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Platforms: Windows XP and later
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Simply put: the smallest, fastest, most feature-rich PDF software available. Create, view, edit, annotate, OCR* and sign PDF files – and that’s just the beginning. If you work with PDF then this fully-customizable product will optimize your work process to levels that no other product can achieve.

PDF-XChange Editor can be used to create PDF files from scanned documents, images, text files, Markdown files and much more. This software can also be used to convert Microsoft Office documents into PDF** – a feature that many PDF applications do not offer. There are over a hundred features available, including more than thirty tools that can be used to assist in the creation of document comments, annotations and links. These tools make editing PDFs a finely-tuned, precision process that produces documentation and image files of the highest quality. Our user-friendly functionality is diverse enough to meet the needs of all practitioners from novices to professionals.

*The OCR process identifies text in documents and uses it to create an invisible text layer that is placed on top of the existing text.

**Please note that source files must be text-based in order to be converted into editable text.

Our support team endeavor to respond to all queries within eight working hours – and we are usually much faster. We are available via email at Alternatively, browse our free support forums and Knowledgebase for the answers to your questions.

The Conversation
The Fine Print
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Gary Smith The Fine Print states "You can install/register the software at any time," so when does the countdown for the license start? When it is purchased or when the program is installed and activated?
Oct 16 2018 at 12:53am Copy Link
franp User This is VERY GOOD software. I just regret an old bug making it impossible to create pdf files by drag-and-droping thumbails into Directory Opus as not been fixed yet. Would be perfect
Oct 16 2018 at 1:38am Copy Link
John Verbeeten Hello Gary,

Thanks for your comments.

Your maintenance plan will start from the date of purchase.

The updater will hide any updates that are not covered by your maintenance plan. You can opt in to show the hidden updates from the Updater.
John Verbeeten Hello franp User,

Drag and Drop over Windows Explorer is supported. Unfortunately Directory Opus works in quite a different way, so support for it has to be developed separately.

Kind Regards!
Ben User Hi, do you plan on offering PDF-XChange PRO any time soon? I'd like to get that instead of just the editor if it's coming soon.
Oct 16 2018 at 4:48am Copy Link
Scott Youngman This is really excellent PDF software. I have been using the free version for years, and am glad to move up to the paid version with this offer.

Will we be able to add the 2- or 3-year upgrade option when we purchase?

I hope you will fix a long-standing issue: After switching away to another application and back to PDF-Xchange, the previously active tab is no longer active so the user must click on it to reestablish focus. Wish: The active tab will be focused after switching away and back to PDF. Thanks.
Oct 16 2018 at 8:02am Copy Link
John Verbeeten Hello Ben User,

No plans currently to offer the Editor Plus on a similar offer.
The upgrade from Editor to Editor Plus for a Single user license is $11.45 USD / €9.87 EUR - or roughly the difference between the full prices of the two products.
The maintenance prices are a percentage of the base price of the product. At later times one extra year of maintenance would cost $10.88 USD / €9.50 EUR, or two extra years would be $16.31 USD / €14.25 EUR

Hello Scott Youngman,

Yes you can add the extra maintenance options during the checkout!

Tracker Team
Ben User Hi John, I meant the PDF-XChange PRO that includes the Editor Plus, the PDF Toolkit, and the PDF-XChange Standard printer.
But from your answer I guess not.

On a side note, any of you know how to snap in XChange? Besides the measurement tool I can't really align or snap text box or objects.
Oct 16 2018 at 8:26am Copy Link
SoftCollector What exactly are the differences between the different versions of the product: Free-Standard-Pro-Tools, etc. ? Could not find a simple comparison chart on your site.
Oct 16 2018 at 8:36am Copy Link
Cary Adams @SoftCollector...

