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Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
RightNote ScreenshotNotes Software ScreenshotRightNote, Notes Software ScreenshotRightNote, Productivity Software ScreenshotNotes Software, RightNote ScreenshotProductivity Software, RightNote ScreenshotProductivity Software, Notes Software ScreenshotRightNote, Productivity Software, Notes Software ScreenshotRightNote Screenshot 8RightNote Screenshot 9RightNote Screenshot 10RightNote Screenshot 11RightNote Screenshot 12RightNote Screenshot 13RightNote Screenshot 14RightNote Screenshot 15RightNote Screenshot 16RightNote Screenshot 17

We all have to deal with bits and pieces of information on a daily basis: phone numbers, passwords, to-do lists, webpage snippets, research papers, accounting information, browser bookmarks, source code snippets... it never stops coming! So how do you deal with it all?

The answer is RightNote, and today you can get it at a massive discount!

RightNote allows you to store all your information in a single place and then find this information fast with full text search and highlighted search results. Protect sensitive information by putting a lock on selected notes or entire pages.

RightNote includes different types of notes to store different types of information. There's a word processing note for textual information, a spreadsheet note for accounting info or any type of list, a source code note for source code snippets, and a webpage note to save webpages for future reference and offline viewing . All your notes are stored in a hierarchical tree outline and can easily be moved around and re-organized at a later point. Folder notes and the unique folder tree allow you to view your outline at a higher level and make even large trees manageable.

    Well that's just the start. Here are a few other notable features included in RightNote:

  • - Webpage bookmarks to help you keep track of visited websites. The webpage thumbnail makes it very easy for you to remember the page you visited and associated information.
  • - Evernote compatibility via the Evernote note type which allows you to store and sync selected notes in the Evernote cloud.
  • - Journal tree (notes automatically arrange themselves by date created property, and can be viewed in a calendar)
  • - Outline and Task List note types (each note contains it's own inner tree of tasks)
  • - Dark mode
  • - Export your notebooks to web and mobile formats, so that you can acess your notes and information on your mobile devices.
  • - A simple reminder system.

Combined with keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys, and frequently used note lists, you'll discover an untapped realm of productivity once you start using RightNote!

Recently added:
Split Tree View - Easily move notes within a large tree, by seeing 2 copies of the same tree (so that you can move to different parts of the tree, in each pane).
Side Trees - Easily move notes to different pages (even from different notebooks), by seeing 2 trees side by side.

This promotion includes the following:
RightNote Professional ($44.96)
RightNote Standard ($22.46)
Prices are subject to vendor's pricing and may change
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Dierk RightNote is a tremendously useful "personal knowledge management" application.
Have been using the "Pro" version for over a year now (since an earlier BDJ promotion...). It has a large feature set - which admittedly can take some time to learn, even though a very good Example Database / User Guide is included.
Also, the program has been regularly updated, and has proven very robust.

Only the lack of a mobile version (Android - with Local Sync, of course!) keeps RightNote from being "Perfect." The Evernote sync function certainly helps in this regard, and may be sufficient for those users who "love" Evernote, but personally miss the direct device-to-device Sync (and mobile functionality) of PhatNotes (under WinMo 6.x & earlier - "ancient" tech now!).

Personal Preferences play a large role in one's opinion of Note Database / Text Database / PIM / Knowledge Management applications. But having tried numerous candidates over the years, RightNotes is a keeper, and heartily recommend at least trying out the Trial.

Oh: and take a quick spin through the RNUserGuide, as it provides a range of usage examples.
Feb 3 2014 at 6:44am Copy Link
J Hello Rael,

You responded to other people's questions but you skipped right over mine.

I'm a paying customer. I purchased RN yesterday.

Could you please reply to my comments and questions?

Thank you.
Jan 29 2016 at 5:18am Copy Link
Rael Bauer @J: Thanks for the report. I will look into the issue. Was there more than one problem?
Bauerapps - Jan 29 2016 at 5:29am Copy Link
J Hello Rael,

Thank you for your reply.

No, there was just the Tool Tray Icon issue. Similar problems with this icon have been mentioned by other users in earlier posts as well.

Thanks again!
Jan 29 2016 at 10:41am Copy Link
Drive Stark Naked Hi Rael,
Thanks for the outstanding software. RightNote is top shelf. I have been a pro user for some time now and I have become addicted to it.

