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Virus Scan for SyncBelt

Easily Sync Folders with a Click of a Button

SyncBelt lets you sync folders with just a click of a button, offering an easy, safe, and reliable method with a high level of control.

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SyncBelt Virus Scan Report
SyncBelt Virus Scan Report
SyncBelt Virus Scan Report
SyncBelt Virus Scan Report
SyncBelt Virus Scan Report

What are people saying about SyncBelt

Robert User @Anfibia:

I was excited to see a new Sync software package offered on BItsDuJour. I have purchased just about every Sync software ever offered on BitsDuJour, just to add to the overall capabilities I might need at some point.

>"Upgrades to future versions of the software will be free up to the next major version. For versions after that, upgrades will require additional payment, which will not be discounted."
So, every time a new major version number is released, the user has to totally repurchase the software to continue using new major upgrades. That is a tough thing to buy into. Typically, BitsDuJour customers like to see upgrades priced around 60% off to thank those customers that bought into your software previously. Companies that have done that are continuing to survive and continue to make offers on BitsDuJour, and customers respond with more purchases. If the 60% off didn't work for them, they wouldn't still be around.

Maintenance is required for upgrades, and is included free in the initial purchase. After the first year, maintenance will have to be renewed for any new updates and upgrades, yet your FAQs section does not provide an answer to what all that entails. Instead, the "How can I renew maintenance?" question is answered with "Contact us." Again, the potential customer is left hanging.

Even though the program is not in the cloud, it is web-based, and therefore must be controlled through a web browser. Why? I don't want to have a browser set up to run software that should be local to my computer or to even have a special browser tab to access the program. Running a program from a browser introduces too many privacy concerns; some that your software then has access to many other things going on on my local computer, and also the potential to be hacked by outsiders. The only reason I can see why a web browser would be required is either the software starts its own server, or it needs to contact a remote server, both things I do not want. My other Sync software programs work fine without the need for a browser. Why not a regular program that the user can access like any other program? Who wants to use a browser to control software on their PC? Or, does "SyncBelt is not in the cloud" mean that files being synced exist and remain on the user's local computer, but the SyncBelt software is running on a remote server?

The program is only available for Windows 10. Why? Therefore, if a user wanted to utilize a Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 OS to take advantage of an older PC, they cannot. Thus, the program must be run on (very likely) the user's everyday OS. Backup operations are inherently disk intensive and can be a hindrance to the user wanting to do other work.

This program has not proven itself in the field, and likely will go through several changes to compete with other "tried-and-true" sync and backup software solutions. So far, you have only two versions released, both within the 1.x range. The current release (1.0.543) was released 15 days after the initial release (1.0.484) (June 20, 2021-July 5, 2021). Without knowing how often you will release updates and how often you come out with a new full version, potential purchasers cannot predict whether the price is worth it compared to an alternative such as SyncBack and others.

For this offer at this time, I am sorry to say that I think I will pass.
Aug 21 2021 at 1:35am Copy Link
lisba f @Robert User:

Could you share some 'reviews' you may have trying sync/backup programs (I'm very interesting too for this kind of software). Thanks in advance.
Aug 22 2021 at 1:18pm Copy Link
Robert User @lisba f:
Thanks for the interest. I agree that could be a good thing to have, however, I think that would be unfair to Anfibia and BitsDuJour to do that here.

As a rule, I do not post reviews of products in any manner that could detract from what is being offered on any site. Since in BitsDuJour's history, numerous others have mentioned an alternative, I had no quarrel in mentioning SyncBack.

I have created a very large list of reviews for a wide range of products but they are not online. They have been used as part of my job advising companies. Therefore, it would be wrong to provide the same online for free. I might consider that after I fully retire, but my biggest reason for retiring would be mainly to do the things I do not have the time to do currently.

This is BitsDuJour's platform. It is not for my use to promote or review other products. As long as BitsDuJour respects me, I have no reason to disrespect BitsDuJour. So far, that has worked out pretty well.

I hope you can understand my point of view on this matter.
Aug 22 2021 at 10:15pm Copy Link

Our virus scan reports this download is 100% Clean Free Download

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