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Virus Scan for Tenorshare Data Recovery WinPE

Rescue Data When Windows Won't Boot

Tenorshare Data Recovery WinPE lets you create an emergency boot disk to let you recover files when Windows won’t boot correctly.

Our virus scan reports this download is 100% Clean Free Download

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Website Malware/Phishing Scan - Tenorshare

We've scanned using a variety of antivirus software and can bring you the following results.

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Bkav Unrated site
CMC Threat Intelligence Clean site
Snort IP sample list Clean site
VX Vault Clean site
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PhishLabs Unrated site
K7AntiVirus Clean site
CINS Army Clean site
Quttera Clean site
BlockList Clean site
PrecisionSec Unrated site
OpenPhish Clean site
0xSI_f33d Unrated site
Feodo Tracker Clean site
ADMINUSLabs Clean site
Scantitan Clean site
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Sophos Clean site
Phishtank Clean site
Cyan Unrated site
Spam404 Clean site
CRDF Clean site
Rising Clean site
Fortinet Clean site Clean site
Lionic Clean site
Cyble Clean site
Seclookup Clean site
Xcitium Verdict Cloud Unrated site
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SafeToOpen Unrated site
ArcSight Threat Intelligence Unrated site
ESTsecurity Clean site
Juniper Networks Clean site
Heimdal Security Clean site
AutoShun Unrated site
Trustwave Clean site
CyRadar Clean site
Dr.Web Clean site
Emsisoft Clean site
Abusix Clean site
Webroot Clean site
Avira Clean site
securolytics Clean site
Antiy-AVL Clean site
AlphaSOC Unrated site
Acronis Clean site
Quick Heal Clean site
URLQuery Unrated site
Ermes Unrated site
Viettel Threat Intelligence Clean site
DNS8 Clean site
AILabs (MONITORAPP) Clean site Clean site
EmergingThreats Clean site
Chong Lua Dao Clean site
Yandex Safebrowsing Clean site
Lumu Unrated site
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SOCRadar Unrated site
URLhaus Clean site
PREBYTES Clean site
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Netcraft Unrated site
ZeroCERT Clean site
Phishing Database Clean site
MalwarePatrol Clean site
Sangfor Clean site
IPsum Clean site
Malwared Clean site
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GreenSnow Clean site
G-Data Clean site
VIPRE Unrated site Clean site
PhishFort Unrated site URL checker Clean site
Forcepoint ThreatSeeker Clean site
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ThreatHive Clean site
Bfore.Ai PreCrime Clean site

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Tenorshare Data Recovery WinPE Virus Scan Report
Tenorshare Data Recovery WinPE Virus Scan Report
Tenorshare Data Recovery WinPE Virus Scan Report
Tenorshare Data Recovery WinPE Virus Scan Report
Tenorshare Data Recovery WinPE Virus Scan Report

What are people saying about Tenorshare Data Recovery WinPE

Yew Peng Tan I want Tenorshare Data Recovery WinPE
Jun 23 2014 at 5:35am Copy Link
Matheus Santos I want Tenorshare Data Recovery WinPE too!
Jun 23 2014 at 9:13am Copy Link
cody ritchie I would also love to try. I am always looking for new software that would be worth buying but need a way to test it. Thanks
Jun 23 2014 at 1:10pm Copy Link
Henrich Hawk Sorry, but the Avast says: This soft contains Win32: malware-gen (pologon exe)?! What we do?
Jun 24 2014 at 2:59am Copy Link
amanda tsai @Henrich
Hi, This is Angel Harrison from Tenorshare support team.
We are sorry for the trouble caused. It seems there are some compatible issues there with your antivirus program. We are promised the software is quite safe. We will check that problem soon.
Tenorshare - Jun 24 2014 at 3:39am Copy Link
George N Chamberlain Sr Got warning from Emsisoft Anti-Malware of
Jun 24 2014 at 3:44am Copy Link
Trucker I wonder about something that there isn't talked about, yet. How do you get your data recovered with this software ? All it does is booting the PC...
Jun 24 2014 at 4:33am Copy Link
Jon Spain I was interested in the Pro offer but the link doesn't work!

