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Abbreviate Your PC

Direct Access 2 is an awesome time-saving utility that utilizes typed abbreviations to facilitate just about any task!

Our virus scan reports this download is 100% Clean Free Download

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We've scanned the download using a variety of antivirus software and can bring you the following results.

Virus ProgramResultScan Date
Bkav (v Clean 7/8/2019
Lionic (v 4.2) Clean 7/8/2019
TotalDefense (v Clean 7/8/2019
MicroWorld-eScan (v Clean 7/8/2019
FireEye (v Clean 7/8/2019
CAT-QuickHeal (v 14.00) Clean 7/7/2019
McAfee (v Clean 7/8/2019
Malwarebytes (v Clean 7/8/2019
Zillya (v Clean 7/8/2019
K7AntiVirus (v 11.54.31415) Clean 7/8/2019
K7GW (v 11.54.31414) Clean 7/8/2019
Baidu (v Clean 3/18/2019
F-Prot (v Clean 7/8/2019
Symantec (v Clean 7/8/2019
ESET-NOD32 (v 19650) Clean 7/8/2019
TrendMicro-HouseCall (v Clean 7/8/2019
Avast (v 18.4.3895.0) Clean 7/8/2019
ClamAV (v Clean 7/8/2019
Kaspersky (v Clean 7/8/2019
BitDefender (v 7.2) Clean 7/8/2019
NANO-Antivirus (v Clean 7/8/2019
SUPERAntiSpyware (v Clean 7/5/2019
Tencent (v Clean 7/8/2019
Ad-Aware (v Clean 7/8/2019
Emsisoft (v 2018.12.0.1641) Clean 7/8/2019
Comodo (v 31141) Clean 7/8/2019
F-Secure (v Clean 7/8/2019
DrWeb (v Clean 7/8/2019
VIPRE (v 76268) Clean 7/8/2019
TrendMicro (v Clean 7/8/2019
McAfee-GW-Edition (v v2017.3010) Clean 7/8/2019
CMC (v Clean 3/21/2019
Sophos (v 4.98.0) Clean 7/8/2019
Cyren (v Clean 7/8/2019
Jiangmin (v 16.0.100) Clean 7/8/2019
Avira (v Clean 7/8/2019
Antiy-AVL (v Clean 7/8/2019
Kingsoft (v 2013.8.14.323) Clean 7/8/2019
Microsoft (v 1.1.16100.4) Clean 7/8/2019
Arcabit (v Clean 7/8/2019
ViRobot (v 2014.3.20.0) Clean 7/8/2019
ZoneAlarm (v 1.0) Clean 7/8/2019
Avast-Mobile (v 190708-00) Clean 7/8/2019
GData (v A:25.22673B:25.15501) Clean 7/8/2019
TACHYON (v 2019-07-06.02) Clean 7/6/2019
AhnLab-V3 (v Clean 7/8/2019
VBA32 (v 4.0.0) Clean 7/8/2019
ALYac (v Clean 7/8/2019
MAX (v 2018.9.12.1) Clean 7/8/2019
Zoner (v 1.0) Clean 7/7/2019
Rising (v Clean 7/8/2019
Yandex (v Clean 7/5/2019
Ikarus (v Clean 7/8/2019
MaxSecure (v Clean 7/8/2019
Fortinet (v Clean 7/8/2019
AVG (v 18.4.3895.0) Clean 7/8/2019
Panda (v Clean 7/8/2019
Qihoo-360 (v Clean 7/8/2019

SHA-256 Hash: 2af752f400565f17bd6151ba45e559a1ae2bb818cd531f803925023afffbf026
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We've scanned using a variety of antivirus software and can bring you the following results.

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Direct Access Virus Scan Report
Direct Access Virus Scan Report
Direct Access Virus Scan Report
Direct Access Virus Scan Report
Direct Access Virus Scan Report

What are people saying about Direct Access

Ged Byrne I payed full price for Direct Access a few months ago.

