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Virus Scan for Points On A Canvas

Measure Distances on Your Screen

Points On A Canvas lets you easily measure the distance between any two points on your computer screen, plus assign points to groups.

Our virus scan reports this download is 100% Clean Free Download

Download Virus Scan - Points On A Canvas

We've scanned the download using a variety of antivirus software and can bring you the following results.

Virus ProgramResultScan Date
Bkav (v Clean 9/18/2021
Lionic (v 4.2) Clean 9/18/2021
Elastic (v 4.0.28) Clean 9/16/2021
MicroWorld-eScan (v 14.0.409.0) Clean 9/18/2021
FireEye (v Clean 9/18/2021
CAT-QuickHeal (v 14.00) Clean 9/18/2021
ALYac (v Clean 9/18/2021
Cylance (v Clean 9/19/2021
Zillya (v Clean 9/17/2021
Sangfor (v Clean 8/31/2021
K7AntiVirus (v 11.213.38363) Clean 9/18/2021
Alibaba (v Clean 5/27/2019
K7GW (v 11.213.38367) Clean 9/18/2021
CrowdStrike (v 1.0) Clean 2/3/2021
Baidu (v Clean 3/18/2019
Cyren (v Clean 9/18/2021
Symantec (v Clean 9/18/2021
ESET-NOD32 (v 23985) Clean 9/18/2021
APEX (v 6.209) Suspicious Malicious 9/16/2021
Paloalto (v 1.0) Clean 9/19/2021
ClamAV (v Clean 9/16/2021
Kaspersky (v Clean 9/18/2021
BitDefender (v 7.2) Clean 9/18/2021
NANO-Antivirus (v Clean 9/18/2021
SUPERAntiSpyware (v Clean 9/18/2021
Rising (v Clean 9/18/2021
Ad-Aware (v Clean 9/18/2021
TACHYON (v 2021-09-18.02) Clean 9/18/2021
Comodo (v 33910) Clean 9/18/2021
F-Secure (v Clean 9/18/2021
DrWeb (v Clean 9/18/2021
VIPRE (v 95590) Clean 9/18/2021
TrendMicro (v Clean 9/18/2021
McAfee-GW-Edition (v v2019.1.2+3728) Clean 9/18/2021
CMC (v 2.10.2019.1) Clean 8/16/2021
Emsisoft (v 2021.5.0.7597) Clean 9/18/2021
SentinelOne (v Clean 8/29/2021
GData (v A:25.30827B:27.24508) Clean 9/18/2021
Jiangmin (v 16.0.100) Clean 9/18/2021
Webroot (v Clean 9/19/2021
Avira (v Clean 9/18/2021
Antiy-AVL (v Clean 9/18/2021
Kingsoft (v 2017.9.26.565) Clean 9/19/2021
Gridinsoft (v Clean 9/18/2021
Arcabit (v Clean 9/18/2021
ViRobot (v 2014.3.20.0) Clean 9/18/2021
ZoneAlarm (v 1.0) Clean 9/18/2021
Microsoft (v 1.1.18500.10) Clean 9/18/2021
Cynet (v Clean 9/18/2021
AhnLab-V3 (v Clean 9/18/2021
Acronis (v Clean 5/12/2021
McAfee (v Clean 9/18/2021
MAX (v 2019.9.16.1) Clean 9/19/2021
VBA32 (v 5.0.0) Clean 9/17/2021
Malwarebytes (v Clean 9/18/2021
Panda (v Clean 9/18/2021
Zoner (v Clean 9/18/2021
TrendMicro-HouseCall (v Clean 9/18/2021
Tencent (v Clean 9/19/2021
Yandex (v Clean 9/14/2021
Ikarus (v Clean 9/18/2021
eGambit (v ) Clean 9/19/2021
Fortinet (v Clean 9/18/2021
BitDefenderTheta (v 7.2.37796.0) Clean 9/8/2021
Cybereason (v 1.2.449) Clean 3/30/2021
Avast (v 21.1.5827.0) Clean 9/18/2021
MaxSecure (v Clean 9/18/2021

SHA-256 Hash: 0b4c88832dfcd548214fcfb21727b36c54bcf20704a03bd1218a76f3217d9243
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We've scanned using a variety of antivirus software and can bring you the following results.