Jun 24 2014 at 5:06am Copy Link
Tom M Angel Harrison's reply doesn't instill confidence in Tenorshare: "We are promised the software is quite safe. We will check that problem soon" implies that Tenorshare isn't the developer: "We are promised" says someone else made a promise to Tenorshare their own product is safe; "quite safe" falls short of simply being "safe"; "we will check that problem soon" says that Tenorshare will confirm that the problem exists, not fix it. Perhaps English isn't his/her primary language and this is the result of translation software?
Jun 24 2014 at 5:22am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Jon Spain - I have checked the purchase link for the Pro version:
on several browsers and it works. Could you please clear your browser cache and try purchasing again? Also, please try other browsers like Chrome or Firefox.
BitsDuJour Admin - Jun 24 2014 at 5:28am Copy Link
Danny Zelko As per Henrich Hawk's comment...
"Sorry, but the Avast says: This soft contains Win32: malware-gen (pologon exe)?! What we do?"

Only way I can install this is to turn off my anti-virus. I'm not going to do that until it's confirmed this is OK. Looking forward to a response here ASAP!
Jun 24 2014 at 5:51am Copy Link
Jon Spain @Constantin Thank you for that and sorry for putting you to the trouble. If it had been a problem at your end, I thought you'd like to know. At work (UK), I only have IE and I'm not allowed to clear the cache, I don't know why. Well, I'll try when I get home.

Jun 24 2014 at 5:54am Copy Link
SFuji What extras does the pro version have?
Jun 24 2014 at 6:03am Copy Link
Nelson Carvalho What are the differences between Tenorshare Data Recovery WinPE v4.0.0.0 and
Tenorshare Any Data Recovery Pro for Windows?
Jun 24 2014 at 6:28am Copy Link
Roy O'Nan LIKE
Jun 24 2014 at 8:25am Copy Link
naveed Why is this installing to this directory? C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Password Reset Std\7z\7z\
Jun 24 2014 at 8:40am Copy Link
Dennis Johnson @Nelson Carvalho. There's a comparison chart at
Jun 24 2014 at 10:21am Copy Link
Ant Dude Its bootable ISO said 500 MB trial and saw no activation in ... Also, asian characters: ... Lastly, how do I exit this booted ISO? It keeps going back to same place. :(
Jun 24 2014 at 12:26pm Copy Link
brian segal I can't download...says been downloaded too many times from this site...
Too bad i really wanted this one.
Jun 24 2014 at 1:22pm Copy Link
Rick Thank you for the copy of Data Recovery WinPE; 80% off on Any Data Recovery Pro is also a great offer. Please consider offering a similar discount on Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate at some point in the future.
Jun 24 2014 at 2:27pm Copy Link
Dennis Johnson ... and Android Data Recovery! :)
Jun 24 2014 at 2:30pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @brian segal - I've just sent you an email regarding the issue you mention.
BitsDuJour Admin - Jun 24 2014 at 3:06pm Copy Link
Dean Clauson The download link in the email sends me right back to this page where I have to start all over again. I'm using the survey method and after I redo the survey I get an error saying I already purchased the product. HOW DO I DOWNLOAD IT?
Jun 24 2014 at 9:15pm Copy Link
Watcher1924 Does it have to be installed/registered today?
Jun 24 2014 at 10:31pm Copy Link
Jon Spain @Constantin Just to let you know that FF at home was fine.

Jun 25 2014 at 12:37am Copy Link
CJCotter The green "download" box on the email I received just circles me back to the BitsDuJour product page. There's no actual download link. Please advise. Thank you.
Jun 25 2014 at 1:33am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Dean Clauson & @CJCotter - Could you please ensure that you have Javascript enabled in the browser which opens up when you press the Download link in the receipt email? If Javascript is disabled then the download pop-up will not show up. If you do have Javascript enabled in that browser then could you please forward us at the receipt email you received and which poses the problem you mention above?
BitsDuJour Admin - Jun 25 2014 at 1:36am Copy Link
Chuck Brotman I couldn't get this to work! installed and ran dvd burn OK, but after booting, nothing functioned
Jun 25 2014 at 1:09pm Copy Link
CJCotter I had no problem installing this or in making the boot disk. However, this program needs more work done to it. All of the critical function buttons on the disk program are in Chinese, which I can't read. What good is that to me?
Jun 27 2014 at 5:07am Copy Link
Ant Dude CJCotter: Do you have asian characters installed? I did, but was told that it was affected by them. So I uninstalled and rebooted my very old, updated Windows XP Pro. SP3 machine to retry. That did not fix the issue. Support is bad too. :(
Jun 27 2014 at 6:55am Copy Link
VLM Does it work on Advanced Format drives?
Dec 19 2014 at 10:38am Copy Link
Daniel . May be a silly question but how do I get the next version when it comes out?
May 28 2016 at 3:54am Copy Link
Robert Crombie What are the differences between this version (which I cannot find on the site), and the Pro version ?
May 28 2016 at 10:37pm Copy Link
amanda tsai @Daniel, Hello, please pay attention to our official website. When the new version comes out, you can get it. Here goes the official website link of that program:
Tenorshare - May 29 2016 at 11:44pm Copy Link
amanda tsai @Robert,
Hello, Robert, the WinPE version recovers data in PE environment, The Pro version can recover files directly. To see the difference, here are official page links:

Any more further questions, please feel free to contact us. Thanks!
Tenorshare - May 29 2016 at 11:47pm Copy Link
Robert Crombie Amanda,
Thanks for the reply and the links
May 30 2016 at 12:18am Copy Link
mishasin Thanks for the useful giveaway. It's nice to upgrade from former giveaway (v.
Best regards
Jan 22 2017 at 9:06am Copy Link
Felipe User I bought Any Data Recovery Pro today morning but it does not start. The ts_file.lot has messages like "Sun Jan 22 16:58:52 2017 MODE :win_sys FUNC :ts_create_win() TYPE:3 PAR :3 Device open fail, ErrorCode = 2" and "Sun Jan 22 16:58:52 2017 MODE :data_arch FUNC :ts_init_volume() TYPE:3 PAR :0 open \\.\A: fail!
Sun Jan 22 16:58:52 2017 MODE :win_sys FUNC :ts_create_win() TYPE:3 PAR :3 Device open fail, ErrorCode = 2". What do you suggest?
Jan 22 2017 at 11:08am Copy Link
William W. Geertsema Some comments on this program:

1) The version number is not clear. The "About" screen of the program states it is "Version Build 1887 Date 2015-5-25". The "About" screen of the burned CD states it is " build 2013.8.30 Copyright 2007-2013". If we assume that the revision date is May 25, 2015, that still means the software has not been revised for more than 20 months.
2) Is this really the professional version?
3) When booting from the CD, you are confronted with the question "Want to try this powerful data recovery tool?". That gives the (false) impression that this is a trial version
. 4) Many texts (especially headings, and choices) are in Chinese instead of English. This means that many (most?) users can only make the program work by trial and (perhaps fatal) error.
5) The WinPE used is the Windows XP version. Nothing much wrong with that (except for possible driver problems), but it is worth noting. It is difficult to comprehend why the more powerful Windows 8.1 PE has not been used by now.
6) All in all, and especially because of the Chinese texts and the ensuing lack of clarity, I for one will not use the CD I burned. It seems to me that the period of 20 months since the last update would have provided ample opportunity to correct the shortcomings.

William W. Geertsema
Jan 22 2017 at 2:35pm Copy Link
pepe User Thanks !
Jan 22 2017 at 5:10pm Copy Link
CJCotter The problem with this program is that once you boot with your Tenorshare Data Recovery WinPE disk, you cannot shut it down. Click the "x' as many times as you want, it still comes back. Remove the disk, and the program still comes back. The problem existed with Version 1, and it STILL exists with this version! Would you people please fix this?
Jan 23 2017 at 2:34am Copy Link
Robert Crombie As William pointed out the installed program says it is - ver Build 1887 Date 2015-5-25 (I am not sure where William found the about screen for the burned CD)
If anyone has trouble burning the CD (I did), you can locate the ISO file where the program is installed. Then use imageburn to burn it (I did).
The Developer should offer creation of an ISO as an alternative to it trying to burn it itself (which can be a challenge)