I couldn't imagine having to work without it now. All of files, websites and applications I use every day are now just a few keystrokes away.
Sep 19 2007 at 10:38pm Copy Link
Alan Direct Access is fabulous. Saves me a ton of time each day. I use it to load my apps so I don't even have to use my desktop, etc, so my desktop is very clean. I type VB and it loads Visual Basic, or word and it load Microsoft Word. I also use it a lot for saving typing of information while I do my programming at work.
It works very well.
Apr 4 2009 at 1:58am Copy Link
Adrian Williams What a revelation!
Occasionally a piece of software comes along and you wonder how you could have managed without it. From the moment you install it you can see its potential, particularly if you've lots of applications and want a blank desktop, I concur with Alans comments. Added to that, the spell checker is so simple and unintrusive. There are a few words that you always spell wrong, now the're automatically corrected. Give it a try.

Now the downside - When I first installed it on my Vista system, I got to running it for the 1st time and it crashed when trying to set it up. I can't understand why. I rebooted and the software worked fine. I can occasionally crash the software by clicking File-Import and after a few seconds it'll crash (although not every time). Since this feature isnt used regularly, I can live with it. 2. I tried to set up a two line text entry so that when I typed reg - the software would enter Best regards (Enter,Enter) Adrian Williams. This caused it to initiate my ashampoo screen grabber. The hot keys are nothing like that so I've a little more work to do to find out why this is happening. 3. Finally, I feel that the licensing is a little harsh. Many vendors allow you to install the software on a desktop and a laptop on one license. Not here, it's a licence per user,per machine if I read the terms correctly. That's an extra $9.95 for a 3 license extension. if I want to use it on my laptop. I was about to buy it as soon as it came on sale - its available with the discount directly on the website too - but before I commit, as good as it is, I'd like to see if the Nagar would comment on the licensing and if anyone's experienced the same problem as me.
Apr 7 2009 at 5:17pm Copy Link
Sirhan Miller I tried the Direct access demo but there is free ware that can do much more:

I use the free software PhraseExpress and find it easier to use and more powerful. And cost nothing!

Another recommendation is the open source program Texter that is a very small program useful for older PCs.

Apr 7 2009 at 7:04pm Copy Link
Andrea Nagar The question on licensing is correct. You can use the software on up to three PCs buying the poweruser license extension for 9.95$. This is valid if the license is used by the same person.
Nagarsoft - Apr 7 2009 at 7:21pm Copy Link
Jon Compton +1 for PhraseExpress - Free and better then the rest.

I tried them all, including Direct Access. Crashes too often. Support was no help.


PS Why are comments on this product land on the other product's Fileminizer comment page?
Apr 7 2009 at 8:21pm Copy Link
adrian williams Thanks for the recommendations - I'll give Phrasexpress a look. One thing i did like about this software is the ability to initiate programs. It's a shame about the additional cost for the extra licenses,and Jons comment about the support worries me.
At $49 (the rrp) this software wouldn't stand a chance at selling in large quantities, Sorry Andrea, at that price, you're looking at a suite of programs or even an operating system ! With the additional cost of the extra licences i think you've just lost a sale. I cannot justify approximately spending 30(GB pounds) for a utility, no matter how good it is.
Apr 7 2009 at 8:34pm Copy Link
Alan I had tried PhraseExpress but it's not free if you use it for commericial use, it monitors what you're doing and phrases like "thanks for the order" or "dear customer" are not able to be used without the software triggering the fact that you're not able to use the free version. I do programming during my day job, but I also help people occassionally with some programming, and so I can't use the free version, so its $49.99 for me to buy it, plus that's only for one computer also
LIke I said, I've been very happy with Direct Access, but everyone has to determine what works for them and what doesn't.
I purchased Direct Access when it was on BitsDujour last time, so the money I paid was something like $25, so to me, it's well worth it, and I can use it for whatever I want to, personal or not.

And I don't agree with Jon's comment, however the only time I have really emailed support is when I wanted to see what the cost of the upgrade from V1 to V2 would be. Andrea emailed me back that I had purchased V1 close enough to the release of V2 that I qualified for a free upgrade, so again, no complaints here.

And in case anyone is wondering, no I have no connections with Direct Access, just a guy who bought it and is very happy with it.
Apr 7 2009 at 10:55pm Copy Link
Josh C. There was an intresting discusion about the originality of Nagars Access at Donationcoder som time ago:

Nagar, if this is tru and that is what it looks like to me then shame on you. What is the commercial benefit of copyng a Freeware? I dont get it.

Apr 7 2009 at 10:57pm Copy Link
Mick M Alan, I never had that issue with Phraseexpress. But they actually disclose their policy on their web page anyway and it is OK for me.