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Points On A Canvas Virus Scan Report
Points On A Canvas Virus Scan Report
Points On A Canvas Virus Scan Report
Points On A Canvas Virus Scan Report
Points On A Canvas Virus Scan Report

What are people saying about Points On A Canvas

Ricky Rick I watched the Video and the narrator NEVER EVEN ONE TIME shows an example of HOW the product works - what it's supposed to do - what the program's purpose is. Totally worthless video! I doubt this developer will make many sales on Bits DJ or any other site because of the video. He may be a GENIUS programmer but certainly is one of the poorest marketers I've ever come across. Just telling it as I see it.
Mar 30 2014 at 8:36am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Ricky Rick - Thanks for your feedback. Please notice the new movies we've just added at the bottom of the promotion page description.
BitsDuJour Admin - Mar 30 2014 at 9:07am Copy Link
Matt Hello,

Could you give us some examples on we might use this software?

Thank you.
Jul 4 2014 at 5:17am Copy Link
Constantin Florea Sure, please notice below:
Web Designers: measure HTML layouts
Graphic Designers: measure photos and illustrations
Engineers: can be used for CAD, measure blueprints, plans and architectural drawings
Education: teach students physics, biology or maths
BitsDuJour Admin - Jul 4 2014 at 5:44am Copy Link
Kenneth Floyd The best feature recently to PDF's is the dimensioning ability. From what I read, this does it for other files, or is it display ratioed? How do you calibrate the scale?
Jul 4 2014 at 8:06am Copy Link
Constantin Florea You can define new measurement units either manually or using Live Calibration. After clicking on the Live Calibration menu option, there will be two points added to the canvas. You can drag these two points around the canvas to match the sides of an object for which you know the real dimensions. Then you can right click one of the two points and click on "Add New Measurement Unit" to define the new measurement unit: the onscreen dimension will be already filled in and the real dimensions would have to be filled in.

The application allows scaling of the measured values in the sense that all measurement values shown can be multiplied or divided by any value you want to, notice the Multiply Factor text box at the top left. It always multiplies but you can simulate a division by putting something less than 1 (for example 0.5).
BitsDuJour Admin - Jul 4 2014 at 8:14am Copy Link
Matt Hi Constantin,

Thank you for the very helpful ideas!

I just made the purchase. Very nice software!

Thanks again.
Jul 4 2014 at 9:49am Copy Link
HungryForDeals Can this measure pixel size on the screen for objects or images?
Jul 4 2014 at 12:00pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @HungryForDeals - The smallest unit the program can measure is pixel. To measure the distance between two corners of an image (or object), double click on the canvas to add two different points and drag the points on top of the corners. There will be a line drawn between the two points and in the middle of the line you should see the distance between the two points. You can either add a background image to the canvas or after adding the two points, you can make the canvas completely transparent leaving only the points (and the line between them) visible on top of your other opened windows. You would still be able to drag the points around the screen.
BitsDuJour Admin - Jul 4 2014 at 12:42pm Copy Link
Retired Engineer Can I mark known geometric points, such as the midpoint of a line, or the bisector of an angle? Is there a scripting language which would allow me to write routines to do this myself?
Jul 4 2014 at 5:03pm Copy Link
Roger Rines Will application work on Windows 10 Home & Pro version?
May 12 2016 at 11:36am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Roger Rines, We have tested it on Windows 10 Pro. I assume it also works on Windows 10 Home because the program doesn't have any special requirements in terms of the .DLL or files it uses. However I advise downloading the application first and testing it.
BitsDuJour Admin - May 13 2016 at 12:08am Copy Link
Barnet Hi Constantin, Is this a replacement of Screen Calipers?
Oct 29 2017 at 10:26am Copy Link
Constantin Florea Points On A Canvas is not meant as a replacement. It has some features which Screen Calipers doesn't but Points On A Canvas also does not have some features offered by Screen Calipers.
BitsDuJour Admin - Oct 29 2017 at 11:00am Copy Link
V M Hi,
Will this software work on W10 64bit?
May 19 2018 at 10:59am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @V M, Yes, it works on Windows 10 64bit.
BitsDuJour Admin - May 19 2018 at 11:29am Copy Link
Gunderic Hagen Hello!

I am looking for an app. to measure distances on a map. Say I'm looking at a specific road on google maps, which measures 400 km. Can I use your app to:

- Divide the road into 10km segments
- If affirmative, will it measure the road as land transport or only as the crow flies?

May 20 2018 at 2:01am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Gunderic Hagen, I am sorry that this is a bit of a long explanation but I want it to be accurate:

Ultimately the application measures the on screen distances in pixels and then converts that value to different units: inch, cm, km, and any other measurement units which you can easily create using the application.