It only adds more confusion to me ;)
Oct 16 2018 at 9:17am Copy Link
John Verbeeten Hi Ben User,

Yes the PDF-XChange Pro bundle will be promo'd on Bits du Jour later this month. So keep watch for it as we usually only run promotions on our software once a year and through BDJ.
John Verbeeten Hi Soft Collector,

Our product comparison chart is available here:



The PDF-XChange Editor is the Editor and the Lite printer
The PDF-XChange Editor Plus is the Editor Plus and the Lite printer
The PDF-XChange Standard is the more robust printer (printer, MSOffice integration)
The PDF-Tools is PDF-Tools (Batch processing application), Editor and the Lite printer
The PDF-XChange Pro (bundle) is the Editor Plus, Standard Printer, PDF-Tools

If you have any specific questions, please contact us
John Verbeeten Hi Cary,

The comparison chart shows what features are included with each license, since the product licenses include other component products like PDF-Tools includes the Editor and Lite printer it therefore includes all of the features of the primary product (license name) plus the features of the component products included with that license.

I hope that helps.
Ben User Darn it John, I made the purchase for the editor already.

Anyway to arrange a deal when the PRO bundle comes on Bitsdujour?
Oct 16 2018 at 9:50am Copy Link
John Verbeeten Hi Ben User,

Since we don't often discount our prices, we would have hoped that you waited for our answer to your specific question prior to purchasing. It would have not been appropriate as well for us not disclose that a Pro bundle promo was in the works as customers would have found out through BDJ in the next couple weeks.

If you log into your account on our site created with your purchase and click the upgrade options tab, a discounted upgrade to the PDF-XChange Pro is available there. Best we can do.
Ben User Well, I guess my hands got ahead of myself. I'll make another purchase of PRO when it comes and have my family use the Editor license I've purchased.

Thank you for you help John.
Oct 16 2018 at 11:19am Copy Link
John Verbeeten Hi Ben User,

Sounds like a good plan ; )

Have a great rest of your day!
Cary Adams Just FYI... the "Download Trial" link on this BTJ page delivers version 5
Oct 16 2018 at 11:56am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Cary Adams, I am sorry about the issue. I just updated it to the latest version.
BitsDuJour Admin - Oct 16 2018 at 11:56am Copy Link
Rob Just another thumbs up for this software. I've been using PDF-XChange PRO for a couple of years and can't speak highly enough of it.

I tried lots of PDF editors and this was the best of all of them. The OCR is just magic and pretty much gets it right first time and the commenting and markup is very comprehensive.

In the PRO version there's so many features I probably will never use all of them but it certainly has every feature I could have wished for.
Oct 16 2018 at 2:52pm Copy Link
John Verbeeten Hi Rob,

Thanks for all the kind words, we're happy to hear you're such a fan of the software. Cheers!
Sara User I had been interested in this program some years ago, then quickly gave up since I wasn't able to grasp how the different versions differed, let alone why they did that way.

Since now, years later, the same observations came, from other prospects, I tried again to grasp to understand to what clearly distinct use cases those versions target, and again I failed, I simply cannot memorize all those various limitations in order to get a clear picture, since here it's not straight, free-standard-pro, but mixed up, and since the same complaints have always come from others, over the years, it's safe to assume the developer wants it to be like that.

If I need a pdf editor costing around 100 bucks, there's choice; if I will have gone the upgrade way with xchange, ie having already invested some possibly 60 bucks or so within this particular product (having encountered unsuspected limitations here or there, since, as said, use case differentiation isn't evident), waiving that investment and making a real, weighted choice among all those full-fledged pdf editors around 100 bucks will become less evident, so this non-straight version policy (which, btw, I've never seen with any other software product) is possibly a marketing instrument? (Full xchange competitor full price, full xchange just a mere perhaps 50 bucks or so marginal cost, so all the worse with feature/quality xyz some competitor offers, which I very much would like to have, but which would now be too much for the complete product, considering I'd then lose my investments in the (viewed ex-post) paid xchange trials?)
Oct 17 2018 at 12:35am Copy Link
Rob @Sara User. I can understand how their product information can seem confusing, as different features are bundled into different applications. But to cut through the confusion I simply went to;