Apr 7 2009 at 11:21pm Copy Link
Alan I was looking at PhraseExpress' website and I don't remember seeing the phrase:
"PhraseExpress recognizes if the computer being used is connected to a corporate network"
as this means you can't use the free version.

Maybe it was there a year ago when I was looking at PhraseExpress, but I don't remember it.
Please don't take this as bashing PhraseExpress, but I would have gladly paid $25 for the product if it didn't act "big brother" on me, checking my phrases for keywords, etc. That just bothers me, maybe for everyone else it's okay but I didn't like it at the time.
That's the main reason I looked somewhere else.

If they would come out with a discount on BDJ, and remove the big brother checks, maybe they would get more business. Maybe they could trust the people using the software, but since I don't sell software, I may just be dreaming. I would have purchased it for sure since I used it before Direct Access, though DA is working well for me at this point.

I'm always open to new things, so I may check out PE again. They have a newer version now, so I'll compare it to DA and see how it goes.

You should use the best tool for what you need, as long as you legally use it.

Apr 7 2009 at 11:52pm Copy Link
Geoff Neathoff @Josh

The Youtube video knocked me off. Is it staged or is Direct Access really such a ripp off as shown in the video?

Mrs. Nagar, can you comment on this?

Apr 7 2009 at 11:57pm Copy Link
Geoff Neathoff @Alan

"I was looking at PhraseExpress' website and I don't remember seeing the phrase ..."

I could easily find it here: http://www.phraseexpress....wnload.htm

If you are their, click on "free for personal use".

Anyway, I like PhraseExpress so much that I registered voluntarily. It is well worth the money and their support is great as well.

Apr 8 2009 at 12:03am Copy Link
Mary Wilson I went to try the program as it looked like something that I might be able to use. Even with the cost of purchasing it and another for my laptop, I would have gotten, but unfortunately, the only part of the program that worked for me was the automatic word correct. I tried to use some of the apreviations to pull up different programs as shown in the great , but this did not work. Manually going into to word, I tried to get some of text file appreviations to work like Best Regards and all it would say is shift after it. Than, when I hit the shift, it would not fill in it in. Like the program, but it is no use to me if it does not work and there Live Support is off line.
Apr 8 2009 at 12:27am Copy Link
Andrea Nagar Regarding the debate about PhraseExpress, it's a defamatory campaign that has been going on for a long time.
It you scratch the surface, the guys at Bartels are just pointing out similar features of Direct Access and PhraseExpress. Both our applications are similar so it just makes sense that they both have similar features. We didn't steal anything and you can easily see that the product are very different in the UI and other aspects as well if you care analyze them.

So that's all on my part. Feel free to judge for yourself. We don't like to comment on our competitor business practice as we want to stay focused on our customer needs and improving the product.
Nagarsoft - Apr 8 2009 at 12:37am Copy Link
Andrea Nagar Mary,
please check the way abbreviations are confirmed and that you didn't accidentally disable the group containing the abbreviations.
If you get in touch with me directly by email, I can provide further assistance.
Nagarsoft - Apr 8 2009 at 12:39am Copy Link
Regarding DonationCoder @Josh C.

Everybody, let's be clear, the YouTube video Josh posted was produced by PhraseExpress, NOT a DonationCoder user. In fact, the DonationCoder users got so sick of the PhraseExpress developer's ranting that they eventually banished the thread to the complaints board. Anyone interested should read the entire DonationCoder message thread here:


It's obviously a controversial topic with 2 sides and I don't even know where I stand on the issue, but at the very least Bits du Jour readers should know that the PhraseExpress developer tails DirectAccess and flames it relentlessly whenever it appears online.

So I guess I'm saying... take these negative comments with a grain of salt.

And, as one of the DonationCoder users said:

"Truthfully, reading this, I'd be less likely to even try PhraseExpress."
Apr 8 2009 at 12:51am Copy Link
Geoff Neathoff Not convincing for me, Andrea.

Sure, the colors are different but the video is actually showing identical elements carboncopy-wise. Are you telling that you were first? Or was Phrase Express first?

And what about the web text contents? It does not look a conincidence for me...

Apr 8 2009 at 12:52am Copy Link
Alan The Bits Du Jour comment posting is getting all jumbled up between the 2 products today. I posted this and it's on the wrong product so I am trying to post it again.