I have a question however. I can't seem to get the reminder function to work. I have followed the directions in the help screen. I have entered the date & time for the reminder but the time comes & goes but no reminder appears.

I must be misunderstanding something or not looking in the right place for the reminder.

Additionally, I would like to throw my suggestion out for an Android version of right note. Is this possible?

Also what are some of the features that will be in 4.0 that will make version 3.0 obsolete?

Thanks for the great work.
Jan 29 2016 at 12:17pm Copy Link
Rael Bauer @ DSN: Thanks for the feedback. Yes, currently you do not get a reminder alert for an overdue reminder. It should be added in the future. Currently you would review the reminder list to see what is coming up and overdue.

I would like to add an Android version at some point.

I don't think features in version 4 would make features in v3 obsolete. It will just be new features.
Bauerapps - Feb 1 2016 at 12:07am Copy Link
Sebastian Guzek Hi Rael,

I've been really enjoying the Pro version. Something that might interest others is that the RichView note type provides the most formatting options I have ever seen in a note organizer, even with advanced support for tables with different borders. This is very handy since I have to document and create how-tos on daily basis.
Would be great if there was a GUI setting to quickly change to a minimalist view with only the tree, note editor and possibly the tree filter. I know you can customize the toolbars but having the option to quickly switch between full view and minimal view would make it even better. If not, is there a way to add a setting to always show tree filter box?
Keep up great work!


Mar 31 2016 at 11:09am Copy Link
tech club I'm trying out version 3.5.5, and seems that whenever I manually resize the app, or switch from maximized to a resizable window, the buttons disappear, only when hovering the mouse over the icons or closing an re-opening the app they come back again. Like if the app did not refresh the icons for the text editor (the top menu icons (new file, open, save, etc.) do not seem to be affected by this.

Is anyone else having this issue?
Jun 28 2016 at 9:45pm Copy Link
Rael Bauer @M User: Please contact us at our support email. (support at bauerapps dot com). We will give you instructions on how to purchase via normal bank transfer.
Bauerapps - Feb 3 2017 at 4:59am Copy Link
Rael Bauer @Steven Avery:
1) "Also the videos, finding #2 on Evernote is tuff". I did not understand what you mean.

2) Usually you will want to only open one notebook at a time and use the favorite files toolbar to easily/quickly move from one notebook to another. Also, I agree having an EN notebook correspond to a RN tab can be more natural. That is something I would like to support in the future.

3) Sorry I got a bit confused with your terminology and did not understand what you were referring to when you say "or a notebook with a note RNUserGuide". Bear in mind, with EN sync you only sync the special "Evernote note type" not other note types. The existing RN User Guide contains mainly Richview note type so those notes are not going to sync. You would need to first convert them to Evernote note types.
Bauerapps - Feb 3 2017 at 5:00am Copy Link
Greg Newell Never recieved License Key.
Feb 5 2017 at 12:13pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Greg Newell, I've just contacted the vendor regarding the issue you mention as he will be able to send you the registration information .
BitsDuJour Admin - Feb 5 2017 at 12:46pm Copy Link
Rael Bauer @Greg: I replied to your email and sent you the license key. If you do not receive an email make sure to check your spam folder!
Bauerapps - Feb 5 2017 at 1:55pm Copy Link
Steven Avery 1) apparently on YouTube you have two videos that are on Evernote-Rightnote integration. One finishes nicely, but does not go directly to the 2nd, in my experience, and I do not immediately see it on the right hand side.

2) I will have to try out the "Favorite Files Toolbar". However, the tabs interface would be ideal, so glad you have that on upgrade list.

3) Ok, understood. Is there a way to convert notes to Evernote format? Granted, that would lose a lot of formatting, but there may be times when it would be appropriate.
Feb 6 2017 at 7:22am Copy Link
Rael Bauer @Steven: To change the note type you go to "Note Properties" (F2), then click on the content type (next to "Content"). Currently you can only do one note at a time. It is planned to allow batch conversion.
Bauerapps - Feb 10 2017 at 3:23am Copy Link
Rob No license key email.
I purchased RightNote Professional but have had no registration license key email from the vendor. I have emailed them once using their contact form on the BauerApps website and again directly using their email address. I have checked in all my email folders (including the spam folder) for their reply. There has been no reply from them.

