
  • - And a bunch of other improvements.

You can check the new screenshots and a video here:

The Conversation
The Fine Print
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Edwin Yip What's new in v1.9 since v1.5:
- Supports all the new versions of Word including Word 365, 2019, 2016, 2013, 32-bit and 64-bit, for Win 10 or older versions.
- Supports 4 color index cards - pink, yellow, blue and green.
- Significant corkboard usability improvements.
- Supports high resolution screens including 4K monitors.
- And a bunch of other improvements.

You can check the new screenshots and a video here:
Innovation Gear - Monday at 11:16pm Copy Link
Dunking I am interested in this, but haven't figured out a potential issue that could be make or break for me.

I want to use this to facilitate writing reports and specification documents. They all have a particular style which is defined by some templates. The front page has a certain layout with embedded logo, and there are defined header and footer style and contents.

What I haven't figured out is how to use these with this application. I looked at the example (the manual) but, of course, Word doesn't allow applying a template after the document is created. It allows the import of styles, but templates are more than just styles.

Is this possible? Could I, perhaps halfway through writing the document, insert a new page using a template and then have that template wrap the entire thing when it's compiled? I don't want to mess around adding headers and footers at the end - the whole point of this is to click the button and there is the finished output, after all.
Yesterday at 5:55am Copy Link
Eduardo Amado Edwin, I`m a former user of the first realeses of Writing Outliner. I wonder if it is posiible to apply the 50% off for the update price.
Yesterday at 6:48am Copy Link
Edwin Yip @Eduardo Amado, yes, the previous upgrade price was 40% off, but in the future it'll be 50% off. But please note that the discount won't add up if you purchase it here. You can contact me for the way to purchase the upgrade.
Innovation Gear - Yesterday at 6:59am Copy Link
Edwin Yip @Dunking,
That's a very practical question. And it's a good feature to implement. But maybe the header/footer won't have to be defined somewhere in the "Project Options".
PS, DocxManager (another product of mine) has a similar feature as you described - apply styles to the rest of the project from a 'style template document', see here: And contact me with email if DocxManager is more suitable to your needs.
Innovation Gear - Yesterday at 7:05am Copy Link
Dunking Thanks for getting back on this quickly, Edwin.
Er, are you saying it would be nice to have but it doesn't have it right now? If it meant I have to create a new document from an existing template, and have that document be the first and/of compiled at the front of everything else, that would be OK. Applying after writing would be nice but not critical (I know what it's going to be before I start, after all).

The other app you point to I am not really sure what it does, but essentially $99 for this one feature is a bit much :)
Yesterday at 7:32am Copy Link
Edwin Yip @Dunking,
You are welcome! Yes, the current version of WritingOutliner doesn't have such a feature yet, but I'm quite sure it'll be added, although I couldn't tell the time frame at the moment.
Innovation Gear - Yesterday at 8:10am Copy Link
Steve Ekeroth I came across this program this morning and I thought it would give it a try, but when I installed the trial version and created a new project things do not look right. I am using Word 365, but as you can see from the screenshot there is no menu button in the project manager pane as I expected from the reading the documentation. Also, opening the manual seems to be working. Here is a screenshot link:!Aj0Z8...g?e=gaYDL3
Yesterday at 8:39am Copy Link
Tommy Hale After 2 installations per footprint will you still allow a reinstall? I normally reinstall windows every 18 months to get a fresh start and remove software I no longer use. ...Tommy
Yesterday at 8:44am Copy Link
Edwin Yip @Steve Ekeroth, Thanks for the screenshot, something is wrong with WritingOutliner on your system. Would you click Tools->Copy System Info and send it to edwin.yip [at]
Innovation Gear - Yesterday at 8:49am Copy Link
Edwin Yip @Tommy Hale, Sure, you can re-install WritingOutliner anytime in the future on the same computer or another (de-activate it first from the previous computer if it reached two activations)
Innovation Gear - Yesterday at 8:52am Copy Link
Stanley Mitchell I am evaluating the trial version 1.9 of this program this morning. I worked through the user's manual and played with most of the features. I am using it with MS Word 2016. There are two features that I was not able to get to work: Multi-Column Outliner in a Tab Window and the File Explorer in a Tab Window. When I create a New Tab Window only two options are offered: open an existing folder/document or create a corkboard. Are these features disabled in the trial version?
Yesterday at 12:24pm Copy Link
Craig S. I also am interested in this program, but after install, opening Word, and creating a new outliner file, the program crashed. I've uploaded the bug report, but am concerned I won't have time to test this before this promo is over here at BDJ. Given this, can the discount be extended to me if I can't get the program to work before the promo is over?
Yesterday at 2:00pm Copy Link
Dunking After trying this for a bit I decided to give it a whirl and purchased a copy. To work around the template thing I create a new file from the template, ctl-a, ctl-c the compiled work and ctl-v in the new file. That deals with the header and footer, front page, etc. Providing I use the same styles in both there isn't an issue, but if the styles are different then merging them is so much pain that it's better not to use this. If a better way of applying a template made it into this product it would be really useful.
Yesterday at 3:23pm Copy Link
Dennis User This file will not open for me.
Yesterday at 3:55pm Copy Link
Louis H Word keeps shutting down and restarting. It was not doing this before installing Writing Outliner. Not sure why this is happening, nor if it might be a known or unknown bug, but if it is only happening with this program installed, which right now seems to be the case, will need to pass. Did not see anything on programs website for trial version limitations including this. Otherwise seems like a nice program, I like the way it is set up.

Using Win 10 Pro (recent public release, not Beta) with Word 365 (current release).