The phrase I was talking about was the phrase about not being able to use the free version on a corporate network.

I use DA at work and home, though it's not truly for commercial use in my mind, I don't sell anything, but I do some consulting from home, and I do save some typing at work, but those both require the commercial version of PE, so I can spend $27+$10 for Direct Access and run it on up to 3 computers, or I can spend $150 on PE..

PE also didn't have a USB version when I was looking, which now they do. If they had the same offer as Direct Access has, even it was only for 2 computers for $37, I would buy it today.

Times are tough now, the company I work for has laid off over 25% of the employees in the last 5 months, so any time savings I can get that helps me keep my job is something I'm very interested in.

PE should have my email address and name since I trialed the software a while back, so if they can give me a good deal, I will purchase it.

Like I said, I have already purcchased DA and have had no problems with it, but I will use the best product that I can find at the best price.

Apr 8 2009 at 12:53am Copy Link
Roger Thomasson @Alan etc.

Sorry about the comment problems. FYI, I'm monitoring the comment boards and will clean up any remnants.

BitsDuJour Admin - Apr 8 2009 at 1:03am Copy Link
Don't Trust YouTube Mashups Geoff, if I were you I wouldn't place too much faith in YouTube copyright mashups. Remember -- the PhraseExpress video details about 6 examples from 2 programs that collectively contain hundreds of features.

You could fabricate an equally 'damning' video with just about any competing software be it Word/WordPerfect, Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro, Excel/Quattro/1-2-3, Finale/Sibelius, Avid/Final Cut, Microsoft Office/OpenOffice, Google Docs/Zoho Suite...

People have been doing this on YouTube for years with music. It's a sneaky practice and by removing context, in the end, a less-than-accurate one.

Don't fall prey to other people's bias!
Apr 8 2009 at 1:14am Copy Link
Geoff Neathoff I have no affiliation for any party but if it is true what can be seen in the video then Direct Access stinks. Seriously.

Off for now.
Apr 8 2009 at 1:15am Copy Link
Classic Maneuver The old comment 'n run. Never seen THIS before ;-)

"I have no affiliation for any party but if it is true what can be seen in the video then Direct Access stinks. Seriously.

Off for now."
Apr 8 2009 at 1:19am Copy Link
Don't trust Anonymous posters Just drove by and shake my head about this discussion.

Interesting to see how these anonymouos posters try to defend a commercial product.

Anyway, I dont like the program authors attitude and why waste 20 bucks if there is a freeware like Autohotkey?
Apr 8 2009 at 1:33am Copy Link
Alan Geez, a comment about anonymous posters from an anonymous poster...
Autohotkey is different than both PE and DA.
I think it's easy to get confused with all this ranting and raving.
I live DA, have bought it and have had no issues.
That being said, I liked Phrase Express pretty well, though I can't use their free version if I want to abide by their license. DA's licensing worked for me, and the "big brother" stuff was a turnoff for me. If PE wants my business, then let me know and I'll look at it again.

Use what works best for you, if autohotkey works, then use it, if PE or DA works best for you, use it. I think complaining about things when you're not comparing apples to apples is a waste of time.

Apr 8 2009 at 1:55am Copy Link
Alan Sawyer Sorry for the typo.
It should have been "I love DA", I don't live it, but I do use it.
Apr 8 2009 at 1:56am Copy Link
Alan So there is NO confusion, I use my real name, and I live in western New York. I don't have a clue where Nagarsoft is even located, and I have NO affiliation with them.
And as BDJ can attest to, I'm using my real email address.
Anonymous posters should respectful and in your case, just plain be quiet. Excuse my bluntness but I don't tolerate ignorance very well.
And as I said, if PhraseExpress wants to make me a deal, I'll even buy it.
Apr 8 2009 at 2:24am Copy Link
Andrea Nagar Hey it looks there are some fakes here. There are people posting with my name. Which is fake. My posts have Developer written beside my name.
Roger, please check things out.
I think it would be better to remove comments at look if they cannot be kept under control.
This flame is really silly.
Nagarsoft - Apr 8 2009 at 2:41am Copy Link
Roger Thomasson Sigh... apologies Alan. Such are the pitfalls of having an open comment board.

For the spammers and trolls -- Alan need not defend his reputation here. Not only is he a real, live, unaffiliated person, he's also a valued Bits du Jour user and we appreciate his insight.

