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Organize Piles of Info in One Spot

v5.6.1 for PC  Download Trial
Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
RightNote ScreenshotNotes Software ScreenshotRightNote, Notes Software ScreenshotRightNote, Productivity Software ScreenshotNotes Software, RightNote ScreenshotProductivity Software, RightNote ScreenshotProductivity Software, Notes Software ScreenshotRightNote, Productivity Software, Notes Software ScreenshotRightNote Screenshot 8RightNote Screenshot 9RightNote Screenshot 10RightNote Screenshot 11RightNote Screenshot 12RightNote Screenshot 13RightNote Screenshot 14RightNote Screenshot 15RightNote Screenshot 16

We all have to deal with bits and pieces of information on a daily basis: phone numbers, passwords, to-do lists, webpage snippets, research papers, accounting information, browser bookmarks, source code snippets... it never stops coming! So how do you deal with it all?

The answer is RightNote, and today you can get it at a massive discount!

RightNote allows you to store all your information in a single place and then find this information fast with full text search and highlighted search results. Protect sensitive information by putting a lock on selected notes or entire pages.

RightNote includes different types of notes to store different types of information. There's a word processing note for textual information, a spreadsheet note for accounting info or any type of list, a source code note for source code snippets, and a webpage note to save webpages for future reference and offline viewing . All your notes are stored in a hierarchical tree outline and can easily be moved around and re-organized at a later point. Folder notes and the unique folder tree allow you to view your outline at a higher level and make even large trees manageable.

    Well that's just the start. Here are a few other notable features included in RightNote:

  • - Webpage bookmarks to help you keep track of visited websites. The webpage thumbnail makes it very easy for you to remember the page you visited and associated information.
  • - Evernote compatibility via the Evernote note type which allows you to store and sync selected notes in the Evernote cloud.
  • - Journal tree (notes automatically arrange themselves by date created property, and can be viewed in a calendar)
  • - Outline and Task List note types (each note contains it's own inner tree of tasks)
  • - Dark mode
  • - Export your notebooks to web and mobile formats, so that you can acess your notes and information on your mobile devices.
  • - A simple reminder system.

Combined with keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys, and frequently used note lists, you'll discover an untapped realm of productivity once you start using RightNote!

This promotion includes the following:
RightNote Professional v5.6.1 ($59.95)
RightNote Standard v5.6.1 ($29.95)
The Conversation
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Tore User This is one of the few pieces of software I use on a regular and frequent basis. It's simple and does exactly what you expect it to do.

I've used v2.9 and earlier versions since 2013-ish and today I finally got around to upgrade to v5.

As far as I can recall from back then, the developer also provides great support.
Jul 20 at 4:25am Copy Link
Stew Cam v5 has been out for over 2 years. Does this promotion include the upgrade to v6 when available?
Jul 20 at 5:04am Copy Link
Edward Smith If you are fence-sitting on this one, go for it. I have used this program forever. I use RightNote every day of my life, have a ton of information in it, and never had any problems. Really great program.
Jul 20 at 5:32am Copy Link
Metta (2) Is any discount available for a Pro to Lifetime upgrade?
Jul 20 at 6:37am Copy Link
lisba f I have the 5.3.3 version and tried today to upgrade to 5.6.1, but it says that this is a "paid update". I thought it should be free!...
Jul 20 at 9:52am Copy Link
Rael Bauer Hi Stew: When you purchase a license, it entitles you to free updates for 12 months. So version number is not taken into consideration for that. We don't reserve new features for a new major version. They may be included in a minor version update aswell.
Bauerapps - Jul 20 at 10:23am Copy Link
Rael Bauer @Metta: Unfortunately not. We reserve the Lifetime upgrade for helping to support future development, so we do not offer it at a discount.
Bauerapps - Jul 20 at 10:24am Copy Link
Rael Bauer @lisba f: As mentioned to Stew, the license entitles you to free updates for 12 months.
Bauerapps - Jul 20 at 10:26am Copy Link
Robert Crombie I was a senior systems analyst in IT for 20 years.
If I had a time machine, I would send a copy back to myself.
This program is invaluable.
I have never seen anything as good (and I could not design anything better).