...and clicked on each of the parts of the PRO version to see what I was buying. For the versatility and comprehensiveness of the application the PRO version (IMHO) is great value. I don't think (I don't know obviously) that's it's a marketing ploy, all I can say is they were supportive of any problems and I see they do give discounts to charity and academic use. But of course this could all be a ruse ;)
Oct 17 2018 at 1:35am Copy Link
Harlen Wiebe I've been using the Pro version for several years. I liked it so well we've purchased it for all the computers in our office. Custom settings can be copied to any or all computers, can drag n drop pages from one open pdf file to another, really good password protected signatures, and great support.
Oct 17 2018 at 5:07am Copy Link
Adolphe @ Sara : I agree about the utter confusion of the XChange product line. I'm one of the users who mentioned it to them years ago, and they didn't change a thing. This is my pdf reader of choice, and their products have many, many qualities, but it's almost as if they wanted to discourage prospects from choosing one of their programs.

And no, I don't think it's a marketing ploy. It's a mistake. One that probably stems from the history of their product, and which they refuse to correct now, because it would indeed be tricky for them to disentangle all those similar, and vastly overlapping products.

The neglect is obvious, though, when you consider how stubbornly they cling to the one mistake which would be very easy to correct : change the name of PDF-XChange Lite and PDF-XChange Standard. Contrary to what their names suggest, those programs are not pdf readers, nor pdf editors, they are pdf virtual printers. So, an entirely different type of beast, separate from the rest.

The obvious decision would be to rename them as PDF-XChange Print, or something similar, and then they could have PDF-XChange Print Lite, Free, Standard, Professional or whatever. That would be a no-brainer, with zero commercial risk. But no, they want to keep us guessing. I maintain detailed notes on their product line, in order to understand what they are up to. It would be impossible otherwise.

Another gripe I have with that otherwise very good product is the graphic style of the interface. It borders on the childish. It's old-fashioned. The colours are kinky. Some people using pdf editors are graphic designers. Such things are important to them. Get a clue, guys...
Oct 17 2018 at 5:37am Copy Link
Cary Adams A few years ago I bought NitroPro because PDF X-Change was incomprehensible. And largely it still is today. What needs to be done is to feature increment the various products with clear satements of the added features as you go up progressively in price.

For example, a comparison page showing...
PDF XC Free (a viewer w/some annotation capabilities)
PDF XC Std... these features in addition to "Free" (list here)
PDF XC Editor... these features in addition to "Std" (list here)
PDF XC Pro... these features in addition to "Editor". (list here)

1. Drop Editor Pro and Tools
2. Drop including features not available w/o upgrading (for example no OCR or From menu/buttons in Std.

FWIW I tried the "Pro" trial yesterday and don't understand why Tools and Standard were installed as a separate product. I should be able to do everything through the Pro interface.
Oct 17 2018 at 9:12am Copy Link
John Verbeeten Hi All, In regards to product confusion we invite you to contact our support email with any questions or grievances to us there as this promotion is for the PDF-XChange Editor only which includes the Lite printer. You'll notice on our website immediately after the product title PDF-XChange Standard it states:

Allows you to Print to PDF creating fully compatible, text searchable PDF files.

And immediately under the PDF-XChange Lite title:

A simplified version of PDF-XChange Standard virtual PDF printer.

Both product icons are that of a printer.

We understand we can't please all of the people all of the time, but this is a simple promotion for a simple product offering and we hope that if you like the product that you will be pleased with the sale as we rarely discount or our products.
Scott Youngman While granting that the overlap among Tracker products can be confusing, the choice is actually not difficult if your need is for basic yet highly capable PDF software: PDF-XC Editor (the product in this BdJ offer) is more than sufficient for most user's needs. For myself, that's primarily for PDF viewing, annotating, printing, converting, and manipulating (e.g. add, delete, or move pages, split or merge files, etc.). Those with more demanding use-cases can choose from Tracker's other products -- perhaps in consultation with their support staff (as John Verbeeten suggests).

I have tried many PDF apps over the years, and PDF-XC Editor (even in its free version) is clearly superior to all of them in features, ease-of-use, and reliability. Its regular list price is a bargain compared to other commercial PDF software, so this generous BdJ offer is an excellent opportunity if you often work with PDF files. I'll be purchasing my license as soon as I post this.
Oct 17 2018 at 12:32pm Copy Link
Farhang @John Verbeeten: I have purchased a couple of Tracker's products over the years and I use pdf files all day long. I also own licenses for Acrobat, Nitro but heavily use Tracker daily. You have truly a very competitive product and many power users are fans of your editor.

