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MarvelCoder — Learn Coding Fast is the better way to learn how to code, using the most productive and intuitive programming language ever.

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MarvelCoder — Learn Coding Fast Virus Scan Report
MarvelCoder — Learn Coding Fast Virus Scan Report
MarvelCoder — Learn Coding Fast Virus Scan Report
MarvelCoder — Learn Coding Fast Virus Scan Report
MarvelCoder — Learn Coding Fast Virus Scan Report

What are people saying about MarvelCoder — Learn Coding Fast

Praveen Would you consider offering Fast Coder Course 1 + 2 + 3 here?
Dec 8 2018 at 10:13am Copy Link
Petr Hi Praveen User, We will give buyers of Courses 1 + 2 a substantial discount when Course 3 (Build Mobile Apps) becomes available. You may have missed the text below the [Buy Now] button, for Course 3, stating this course will be available mid February, 2019. Certainly, we'd like to sell it now, for those willing to pre-purchase it, but it would require your full awareness that the Mobile Apps Course 3 and mobile development tools are schedule for release in a couple months. If you are interested in such a pre-purchase or a "Subscription" type offering that includes new courses, please let me know?

Note, the current Course 1 + 2 and development tools are a pre-requisite to the forthcoming Course 3, so you'll be able to upgrade.

With sufficient interest, I would approach BitsDuJour with a request to add Course 3 to our upcoming promotion. - Dec 8 2018 at 12:45pm Copy Link
Michael R. Does the user needs to buy a smalltalk-development-program or is it free?
Which is used in the course?
Yes, I would prefer buying the complete course, instead of the the first parts..
Dec 9 2018 at 7:07pm Copy Link
Praveen Hi Petr -

Yes, I would like to pre-purchase Course 3 along with Course 1 + 2
Dec 10 2018 at 8:51am Copy Link
Petr @Michael & @Praveen User, GOOD NEWS! We will be offering our 3rd Course focused on MOBILE APP development. It includes Courses 1 + 2. The 3rd course is a pre-purchase, as delivery is scheduled by the end of February 2019. Until such time, you can do the first two course, which are a learning pre-requisite. Thanks for your requests to offer our mobile app development course.

You do not need to buy a Smalltalk development program. We are using an open source IDE called Pharo, with our own added features to support the courses and ability to develop Web Apps and Mobile Apps. Our courses are highly visual, step-by-step, detailed and provide many video tutorials. - Dec 10 2018 at 12:19pm Copy Link
Praveen Hi Petr -

Good to hear!

The Fine Print says:
"After you purchase MarvelCoder — Learn Coding Fast it may be used indefinitely."

Can you please confirm that this offer is for lifetime access to MARVEL CODER Cloud IDE?
Dec 10 2018 at 1:02pm Copy Link
Petr @Praveen, The MarvelCoder Cloud IDE is a designed for use with the NOVICE Course 1, to enable Live Coding practice of the tutorial examples. Once you complete Course 1, you then move on to Course 2 and will download the Desktop IDE. LIFETIME access is provided for (a) the online courses, and (b) the Desktop IDE.
The Cloud IDE has a renewal of $7 per year after the initial year(s) given with your purchase. Note, the MOBI product includes 3 years for the Cloud IDE. The Desktop IDE is much more powerful, so you won't need the Cloud IDE after you're done with Course 1. I will check the Fine Print section of the BitsDuJour promotion page and update as needed. Thank you. - Dec 10 2018 at 2:29pm Copy Link
Meindert User Hi there, theoretically interested. But your website provides very few information about the IDE and the coding. It is not clear what the product is we buy and searching on Google I find nearly no information. There are even no screenshot of the IDE. No trial software, no trial access. Does this product even exist?
Dec 11 2018 at 2:49am Copy Link
Petr @Meindert, Thank you for your interest and questions. There are three aspects to the MarvelCoder tutorial and IDE tools suite: (1) Online Training; (2) simple Cloud IDE, and (3) Desktop IDE. All are based on the powerful, yet simple Smalltalk programming language. Our Desktop IDE is a modified Pharo Smalltalk IDE (open source) with our own coding tutorials and other features to support the features we describe on our website. See this article: "Pharo Might Be The Future of Software Development" here: MarvelCoder offers an easy way to learn Smalltalk.

I know Smalltalk features, echoed in the article, seem to-good-to-be-true, but that's why we're so excited about it. For me, I find it like comparing an old school typewriter with white-out to a word-processor such as Microsoft Word. The Smalltalk IDE is to mainstream IDEs, what Word is to the typewriter.

I'm happy to answer any other questions you might have. - Dec 11 2018 at 3:23am Copy Link
Lupke Brother There is a lot of missing information on your website. No 'About Us' information. Who am I paying? A talking machine? ;-) No information on the 'help-support', 'webinars and blog' pages.