I understand from the receipt invoice from BitsDuJour that the vendor is processing orders manually but it has been over 24 hours and I still have had no registration email from them.
Jan 10 2018 at 1:25pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Rob, I am sorry about the issue. I have also emailed the vendor regarding the issue you mention.
BitsDuJour Admin - Jan 10 2018 at 1:29pm Copy Link
Rob Just to update this post.
Have now received the license key from BauerApps.

Even with the delay on receiving the registration email I would still heartily recommend RightNote. After trying many of these note-taking applications the options this software affords for keeping information in order is fantastic. The trial is a generous 30 days and the app is still regularly updated with even more features being added.

...and a quick thank you to BitsDuJour for providing these great deals for so long now. Being a bit of a software junkie I do really appreciate it.
Jan 11 2018 at 2:51pm Copy Link
Fred User Maybe this has already been asked and answered. Does this work on Mac or iPad?
Jul 1 2018 at 9:11pm Copy Link
Rael Bauer HI Fred: No. It is Windows only.
Bauerapps - Jul 2 2018 at 3:15am Copy Link
Viks User How do I use spell check? The option 'Spelling' as shown in the attached screenshots in the article is not present in my main menu.
Jul 5 2018 at 7:48am Copy Link
Rael Bauer The menu changes depending on the type of the current note. The spelling option is only available for the Richview note type. If you are unsure of the note type, press F2 (Note properties) and see description next to "contents".
Bauerapps - Jul 5 2018 at 8:14am Copy Link
Tom User I have not received a license key by email and would like to resend my order. Please credit me the $22.46 for my standard version order.
Sep 10 2018 at 3:15am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Tom User, I just refunded your order. Please notice it may take between 5 and 10 business days for the money to be back in your account.
BitsDuJour Admin - Sep 10 2018 at 3:45am Copy Link
Tom User Thank you so much.
Sep 10 2018 at 12:46pm Copy Link
won User I am wondering rightnote deal is still working? Can i get the license key after purchasing at this BitsDujour site?
Sep 14 2018 at 2:59am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @won User, Yes you will receive the key upon your purchase, however for this promotion there will be a delay of up to 24 hours until you receive the key. The delay is because the vendor will send you the keys manually.
BitsDuJour Admin - Sep 14 2018 at 3:01am Copy Link
K Anderson FYI
We make a specific disclaimer about webpage capture in our license agreement:

"Disclaimer regarding saving webpages
The Software makes no claims or guarantees as to the quality of downloaded webpages, or to it's ability to download a specific webpage. It also makes no commitment to improving it's ability to download any particular webpage."
Nov 25 2018 at 1:41pm Copy Link
Ken Gado Waiting for a deep discount :)
May 29 2019 at 2:03pm Copy Link
Mark The website does work from the U.S. now, but I've sent two contact messages to developer with no response. Interested in program but have a couple of questions for them.
Apr 1 2020 at 6:42am Copy Link
Rael Bauer Hi Mark: Did you use our contact form? I have not received any messages from a Mark recently...
Bauerapps - Apr 1 2020 at 9:14am Copy Link
Mark Hi Rael... yes, used the form on the website; must've got stuck in a spam folder or something. Frankly I don't remember my questions now -- they came to me as I was testing your program (which is excellent by the way, from everything I've seen so far). Can I post my questions here when I recall them? Or I can use a gmail address at your website, should work OK.


Apr 1 2020 at 11:09am Copy Link
Rael Bauer Mark - not sure what happened with your previous emails. I'd suggest to first try and contact us via the website contact page or using our support email address. If you don't hear from us then you can post your question here. :)
Bauerapps - Apr 1 2020 at 3:42pm Copy Link
Mark Very good, thank you Rael.
Apr 2 2020 at 8:12am Copy Link
Michael User RightNote could be the one and only software for storing information, if some lacking features would be added:

- It should be possible to refer one and the same note to multiple folders; tagging isn't an efficient alternative;
- All note editors should be able to be zoomed, so u have a nice font size for writing. In fact it is only possible to zoom in RichEdit - notes and RightNote won't remember the size after restart.
- Templates should save not only font options but paragraph options too.
- Itshould be possible to export multiple files saved in attachment notes at once, not one after the other.
- last but not least (as already mentioned by others): an android version for the phone with synchronizing.