Edit: 11pm 04/07/2020 - Have been using it for awhile and not getting the restarts the way I was. So I am not sure whether it was something on my end, or related to the program, but it does appear to have stopped. Wanted to add this note so things were not left with a cloud over the program itself, at least for my usage of it. Picking up a copy. Thanks to Edwin and BDJ for the deal.
Yesterday at 5:17pm Copy Link
Edwin Yip @Craig S, Thanks for submitting the bug report, I'll check it. You can contact me for the way to take advantage this discount after this campaign is over.

@Stanley Mitchell, The File Explorer Tab has been replaced by the Windows system's Open/Save File Dialogs, and the Multi-Column Outliner has been removed since according to users feedback it makes the app feel too complex.

@Dunking, I'm quite sure a feature for some kind of global template will be implemented in future versions.

@Louis H, will check the issue. If possible, I'll be appreciated if you submit the bug report if the WritingOutliner Issue Report dialog appears.
Innovation Gear - Yesterday at 8:14pm Copy Link
marc User This app sounded like the a nifty way to organize documents for some major products. I downloaded it with a few hours to go in the promotion and installed it in Office 365. Alas every project I created, after a short while testing the software, crashed Word with an access violation. Based on everyone's positive comments I may be the old one with such an error. For me, at least, I don't have time to plunk down my money now, and chase down that kind of error later, especially since one of the test projects I created couldn't be reopened due to file corruption.
Yesterday at 9:20pm Copy Link
Stanley Mitchell @Edwin Yip, thanks for clarifying the product features. I'll be ordering a copy.
Yesterday at 10:21pm Copy Link
Edwin Yip @marc, Thanks for the details of the problem you encountered, I'll definitely check it and fix it.
Innovation Gear - Yesterday at 10:47pm Copy Link
David Maryka @Edwin Yip : you stated that you removed the Multi-Column Outliner because it made "the app feel too complex". I'm pleading with you to re-consider that decision and at least make it a user option.
I've purchased and used numerous Outline and Info Managers (including InfoQube, RightNote, Myinfo, Scrivener, Evernote, Nimbus Note, etc.) each with their own advantages but all of them lacking Word's editing power. This app allows me to capture Thoughts and Ideas as individual documents, organize them into a coherent structure and finally "assemble" them into full documents with every element having full access to Word's features.
The ONLY essential feature missing is that Multi-Column Outliner that allows me to quickly review the overall status of the proposed final document. It is also the 2nd entry on your Features webpage so it must have been important to you at one time.
Otherwise, this is a brilliant app that has already become central to my daily workflow. Well done... just wish I had discovered it sooner!
15 hours ago Copy Link
Heather User I purchased this because I love the idea ... an add-in that makes Microsoft Word more like Scrivener. But in the first 10 minutes after installing it, I've had 2 errors, one of which crashed Word. The interface for the corkboard does not adjust well across screens when you're using a mutli-display setup ... the corkboard area overlaps the bar just above it so you can't see the tabs and the text is so large on the notes that you can't see the title on each card. It's not usable for me in this state ... would just be a constant struggle. I hope the developer keeps iterating and improving because I would love to use this once these kinks are worked out.
14 hours ago Copy Link
Edwin Yip @David Maryka, Thanks for your comment, it makes sense. I'll consider it. But the bottom line is, even without the old Multi-column Outline View I most likely will add a feature that allows you to quickly review the overall status of the proposed final document.
Innovation Gear - 13 hours ago Copy Link
Edwin Yip @Heather User, the issue you described might have something to do with your multi-monitor setup, if possible, would you send me some screenshots of the second issue? Thanks.
Innovation Gear - 13 hours ago Copy Link
David Maryka @Heather : I received a couple of error messages and a Word shutdown when I first started using this app. After this initial "settling-in period", I've spent hours in it without any significant problems.
I have a 4 monitor setup (2@1920x1200, 1@1200x1920, 1@1920x1080) and I haven't had any issue with the Corkboard once I set [Scale Font Size] to 90%. I agree that the Corkboard needs some work but it is a relatively new feature.
The real saving grace is that the individual documents are stored inside a database (with version/revision control) so a shutdown will not destroy a whole complex document like with Word itself.
I hope you keep working with this app. I've struggled with Scrivener's limitations for years but I've already increased my productivity with Writing Outliner in a matter of hours. When I get back into fiction writing, I'll probably still use Scrivener for Plot and Character development, but the bulk of the writing will be via this app; I can see them complementing each other really well.
13 hours ago Copy Link
Heather User @Edwin Yip ... I emailed you my screenshots. I also submitted error reports the three times I had an error pop up. Thanks!
10 hours ago Copy Link
Louis H Since purchasing the program last night (Eastern US), I have been working quite a bit with it and am no longer having the few hiccups I was experiencing with the trial version. Even when I was having them, it was a simple restarting of Word with my document intact. Again, no longer sure it was the program itself, or something on my end, but it has certainly disappeared whatever it was. Liking this program the more I use it. For clarification, I am not using it for any level of professional writing, so my mileage may be different than what others might experience, but for what I am doing with it, I've made far more progress in the past 24 hours than the past 12 months. (Why yes, I am a procrastinator. Why do you ask?)
9 hours ago Copy Link
Dennis User I haven't been able to load this program. I did purchase it. I continue to receive System Error 5 in a Windows 10 computer. I have never had a problem loading programs with a System Error 5 blockage on this machine. Can anyone offer suggestions on how to overcome this problem?
8 hours ago Copy Link
Kevin User There are many bugs in high resolution. I don't think this version is a stable one.
4 hours ago Copy Link

Writing Outliner for MS Word

$24.50 50% Off

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