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Manage Your External Storage Devices

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Platforms: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, 2003, XP
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Have you ever lost data because your external drive didn't disconnect properly? Ever found yourself staring at a flash drive that won't stop blinking, frozen because you aren't sure whether it's safe to remove it? Thanks to Zentimo, you'll be able to control your external drives better than ever before!

Zentimo is a powerful external drive manager that lets you get a better handle on your flash drives, portable drives, card readers and other external devices. You can use Zentimo to properly stop any external device, display locked up processes, or even restart a frozen drive!

With Zentimo, you can manage drive letters to ensure a consistent experience every time! Hide drive letters for unused card reader slots, or guarantee that the same drive letter is mapped to a specific device every time!

Data security becomes an easy, automated thing with Zentimo! Powerful autorun scripts give you the power to check for viruses as soon as a device is plugged in, or launch file manager! Got some portable apps on your drive? Configure Zentimo to let you launch any app off of your portable drive with a single click!

This promotion includes the following:
Zentimo Personal license, one year upgrades ($29.90)
Zentimo Personal license, two year upgrades ($39.90)
Zentimo Personal License, Lifetime Upgrades ($59.90)
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franp User I bought this full price in 2020 and it is worth every penny. I use it to permanently fix the drive letter of my backup disks.Does a fundamental job that should be at the Windows OS level...
Sep 21 2023 at 1:21am Copy Link
Louis H Agree with franp User. Have been using this program for many years. One of the first programs I make sure is installed on any new system. Has saved me a lot of time and headaches in setting up and managing my drives. The Lifetime Upgrades option is HIGHLY recommended.I suggest you do not let this deal go by without purchasing.
Sep 21 2023 at 10:34am Copy Link
anders This is an amazing tool. Buy it. Use it, love it.
Bought some years ago. Massive value.
Sep 21 2023 at 11:16am Copy Link
RS To Crystal Rich Support: I never heard back from you regarding the problem I reported last September regarding Zentimo's errant notifications indicating the status of encrypted disks. Has this issue been resolved? Since you haven't released an update since April 2021, it would appear not. Please advise.

I've posted my September 2022 email to you below:

I've attached a screenshot when the pop-up appeared (lower right corner). Upon further examination, it doesn't appear on a regular schedule, but it occurs seemingly randomly--sometimes once or twice in an hour, but multiple times within a shorter period at other times. Clearly, something triggers the pop-up, which conveys inaccurate information to the user. Throughout, my 'G' disk has remained locked, yet the message reflects an event that supposedly unlocks the disk.
Sep 21 2023 at 2:14pm Copy Link
Alcyr Paulo User Can zentimo make a device readable only? ie, not writtable for some or even all time.
Sep 22 2023 at 12:28am Copy Link
Igor Tkachenko @RS: I'm sorry I didn't respond to your report. I have tried to investigate and reproduce your issue but to no avail. Furthermore we don't have any reports about this issue from other users. I may only suppose the issue is caused by other low level system software - most likely backup software. I'll contact you via email if you are still interested to resolve the issue (or at least to find a workaround).
Crystal Rich, Ltd - Sep 22 2023 at 3:50am Copy Link
Igor Tkachenko @Alcyr Paulo User: No Zentimo cannot make drives read only. Though we may consider to add this feature in the following versions.
Crystal Rich, Ltd - Sep 22 2023 at 3:51am Copy Link
Igor Tkachenko @franp User, @Louis H and @anders: Guys, thanks a lot for you kind words!
Crystal Rich, Ltd - Sep 22 2023 at 3:53am Copy Link
Myrna Larson To franp User: You commented that the ability to assign permanent disk drive letter should be part of the OS.

In fact it has been part of Windows - since at least version 7 in 2009. Right-click the start button, and select Disk Management from the menu. From the list of drives, right-click the disk of interest and select "Change drive letter and paths".

I assume Zentimo has some features that Windows doesn't, but drive letter assignment is not one them.
Sep 22 2023 at 8:29am Copy Link
Igor Tkachenko @Myrna Larson: Windows may change drive letter assigned to a specific device. Ie you assign drive letter E: to a device, later this device may be given another letter, ie I:. In some cases it's not OK for a user, so Zentimo allows to fix drive letter to a specific device which means other devices won't obtain this letter and this device will always be assigned to E:. That what "franp User" meant. Besides Zentimo may fix several drives to the same letter provided that they are not used at the same time and many more drive letter management things.
Crystal Rich, Ltd - Sep 22 2023 at 11:51am Copy Link
Louis H @Myrna Larson, I have had past problems using the Windows method you mention when it comes to detachable drives. I have about a dozen of them. only time this built in Windows method has worked for me is when it comes to installed drives. (From Win 7 - Through Win 11) - Until I started using Zentimo, I had problems keeping my detachable drives managed. I could certainly be doing something wrong when it comes to my end, but besides all the other things Zentimo covers for me, I can focus on other issues that come up, other than this one.

@ RS, I use encryption on some of my detachable drives, but have never had the problem you mention. But I do know that Igor has been VERY helpful, in the past, whenever I did have a problem. I'd take him up on his offer as you now have his attention. While I have not had the same problem you are having, the problem I did have was indeed not due to Zentimo itself, but to how a different program interacted with it. I can't even remember what the other program was, but I do remember getting rid of it, never missing it, but never having the same problem again.
Sep 22 2023 at 12:43pm Copy Link
Myrna Larson I've never had the problems others are describing. Over the years, I've used about 10 different external hard disk drives, as many as 5 at a time, and they always appear in my drive list with the letters I've assigned.

PS: Disk Management was included with Windows XP, i.e. even before Windows 7.
Sep 22 2023 at 8:02pm Copy Link
Alcyr Paulo User If comming, this feature will be fantastic, for instance to preserve the integrity of any sample or sound of a soundbank when it is in play, but also every time while protected
Sep 22 2023 at 9:03pm Copy Link
Louis H I know this discount has passed, but I wanted to add a problem I had that Zentimo helped me solve today. I had purchased a Sabrent disc bay to hold two new 2tb SSD's. No matter what I was trying, my system would not recognize these new drives so I could format them. Tried everything. Nothing worked. Zentimo, however, recognized the drives and allowed me to eventually get another program to ID them and get them formatted. Others, a lot smarter than I am, might have been able to figure it out without Zentimo, but it allowed me to see that both drives were indeed not the problem, but Win 11 was not recognizing them. This allowed me to pinpoint the problem and get it resolved. Zentimo did not solve the problem, itself, but it allowed me to realize it was indeed a problem with Win 11 and not the drives, or disc bay. The few people I was able to speak with via different forums kept trying to tell me the drives were defective. Zentimo showed me they were not.
Sep 24 2023 at 12:03pm Copy Link
franp User @ Myrna Larson : Windows allows to change drive letter assigned to a device. What is deos not is to permanently fix the drive letter to a device. Try Zentimo and feel the difference. You won't come back to WIndows OS's default way...
Sep 25 2023 at 2:22am Copy Link
Myrna Larson That's not my experience. I have about 10 drives with assigned letters. Whenever I plug one in, say the blue 4T drive, it comes up, not as "F", but with the letter I assigned on that computer. I can assign a different letter for the blue 4T drive on my laptop. Maybe what you're talking about is that fact -- a given physical drive may have different letters (but letters of MY choosing) on different computers.

Since Windows has worked for me since XP days, I see no point in spending money (and disk space, and possible conflicts) on another program.

I do use their SafelyRemove program, which has advantages over what's built into Windows.
Sep 25 2023 at 7:56am Copy Link

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