Especially for the elderly (who retired 21 years ago) with flaky memory,
PS If you have multiple files, there is a way to get tabs for each of them in the toolbar. That makes swapping between files, a single mouse click.
Jul 20 at 7:17pm Copy Link
Stew Cam I was a registered user of this program till version 5.1. In response to the various enthusiastic comments, I concede that it is an excellent option for notes management. However, in the end I moved over to Essential PIM, which also has a great notes module. A key advantage of EPIM for me is the much wider range of sync options. In particular, the wireless sync from EPIM desktop to EPIM Android is a huge plus. There is also an app for iPhone/iPad.
Jul 20 at 7:36pm Copy Link
geo User Hello.
Can anyone comment on how well the web page capture works and in which browser? Just as a note, I really use Firefox and Vivaldi.
Do the web pages look like the original viewed ones and if not what are the differences?
Hope Rael Bauer will chime in on this question.
Thanks to all in advance.
Jul 20 at 11:43pm Copy Link
Martyn User I have a lifetime upgrade for RNP - there is simply nothing better. If you have pretty much any organisational needs then this is the one, without question ??
Jul 21 at 2:30am Copy Link
Rael Bauer Thanks to all for the support comments. Much appreciated.
Bauerapps - Jul 21 at 7:18am Copy Link
Rael Bauer @geo User: It does depend on the webpage in question. Usually results will be good for "information" type of websites, with not that much "dynamic" content. If the website has a lot of dynamic content (moving parts), then results will be more variable.

The webpage capture does not depend on the browser used (it is performed within RightNote), however currently vivaldi is not supported.
Bauerapps - Jul 21 at 8:38am Copy Link
Javier Gil I've been using this program for years. The best of its kind, by far! I bought the pro version, it's worth it.
Jul 21 at 9:40am Copy Link
Dierk Stew Cam: "I moved over to Essential PIM,... wider range of sync options."

FWIW, I also use Essential PIM ("Pro") as well as RightNote (Pro), but as much as I admire EPim - and wish that RN offered an Android version - the Notes module in EPim is not nearly as capable as RN, at least for MY usage.

EPim seems better suited to Shorter Text Notes, whereas RN handles a variety of data rather well (Ex: Spreadsheets & Graphics), and has much more powerful Search capability. To be fair, I Like Targeted apps, and run EPim, RN, AND eWallet side-by-side.

Note: The Webbook Export in RN is useful for getting data over to an mobile device / Chromebook, but while the output is handy, I find the process of getting there somewhat clunky...
Wednesday at 11:44am Copy Link
Edson Galindo I already have a license to 5, have not used for a while, there were a few things that I enjoyed like passwords for certain notes, also the way it could keep notes like a diary.

Anyway right now I am using another system mainly because its on the cloud.

Is there any extra discount on renewing as I already have a Pro license?
Wednesday at 2:33pm Copy Link
MojoMan Hi Rael,

Just wanted to check to see if the archiving of webpage has changed to enable an actual live webpage (live links) to be saved and not simply an image... and whether RN can maintain the formatting for webpages yet?
Wednesday at 5:32pm Copy Link
Rich OBrien I've used RightNote all day, every day for nine years since 2012 when BitsDuJour brought this highly useful software to my attention.
Besides copying a website directly into RightNote, many times I point at a website and press Ctrl A to select all. Then to paste that website into RightNote, I use RightNote's right click mouse menu to Add Sibling - Richview. I click on that new blank page and from the right click mouse menu, I choose Paste - HTML Format. If the website contains mostly text, I can easily change the text font and increase the font size to make it more readable.
RightNote's Paste - HTML Format pastes website text and pictures. But if a wanted picture fails to paste from a website, I use the superior screen capture software Snagit or PickPick to easily copy and paste any picture into RightNote where I want it. And Rightnote lets us drag the corner of the picture to resize the picture before saving the web page.
RightNote competitors such as Nimbus Note don't provide a way to change fonts and font sizes. And without this much used feature, I'm staying with RightNote.
Thursday at 2:32am Copy Link
Shazza Are there any mobile apps for this? It seems from the website that it’s windows only. I have several Windows Machines and an ipad, and I’m looking for something to replace OneNote. This looks like a possible contender, but lack of mobile is a concern, so I’m hoping I’ve just missed something.
Thursday at 3:39am Copy Link
M User @Rich OBrien: RightNote competitors such as Nimbus Note don't provide a way to change fonts and font sizes.