Please keep it civil folks, and please refrain from personal attacks. Why? Because I'll delete them and you'll have wasted your time.
BitsDuJour Admin - Apr 8 2009 at 2:42am Copy Link
Alan Again, Comment above isn't me. Don't know if the comment that says Andrea is really from her either. I suspect it isn't since it's different than her last message.

I think I vote for either requiring signup and email verification before posting, and let BDJ have to right to ban someone, or have all postings just be anonymous.
Probably wouldn't help, but it might.

Apr 8 2009 at 2:44am Copy Link
Roger Thomasson Not a problem Alan, and thanks for your input. From this point forward I'll delete all comments attributed to you as they appear, unless of course your email address is associated :-)

BitsDuJour Admin - Apr 8 2009 at 2:50am Copy Link
David Gilmour Direct Access is my most heavily used productivity tool.

The way my mind works, I find it a lot more efficient to launch an app with a few keystrokes than to hunt it down with my mouse.

I have more than two dozen graphics apps installed that I regularly use - including some obscure ones whose names escape me half the time. No matter; I type the 3 letters img, and my group of image apps pops up, thanks to DA. A few more keystrokes and the app that I need is launched.

When writing correspondence, I rely on DA. Directions to my place of business, my bio blurb, links to portfolios of my work, several variations of my signature block, and dozens of other regularly used text phrases are all encoded in DA text macros.

According to the statistics that DA accumulates, it has saved me 5368 keystrokes in the past 7 days, or 30 minutes at my typing speed. For a self employed person like me, who is working killer hours, 30 minutes saved in a week is precious.

Since I purchased my license to version 1.0 back in October 2006, updates for DA have been regular. Andrea Nagar has added a variety of useful features over this time, while keeping DA lean and spry. On the few occasions where I have had questions or requested support, either directly or through the nagarsoft forum, Andrea's responses have been thoughtful and prompt.

With or without the 50% discount, I highly recommend Direct Access 2.0.
Apr 8 2009 at 2:56am Copy Link
Roger Thomasson Moving forward:

We're not going to shut down this comment thread. However a select few detractors have overstepped the boundaries of appropriate comment board usage and action needs to be taken.

As such, if you have a negative comment to make regarding Direct Access, the burden of proof falls on your shoulders. Any comments regarding bugs or failures should have the accompanying error messages embedded or they will be deleted. I hope this is clear.

Sorry folks, all it takes a single bad apple to spoil the bunch.

BitsDuJour Admin - Apr 8 2009 at 3:12am Copy Link
Keith Anderson Does anyone know if Phase Express is going to have a competing offer today? Seems like there is a lot of competition between the authors.
Wish I had seen the $15 offer in Jan on the donationcode website.

Apr 8 2009 at 3:33am Copy Link
Roger Thomasson Nick, feel free to send me a personal email at roger (at) iconico (dot) com. If you can convince me that you are real I'll allow your comment. The fact that you are posting anonymously (i.e. no email address) doesn't do your cause any good.

Like I said in my previous post, the burden of proof is on your shoulders.

BitsDuJour Admin - Apr 8 2009 at 3:33am Copy Link
Adrian Williams If it wasn't for the extra $9.95 for the extended license, I'd have bought it already. That 'upgrade' just tipped the balance for me unfortunately. The Direct Access forum has highlighted 'lock-ups' so judge for yourself. Alternatively, if Phrase Express charged a lower price, withdrew its free edition and relied on the product to do the talking it may not have to flame Andrea Nagar so much. I'm gonna see how today goes before making my choice.
Apr 8 2009 at 3:45am Copy Link
Henry Lecohen I just installed the demo but it asked me to download the 30MB .NET file.

Is there no way to go without it on XP? I do not want to load 30 MB library plus the 10 MB for DA for just a text utility.

Apr 8 2009 at 4:11am Copy Link
Andrea Nagar Direct Access uses the .NET framework so of course you need to install it. The .NET framework is already present in Windows Vista and Windows Seven.
For Windows XP you can use the automatic procedure to get it.
Nagarsoft - Apr 8 2009 at 5:29am Copy Link
Wm Shore I've found nothing to compare with ActiveWords, although it's a little more expensitve than this one.
Apr 8 2009 at 1:20pm Copy Link

Our virus scan reports this download is 100% Clean Free Download

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