If you're looking at the map from a very high point in the sky then the 400 km distance will look small on screen when measured in pixels. The more you decrease the altitude (and get closer to the road) the more the distance of that road will increase (when measured in pixels).

You can measure the distance at any altitude (zoom level of the map) you want however at any point in which you measure the distance you need to tell the application how much of the unit you're trying to measure (in this case kilometers) is represented by how many on screen pixels. The easiest way is to tell the application how many on screen pixels represent 1 kilometer. Of course you can tell it how many on screen pixels represent 0.5 kilometers, or even 0.25 kilometers but in these cases (0.5 km or 0.25 km) you would have to multiply the final results by 2 (in case of 0.5 km) or by 4 in case of (0.25 km) to get the final distance measured in kilometers. Ideally you should be able to know how many pixels represent 1 kilometer but in most cases you would know how many pixels represent a fraction of that kilometer (0.1, 0.15, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 km) etc.

You cannot measure any of the on screen objects accurately if you do not know how many pixels represent either one unit or a fraction of that unit on screen (in the image you're trying to measure).

Once you have that association and know how many pixels represent one unit or a fraction of that unit, you can either use the application's live calibration functionality to easily create the "km" unit, or you can define it manually. To define it you just need to specify the name of the unit, number of pixels and the amount in kilometers represented by that number of pixels (see the Calibrate Units -> Add (or Modify) Units menu option).

Then after defining it, you can select that measurement unit you just created to be the active measurement unit which will show the measurement results in that new unit (km).

So the first thing you need to do is zoom your map up to a point where you are able to get that association between pixels and your desired unit (km in this case) and if you change the zoom level at any point then you also need to create a new unit of measurement or use the live calibration functionality to create a new unit.

Once you have that association, you can add as many points (to create line segments) as you want and thus you can measure any distance.
BitsDuJour Admin - May 20 2018 at 4:00am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Gunderic Hagen, Actually I just realized that Google Maps provides at any zoom level (see the lower right corner of the screen) the association I was talking about in my comment above. So to define the new measurement unit manually you can measure the number of pixels for that line shown at the lower right corner of the screen and then use the value in front of that line as the value for the unit you are trying to measure.

So assume you see "100 m" in front of that line, and the line measures 85 pixels. Then you can define your "km" unit by specifying: 850 in the "Pixels" field (that is 85 x 10) and 1 in the "Length in Units" field when defining your "km" measurement unit.
BitsDuJour Admin - May 20 2018 at 4:14am Copy Link
Gunderic Hagen Hello!

Thank you VERY much for taking the time to explain this. I downloaded the trial version but unfortunately I was not able to make it work the way I need it.

Right now the way I am doing it is by moving the pins until I get the segment with the desirable length and then convert it to coordinates. Lot of work.... I have not found any app capable of dividing a road in segments. I think a developer coding it would have a one of a kind app.
Thanks again
May 20 2018 at 5:19am Copy Link
Thomas User Thanks a lot for this offer!
It's very sad that the payment does not work - neither by credit card not by PayPal.
I've always got:
Unable to continue with checkout because the PayPal / Creditcard payment was not authorized.

The Browser Title Displays: Error 99000
Jan 1 2019 at 3:25am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Thomas User, I just sent you an email.
BitsDuJour Admin - Jan 1 2019 at 3:36am Copy Link
Thomas User @Constantin Florea thank you for your answer!,
I've got the problem: the CreditCard was just blocked, I hope it's not because of this transaction… Unfortunately, the CreditCard can not answer details on holidays :-(
Jan 1 2019 at 3:47am Copy Link
John H Wow!, is this program way more complicated than it needs to be. I just want to measure straight line distances on Google maps.

No deal today.
Feb 10 2019 at 10:27pm Copy Link
H. H. @vendor
which software will be part of the upcoming
"Iconico Measurement Tools A La Carte"
offering at bdj?

thank you for clarifying in advance
Jun 9 2019 at 7:19am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @H. H., The "Iconico Measurement Tools A La Carte" deals will not actually be running. It is incorrectly marked as "Deal Coming Soon" by our system.
BitsDuJour Admin - Jun 9 2019 at 8:44am Copy Link
H. H. Oh, that s a pitty,
hopefully the deal will be run in the nearer future.
Nevertheless thank you for clarifying
Jun 9 2019 at 11:08am Copy Link
Jaison This and their Screen Calipers doesn't work on multi screens and the developers have made no attempt to make either of them do so.
Jan 20 at 4:19am Copy Link

Our virus scan reports this download is 100% Clean Free Download

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