Hello?? This is totally wrong. Nimbus Notes have a full (text) editor, included blocks and many more !! In fact, Nimbus is superiour. In desktopapp click in text to make the editor on top visible. In webinterface you see it always.

You can change all things you said or drag en drop text blocks to another place.
I use RNP too, just like EPIM Pro, Evernote, Bear, Drafts, Craft, Notability, DEVONthink, Notion, Joplin, ... all with sync to iOS. That's what RN(P) is missing - in fact a big issue. I know about the sync with EN, but that's a different thing...

Snagit is indeed worlds very best screenshotter ;)

A 30+ year high-end senior IT-er.
Thursday at 3:47am Copy Link
emails forme Purchased RN and then switched to EPIM soon after. It could handle a large collection of notes and search through them quicker. EPIM Android was hit and miss tho with long wait times to get issues fixed. Devs slow to respond. Switched over to Nimbus notes and it all works as it should on Windows and Android.
Thursday at 4:12am Copy Link
Martyn User @M User - Try Faststone Capture ????Now that’s the best trust me ????
Thursday at 5:47am Copy Link
M User @Martyn User I said ...i'm a 30+ year high-end IT engineer. I have all (the better) screenshotters. ShareX, Greenshot, PickPick, Lightscreen, Faststone Cap, Snap, and so on..

Believe me: the industrial pro-standard = Snagit. Library build-in (!) - tagging - scrolling pages (as one of the first for years) ,Templates and so much more! FS Cap is a little one in comparison. But it can be the best for you...

So, sorry, I can't trust you :)
Thursday at 6:01am Copy Link
Kelly Hamblin I'm currently using version, and I'm very happy with it. Before purchasing an upgrade license, I'd like to know two things: 1) is the help file still offline; 2) would installing over the current version destroy all my settings?
Thursday at 7:09am Copy Link
M User @Kelly Hamblin :

1. build-in (so yes, still offline)
2. No, though new settings have been added since then ;)
Thursday at 7:30am Copy Link
Kelly Hamblin Thanks. Just what I wanted to hear.
Thursday at 9:44am Copy Link
Rael Bauer Hi all, sorry for the delayed reply, I had a power outage earlier today..

@Edson: This promotion is for new licenses, however if you contact us at our support email (support at bauerapps dot com), we can offer you a small discount on the upgrade license.
Bauerapps - Thursday at 9:55am Copy Link
Rael Bauer Hi MojoMan: Hmm, not sure what you mean by "live links"?

"...and whether RN can maintain the formatting for webpages yet?" It can. Not entirely sure what you are referring to.
Bauerapps - Thursday at 9:55am Copy Link
Rael Bauer @Shazza: Currently there are no mobile apps. Perhaps in the future these will be added.
Bauerapps - Thursday at 9:55am Copy Link
Rael Bauer @Kelly: as M User has answered: 1) Yes, and 2) No
Bauerapps - Thursday at 9:56am Copy Link
Dierk Had managed to miss Nimbus Note so took a peek at it (was intrigued by their "educational" blurb). With admittedly only a short trial, it seems much closer to OneNote or EverNote in terms of data organization than to RightNote.

Obviously a LOT of people like OneNote, and EverNote - and apparently Nimbus as well - but I PERSONALLY prefer the organizational scheme that RN uses over any of these. To be fair, Familiarity probably plays a role in that preference, and can easily see how a desire for specific features could sway someone toward any of these options.

Will "note" that the Advanced features of Nimbus come with a relatively high price tag - and a focus on Group usage - which puts it into a different competitive market. "Apples and Oranges" if you will.
Thursday at 8:46pm Copy Link
Robert Crombie Dierk, One of the posters here mentions he has had 30 years in IT.
I had 20 years as Senior Analyst in IT.

I could not have designed a better program than RN,
PS Wish I had a copy of it, when I was doing my analyzing/designing
Thursday at 9:10pm Copy Link

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