I tried out lots of similar software - RightNote has the potential to become the one to stay. But not right now.
Oct 16 2020 at 1:13pm Copy Link
Charles Beauchamp Does RightNote have:

1) Boolean logic search capability?

2) Synonym thesaurus capability in its search functionality?

3) Ability to code, e.g., iCD-10, CPT, SNOMED-CT, MESH code +/- synonym thesaurus functionality

4) Quantify Boolean relationships idenfified?

5) Do qualitative analysis using a synonym thesaurus +/- Boolean relationships?

Thanks for your comments
Dec 25 2021 at 12:23pm Copy Link
Rael Bauer @Charles: 1) In the options section of the search pane, you can specify to search for "All the words" or "Any of the words" or "Exact phrase". So these options are providing AND logic or OR logic for provided search terms. If the user wants more control, i.e they can provide AND or OR words in the search box, and then these will take precedence over selected options.

With regard to your other questions, yes, the answer is no :). I have never heard of nor seen such search options before. Do you have another software in mind that is providing these options?
Bauerapps - Dec 31 2021 at 3:58am Copy Link
WhoIsThis This is lifetime version?
Mar 18 2022 at 4:18am Copy Link
Rael Bauer Hi, No. It is for the std or pro version.
Bauerapps - Mar 18 2022 at 4:44am Copy Link
WhoIsThis how long do I get updates for this?
Mar 18 2022 at 4:46am Copy Link
Rael Bauer 12 months
Bauerapps - Mar 18 2022 at 5:26am Copy Link
WhoIsThis And after i need to pay full price?
Mar 18 2022 at 7:43am Copy Link
Rael Bauer No, upgrades are at a discount. See more pricing info here:
Bauerapps - Mar 19 2022 at 2:20pm Copy Link
Metta (2) Do internal links work within the webbook exports?
Jun 7 2022 at 12:17am Copy Link
Rael Bauer Yes, they should.
Bauerapps - Jun 7 2022 at 5:15am Copy Link
Tazzie Does the newest version have a Dark Mode yet?
Jun 8 2022 at 10:33pm Copy Link
Rael Bauer Yes. Personally I've been using the "Gnome Dark Flat" theme for quite a while now :)
Bauerapps - Jun 9 2022 at 3:37am Copy Link
Broisin Geoffrey It has become an essential daily software for me! This is the only one who can do everything he does. And this is awesome.
I use it as a powerful knowledge database. Both professionally (to register a lot of various important things like texts, documents, images...) and for hobbies (for example, I make my own programming notebook).
Nov 7 2022 at 12:08pm Copy Link
Rael Bauer Thanks Broisin
Bauerapps - Nov 7 2022 at 4:03pm Copy Link
Michael Crosson I generally like the software, but the upgrade deals are stingy and relatively expensive once you purchase RightNote. It sucks today's deal here can not be used for those who want to upgrade. For these reasons I do not upgrade and have moved on to other similar programs.
Dec 16 2022 at 12:13pm Copy Link
Robert Crombie The RightNote web te is down.
I have older ver 4.9 and was looking to upgrade to latest
PS Michael,
what are the similar programs (if I find the upgrade is too expensive) ?
Mar 22 2023 at 5:24pm Copy Link
Rael Bauer Should be fine now.
Bauerapps - Mar 23 2023 at 2:14pm Copy Link
WhoIsThis If the 1 year that came with the license has expired, it simply disables the editing function in the application. Other applications only disable the updating.

Not worth buying!
Apr 11 2023 at 1:44am Copy Link
Rael Bauer @WhoIsThis: Not so. Your license will work indefinitely with any RightNote version you were entitled to by the license (i.e. 12 months of free upgrades). If you are having a problem, please contact support so we can help you out.
Bauerapps - Apr 13 2023 at 4:00pm Copy Link
John User I bought ver 3 back in 2013. I never used but did understand the usefulness.
I finally started seriously using my 11 year old license. Thank you.

There are a few quirks so it is time to upgrade to the 64 bit version.

Wish list:
1- give us the option to remove anything in the interface to do with Evernote.
2- Let me be able to make a PDF document a single note or node.
Apr 23 at 1:53pm Copy Link

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