Looks interesting to buy and test this, but with this reservation in mind...
Maybe you can provide more information for BDJ users!. I.e. a tutorial video example, better tutorial screenshots et cetera. We want to see what we are buying.
Dec 11 2018 at 5:46am Copy Link
Petr @ Lupke Brother, Your feedback is much appreciated. We are actively working on our new website and will update the pages you mention in the next days and weeks. - Dec 11 2018 at 6:22am Copy Link
Jo Ann Rice I would have to go with Lupke Brother on the information for who we're paying. As a web designer myself, I find it strange that if you're doing an "update" to your website that you have taken the old information down. Typically you would leave the old website in place until you have the new one completed so that all that information is still there.

I am skeptically interested as well and would like confirmation of where we can find information about your company and it's location etc.
Dec 11 2018 at 10:24am Copy Link
Petr Hi Jo Ann, This is a new website, not an update to an old site. We are still working on this site and will add the information you are looking for. It will take a few days until we get to that. Thank you for your feedback.

In the meanwhile, I'll provide a quick summary here. MarvelCoder is a new, small software company with developers that have worked together in the past. Our lead developer has been involved in designing and building software solutions for hospital pharmacy, electronic medical records, financial institutions, franchises and now mostly Internet based software. Our background is oriented towards big projects. We're learning, from feedback such as yours, about how to best present our work to a more public marketplace.

We use Smalltalk when we can, but it's not always the best tool for the job. Our small team is located on the Pacific Coast in Blaine, Washington and Vancouver, BC. - Dec 11 2018 at 1:38pm Copy Link
Todd User I have the exact same concerns expressed by Meindert User, Lupke Brother, and Jo Ann Rice, but I will take it a step further. When I see websites that contain obvious spelling errors, it really causes me to think twice about the vendor. If someone cannot be bothered to run a spell check on their own website, then what reason do I have to believe that they are giving their product the needed attention to detail? When I see an obvious spelling error in the site's pervasive footer that describes the company itself, it makes me really wonder about the vendor's quality control standards.
Dec 11 2018 at 6:54pm Copy Link
Ronald Jurman A couple of questions:

The Pharo website provides both the IDE and a MOOC. How do your offerings differ?

The Mobile App Coding course. Is that for iPhone or Android or ...?
Dec 11 2018 at 8:45pm Copy Link
Petr Hi Ronald, For Novices, our training is a much better way to get started, as we don't assume you have existing coding experience. Most lesson units we provide have both course text and narrated video guidance on how to proceed through the lesson. It's very hands-on and step-by-step. Our Cloud IDE gets you started with just a web browser, to type and run your code. No downloads necessary. For $7, this BitsDuJour deal is an excellent intro to coding and experience of Live Coding.

The Smalltalk IDE we provide for download (for Course 2 + 3) is based on the open-source Pharo IDE, plus our own embedded lesson code that syncs with our online course content. We have developed our own lessons, curated existing public domain lessons and adapted code to provide a sensible progression and flow. You learn a lot in a short period of time.

The online tutorials, MOOC, books and other resources are great for experienced programmers and those already familiar with Smalltalk. Our Course 2 preps you for all of these other online tutorials. You will have to wade through a lot of content to find something specific and useful for your purposes. If you already know Smalltalk, you're beyond what our Course 1 + 2 can offer, so not for you.

About the Mobile App Coding course, initially we didn't offer that as it won't be available until some time in February, but we had many request to include it. When you click [Get This Deal] here at BitsDuJour, on the landing page we state the MOBI Course will be available by the end of Feb.2019. It is a course that uses Smalltalk to generate mobile apps for iPhone and Android using Cordova.

Thank you for your interest and great questions. I'm happy to answer any other questions. - Dec 11 2018 at 9:28pm Copy Link
Petr @Todd, Thank you for pointing out the deficiencies with our web site. I believe I've addressed the spelling mistakes you're talking about. Also, have made some other tweaks. We will add the About Us page and content by the end of tomorrow (Wednesday). I appreciate your critical eye and quality-control mindset. If you see any other things that could use some improvement, care or TLC, please don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks again. - Dec 11 2018 at 9:34pm Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Great News! has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!
BitsDuJour Admin - Dec 12 2018 at 12:11am Copy Link
suej hawkins Thanks for extending the deal for another day. Do you have a link to check out the training module , video, and etc.. The website is not very informative.
Dec 12 2018 at 7:17am Copy Link
Petr Hi Suej, Our courses are paid content so we don't give free trials. But I understand you want more info. I've done a quick 2 minute video to quickly give you a feel for the style of our online training. This is the Novice Course that has a $20 discount here today. Get it for just $7. Click here to view the video quick tour: There's a complimentary Cloud IDE that enables to to enter the code (or copy and paste the code) for each of the tutorial units. Hope this helps? - Dec 12 2018 at 8:15am Copy Link
Petr Hi Suej, Thank you for inspiring the short video tour. We have a lot of people looking at it. Also, glad to have you onboard. - Dec 12 2018 at 8:42pm Copy Link

Our virus scan reports this website is 100% Clean View Deal

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