I would not mind confirmation that this displayed line "Want to try this powerful data recovery tool?" is in fact false ?
Jan 23 2017 at 2:35am Copy Link
jman Downloaded and installed to a USB drive without issue. A nice clean simple interface. However, unlike some other similar programs, when trying to create a boot drive to USB it warned me that drive will be reformatted and all existing data lost. I have no empty drives at the moment so am unable to test that. I have other D.R. programs that do not require reformatting of the drive and simply created the boot drive in its own folder. Despite that, I will hold on to this and try it down the road. These types of programs you hope to never need but are always good to have just in case. Thanks to Tenorshare and the BDJ team.
Aug 31 2017 at 6:37am Copy Link
William Henry What is the difference from the PRO version and PE. Does PE stand for Preinstallation Environment like the Windows Recovery Disk?
Aug 31 2017 at 7:38am Copy Link
Admin of P.S.T WinPE may be stand for Windows Portable Edition! :3 (I think so)
Actually it is Windows Preinstallation Environment (usually used to rescue corrupted PC) (from Wikipedia)
Aug 31 2017 at 9:54am Copy Link
Jim Ranson I tried to figure what version this software is and the only software on your website for Tenorshare Data Recovery WinPE that is $39.95 is the 1 year license version. Is that what this is a 1 yr license?
May 28 2019 at 5:11pm Copy Link
Dennis McKay No one answered Jim Ranson's post, but if the website states a 1 year license, why does The Fine Print here state, "Upgrades to future versions of the software will be free for the lifetime of the product." Which is true?
May 29 2019 at 4:07am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Dennis McKay, I just contacted the vendor to help clear the issue.
BitsDuJour Admin - May 29 2019 at 4:46am Copy Link
RichU There was a power surge yesterday,,at my home, and now my win10 laptop won't boot up. The Win10 recovery says there are no restore points.
Using a boot disk, I can see the files and structure..I need an App to fix the OS.. Does TS Recovery Pro fix the ability to boot? Any other suggestions? TNX
May 29 2019 at 6:32am Copy Link
Toto The iso file included to create a boot media is based on MiniPE, a very small version of WinPE XP 32 bits (it's size is only 30 MB). So it won't event boot on recent computers with UEFI or access EFI disks.
Curiously, the iso file, when mounted as a disk is called PASSWORDUNLOCKER.
Most of the files are from 2007, 2008 or 2009.

On my computer (AMD 970 chipset) the boot process stops with an error message of NTDETECT.COM.

So Tenorshare can give it for free here, it's totally useless unless you have a old PC.
May 29 2019 at 7:09am Copy Link
Jim Ranson @Toto this ISO boots XP PE so it is really out of date and has no idea what EFI disks are or what UEFI is. Since its a data recovery app for missing files its probably useless on EFI disks.
May 29 2019 at 7:27am Copy Link
m kuhn It´s not possible to create a DVD with this software. The DVD only shows a unknown error-not more! It´s a fake...
May 29 2019 at 8:34am Copy Link
Lazar Voin Some of the programs of this vendor are a license from "Spotmau 2012!" one of the best tools before the EFI and GPR and all the NEW "goodies" from Microsoft!
May 29 2019 at 10:02am Copy Link
Ant Dude Wow. Old Windows XP PE for old PCs. Also, why can't we burn to ISO files?
May 29 2019 at 5:54pm Copy Link

I'm a bit puzzled. I did find a corresponding Web site : https://www.any-data-reco...overy.html but the software is Any Windows Data Recovery (no specific Pro version). However I also found a Tenorshare site for a seemingly different software UltData - Windows Data Recovery (but similarly priced)
Which is which ?
I doubt I have an answer in the remaining minutes but next time round perhaps...
May 29 2019 at 11:57pm Copy Link
Robert Crombie Do you have a link showing differences between the WinPE version and Recovery Pro ?
May 30 2019 at 2:02am Copy Link
Jim Ranson Another quirk with this software is when you boot off say a flash drive which you created and go to the screen shown on part 3 of the steps outlined here


if you then click the Home button on that screen it shows you opening screen of the app but in the lower left corner it says that you are using a Demo version of the application!

@Rober Crombie I hope that the Pro version is capable of understanding UEFI firmware based computers that is in use today as well as being able to access GPT formatted drives which the WinPE offered here apparently does not since its using WinXP PE.
May 30 2019 at 7:02am Copy Link
Ant Dude I also see trialware with 500 MB limit too. :(
May 30 2019 at 8:59am Copy Link
Jim Ranson I booted a Windows10 system off a flash drive on a GPT formatted drive and XP PE crashed aka BSOD withj a Stop A5 error code with param1 of 03 which means "ACPI tried to run a control method while creating device extensions to represent the ACPI namespace, but this control method failed.". Had no such issue with Windows10 whose drive is the older MBR format.

Guess its time to format this flash drive.
May 30 2019 at 2:59pm Copy Link

Our virus scan reports this download is 100% Clean Free Download

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