I also understand your position and you are right that you "cannot please all of the people all of the time." It's certainly understandable that you are frustrated and there is nothing to do for this promotion. But, as an actual customer of yours since 2013, I agree with the above comments. Despite owning and using Tracker products, I too find the charts and the nomenclature convoluted. The end-user page has 6 products; the chart has 5.

Perhaps my favorite product from Tracker was the Pdf-Tools. I happily paid for minor upgrades but I am not going to upgrade it to the current that is now bundled with the editor and the free printer. My very old version that takes 11mb on the disk and does a great job to this day.

Once again, I really like and use Tracker products but I would gently ask you not to dismiss all these comments and consider them as suggestions. (I often thought about contacting Tracker to share these thoughts in more details but I could not find any contact info beyond the front-line and saw no point in opening a support ticket that would go nowhere.)
Oct 17 2018 at 12:57pm Copy Link
John Verbeeten My comments on product confusion were not meant to be dismissive and we always take customer input as valid and take it seriously. We understand the product line over time has been a little confusing for some. And all who've posted here on this topic, upon receiving the feedback here, it was quite extensively discussed at our interdepartmental meeting this morning. And further efforts will be made to help provide clarification on the line, that may include some reconfiguration. Everyone's comments here today have been taken note of and has started that conversation internally among all depts involved. And all feedback is appreciated and valued.
Tortuga Hello everybody :)

Thank you ALL soooo very much for your comments !!!
I am a customer (bought one of their products some time ago).
Never was I so confused by what actually I had purchased ...
There are threads on BdJ, just abt which product is which & does what.
Most threads are filled w confusion abt the different products, instead of comments pertaining to the product itself !!!
This should have been a clue quite some time ago, but ... the confusion persists.
I suppose the cie does know what is what, it's clear to them.
Probably not clear to them why it's so confusing for us ;)

We DO like their products, we DO like to use them, we DO like the cie, but darn they do make it difficult for us to buy them.

What Adolphe said above abt the renaming is quite SMART !!!
I actually now know which product I need to get.
Been wondering since yesterday if I should buy this one or not. Finally! Phewww

Hope this helps
Oct 17 2018 at 11:52pm Copy Link
SoftCollector I read through the comparison table and still have no idea what each of these products does. Having two versions: Standard and Pro is what competitors usually adopt as a winning strategy. Just my 2 cents.
Oct 17 2018 at 11:57pm Copy Link
franp User My two cents ... I must admit that while the product line is OK for me, the products NAMES are about the most confusing I ever see anywhere (apart maybe French government offices ...).
The biggest problems being :
- PDF-XChange Lite and Standard should be renamed for waht they are, namely PDF-XChange Printer Lite and PDF-XChange Printer Standard;
- PDF-XChange pro should be rename for what it is, namely PDF-XChange Editor Pro.
Oct 18 2018 at 8:30am Copy Link
Ben User In my opinion, the naming for Tracker's products should be as follows:

PDF-XChange Editor - PDF-XChange Editor Free
PDF-XChange Editor Standard
PDF-XChange Editor Plus

PDF-XChange Printer - PDF-XChange Printer Lite (Free for non-commercial)
PDF-XChange Printer Standard

PDF-Tools - PDF-XChange Tools

PDF-XChange PRO - PDF-XChange Complete (Contains PDF-XChange Editor Plus, PDF-XChange Printer Standard, and PDF-XChange Tools)
Oct 18 2018 at 9:19am Copy Link
a a Would love for PDF XChange Editor Plus to be offered on BDJ in the near future.

I would purchase in an instant along with maintenance!
Nov 9 2021 at 1:57pm Copy Link
Alexandre Emeriau Hi,

Does this offer still propose the last release ?
Nov 26 2021 at 2:12am Copy Link
Valentina User @unblocked games 76 Do you have a video where is explained how to edit ocr text?
Dec 18 2023 at 4:19am Copy Link

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