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Simple Data BackupDiscount

Simple Data Backup

v8.9.1 for PC 
Platforms: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
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Simple Data Backup is quite possibly the easiest backup solution out there! It is easy and efficient backup software that creates non-proprietary backups. It can back up folders/files from one drive to another anytime you want on-demand (including with an optional direct shortcut on your desktop to run the backup), on a schedule, or at logon.

Back up to another hard drive, network drive, flash drive, the 'cloud' (Internet server) via FTP, SSH, or WebDav, DVD (if packet-writing software is installed) and more. It can create identical folder/file structures on the backup drive, or can compress the data as .ZIP or LZMA-compressed .7z files. It can back up "in use" files (including Outlook data), monitor and alert you to any errors including potentially by email/SMS or reporting status to the web, and it automatically handles the whole full/incremental backup thing that other programs make you deal with.

Simple Data Backup is powerful, stable, and secure, but also simple - just pick the folders you want to be backed up and a few settings and you're done!

Please note folks: you must first run the software within 5 days and be connected to the Internet while doing so or it will not activate correctly with full functionality.

Review Written by Constantin Florea
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Edo User good
Dec 15 2019 at 10:35am Copy Link
Donald Baker Installed and used while connected to internet and still shows as free version. Please advise.
Dec 17 2019 at 2:10am Copy Link
Chris (SDB Developer) Donald, I would suggest first uninstalling and reinstalling SDB and seeing if the problem persists. If that does not solve it, could you share what type of Internet you have (high-speed like cable/DSL, dial-up, etc)?
Simple Data Backup - Dec 17 2019 at 11:01am Copy Link
Donald Baker Hi Chris I uninstalled and then reinstalled , still not registering. I use Wireless 4Meg Shaped Uncapped.
Dec 17 2019 at 11:43am Copy Link
Zoltan User It does not register as Pro.
Dec 17 2019 at 12:12pm Copy Link
Chris (SDB Developer) Zoltan, No, it registers as a GA Edition, not Pro. When you click the About button it should show GA Edition, which as far as core functionality is the same as Pro. Donald, I'm not sure if this is the problem for you or not, but I have identified a possible problem specific to this giveaway version for users not using traditional high-speed Internet where it might not register correctly. Unfortunately there is no workaround available. My sincere apologies.
Simple Data Backup - Dec 17 2019 at 1:24pm Copy Link
Chris (SDB Developer) To be clear, the vast majority of users should have no problem with this installing and registering correctly. However, due to a problem specific to this giveaway edition, some users using either dial-up or cellular-data-assisted Internet (using a cellular wifi card etc) may possibly cause it to only register as the free edition which is more limited. My apologies for this oversight.
Simple Data Backup - Dec 17 2019 at 2:55pm Copy Link
Zoltan User I see as the program for "cloud" syncing just calls WinSCP and "put" the file to the server through the cloud allowed protocols.
It could be managed by a cmd / batch solution as well, so "no need" to go for pro...
Dec 17 2019 at 3:08pm Copy Link
Chris (SDB Developer) Zoltan, the giveaway edition already has this functionality and cloud backups are only one of several benefits to this, including a very big item of being able to create multiple backups. If you want to fool around with making your own batch solution to upload backups to the cloud, have at it... Simple Data Backup is called SIMPLE Data Backup for a reason - it's precisely geared for users that AREN'T interested in having to figure out how to do such things on their own or full around with command-line backup utilities or running their own tools or created batch files. If you prefer such things or just prefer a more complicated program with more cloud options, there's plenty of other backup options out there that might be a better fit for you.
Simple Data Backup - Dec 17 2019 at 3:29pm Copy Link
Donald Baker OK I found my problem. I use a VPN and when I disconnected the VPN it registered without any problem.
Dec 17 2019 at 11:44pm Copy Link
k User Why is this listed as available in my email digest today, but when I try to get it, it says the deal is expired?
Dec 18 2019 at 12:22am Copy Link
J User Excellent Install. Nice program. Thanks
Dec 18 2019 at 12:52am Copy Link
Chris (SDB Developer) k User, I'm just the developer of the software and cannot really answer for this site, but yes it is true that an email seemed to go out only a few hours prior to this expiring. Though not my fault per se, please accept my apologies. You are welcome to click the link above on this page to go direct to my website and download the free edition - for many users, the free edition may suffice.
Simple Data Backup - Dec 18 2019 at 12:56am Copy Link
Frank Carreira What's this, came in 6 hours ago but "expired' already??? And still says "$0 today only" ????
Dec 18 2019 at 4:33am Copy Link
Bob Horton I also get the “deal expired” message. BDJ, are you guys on top of this? Kudos to Chris for his quick responses to issues on the SW itself.

As a long-time user, I’m confident the BDJ team will clean up their end quickly

Dec 18 2019 at 4:53am Copy Link
Kimberly User Hi. Purchased free 'Pro' version on the 21st and cannot download from the site today. It says install and register within FIVE days after purchase. It's only been about 29 hours or so since purchase. How do I download?
Dec 22 2019 at 5:33am Copy Link
Chris (SDB Developer) Kimberly, It says to install within 5 days, not download. This promotion was active through December 20, 2019. The download link remained active through the following day December 21, 2019, but was removed today on the 22nd. It is always wise to download a promotion while it is being offered. Just because the software may be installed later does not mean that the download links will be available later.
Simple Data Backup - Dec 22 2019 at 3:17pm Copy Link
Mario Demi will there be an offer to upgrade?
Oct 24 2021 at 10:25pm Copy Link
S User I would also be happy if you offer an upgrade to the current version
Jan 10 2022 at 2:09am Copy Link

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