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Virus Scan for VideoProc Converter for PC & Mac ($78.90 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

VideoProc Converter updated to V4.7 for 4K video conversion with enhanced GPU acceleration.

VideoProc new version V4.7 is free for a limited time. You can download a licensed copy to record videos for work and social connecting, losslessly convert video/audio/DVD, make quick video editing, save video/audio from popular sites.

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VideoProc Converter for PC & Mac ($78.90 Value) FREE for a Limited Time Virus Scan Report
VideoProc Converter for PC & Mac ($78.90 Value) FREE for a Limited Time Virus Scan Report
VideoProc Converter for PC & Mac ($78.90 Value) FREE for a Limited Time Virus Scan Report
VideoProc Converter for PC & Mac ($78.90 Value) FREE for a Limited Time Virus Scan Report
VideoProc Converter for PC & Mac ($78.90 Value) FREE for a Limited Time Virus Scan Report

What are people saying about VideoProc Converter for PC & Mac ($78.90 Value) FREE for a Limited Time

eduardo User regular...
Nov 28 2018 at 2:08am Copy Link
deda User not comment !!!
Nov 28 2018 at 4:27am Copy Link
Stanislav Cermak Hi,
thanks. Please, what does it mean "FREE For a Limited Time"? Thank you in advance. S.
Nov 28 2018 at 5:39am Copy Link
Loyal Customer This download doesn't seem to be working at the moment. I have attempted multiple times, and was always taken to download a PDF file.
Please fix it. Thanks.
Nov 28 2018 at 6:51am Copy Link
Joey Shmoey the download is saying you only get the eKit? Where is the program?
Why are the instructions non existent on this? I would like to try out this
program if the link is fixed and I am able to download the full program and
NOT the eKit, which is a PDF. Can you let all of us know when this is fixed please.
Nov 28 2018 at 7:17am Copy Link
Joe User It must be activated by Dec. something. Plenty of time. Program link and keys are in the pdf, after you read the other advertising. A rather convoluted way of getting there IMO.
Nov 28 2018 at 7:44am Copy Link
Anne Williams I noticed I downloaded it, opened it, takes me to the page where you have to download it, activate it and it jus says can't find the program. Yes there is too much convolution and still I have been able to open the program after all that!!! Not a happy bunny!
Nov 28 2018 at 11:43am Copy Link
Steven User DIGIARTY - WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe (Now: VideoProc 3.1)
What a run a round from a normal BitsDuJour free giveaway...
Your redirected to another site to fill out information as if you were a business.
Not an in house online BitsDuJour store with your account here related giveaway...
Nov 28 2018 at 12:03pm Copy Link
Helen Keller Surprisingly good video converter. Converted a 7gb file dolwn to 2gb in around 20 minutes. Use video acceleration.
Nov 28 2018 at 12:06pm Copy Link
jj jones not working says I have to register my business
Nov 28 2018 at 5:28pm Copy Link
Anne Williams Don't know how I managed it but since last comment made earlier, the program loaded and all is well. Still think it's a run around to get it though.
Nov 28 2018 at 5:44pm Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Great News! has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!
BitsDuJour Admin - Nov 29 2018 at 12:11am Copy Link
Manfred Schulz The program can not download YouTube videos with the bitsdujour restrictions.
Nov 29 2018 at 2:25am Copy Link
Peter Blaise [ 1 ] Fails to register at DigiArty, saying:

"... Host not found ..."

That's a show stopper

[ 2 ] And please note DATE confusion in the documents:

"w_digf16.pdf" file on Nov. 28 2018 says:

"... please activate the license before Dec 14 ( 2018 ) ..."

"read me - license key.txt" file inside the "" file on Nov.28 2018 says:

"... The license code should be activated before Nov.25, 2018 ... the full version and license key will become invalid [ if ] you activate the key after Dec.12, 2018 ..."

[ 3 ] And, yes, I am cutting and pasting as instructed at:

... and yes, I have tried re-downloading and re-installing file using the giveaway version and using the "trial" version from that site.

[ 4 ] "... no supportable hardware detected on this computer ..."

It is unable to use my graphics adapter:

Mobile Intel 4 Express Chipset Family with driver v8.15

Oh well ...
Nov 29 2018 at 3:56am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Peter Blaise, I just contacted DigiArty for you but please feel free to contact them as well through the following page:
BitsDuJour Admin - Nov 29 2018 at 4:00am Copy Link
Aldo Marchesini This offer is very bad.
I tried to join but I'm asked for the job email, the company and lots of information about my work that I do not intend to provide.
The application is for personal use not for work. Already providing my email is a lot.
Nov 29 2018 at 11:34am Copy Link
Yu User After enter(giving) so much personal information for a strange website , i final get the license key in a pdf file . however the license key must active before Dec.14 !

Is there anyone know this giveaway activity license support upgrade or not ?
as usually , Digiarty this company always give some giveaway license ,
but those giveaway license can't support any upgrade .
Nov 29 2018 at 11:35am Copy Link
Jay Softer I would like to know what the length of the license is.

If it is a lifetime license, I will happily download and install this software.


Nov 29 2018 at 11:37am Copy Link
Allan User It does download and the program works. You do have to do the many steps tho.
Nov 29 2018 at 11:38am Copy Link
Manfred Schulz I have done all the steps and the program works. Then I tested a download with a youtube url. But the video was not downloaded. With "Allavsoft" the download worked without any problems.
Nov 29 2018 at 2:18pm Copy Link
Peter Blaise .
I had a computer network card / driver / who-knows-what problem causing it to fail to register at DigiArty, saying:

"... Host not found ..."

I tried another computer with no problem -- my bad -- thanks for checking in on my problem.

Still no hardware found to accelerate with.

This program seems to be a good test of ... network cards and video accelerator chips, apparently I have neither!

Now to R&R and fix the network on my other computer -- which is on the internet just fine, but ...
Nov 30 2018 at 5:03am Copy Link
Bill Morgan These guys play fast and loose with the English language. The come-on above says you get a free download of the software for a limited time. After you actually download and install the software the company then states for the first time that it's a trial version with limitations that only allows me to convert 5 minutes of each video or DVD for evaluation. If I want the full, all features version then I have a limited time to pay for it. Talk about bait and switch. Think I will be removing this one from my computer.
Nov 30 2018 at 5:14am Copy Link
Lonny User it do not say if in case of a computer crash if it can be use on another computer, could you please let me know, if not allowed it should say.
Mar 3 2019 at 12:42am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Lonny User, This is actually a TradePub deal. For this type of deals we use the text description on the offer site. Also, We don't currently have a promotion for this product.
BitsDuJour Admin - Mar 3 2019 at 12:44am Copy Link
Praveen Kumar Hi

Why are the cut and other options greyed out?
Apr 23 2019 at 12:17pm Copy Link
Mr Dave I would have liked to see a version number posted. I thought, ok, let's download the trial and see what it is. Many screens and PDFs and emails later, the trial .ZIP file is on my PC. It looks like it's exactly what I'll get if I click the "Get it for free" button below. The PDF even contained license key.

Anyway, I got version 3.2 from BitsDuJour on April 2, just 3 weeks ago. Was there some bug or compatability issue or new movie format that needed to be fixed or added, that would cause another release so soon? Nope. Today's download is still 3.2, at least that's what it says when I click on Properties for the .exe file.

I really appreciate the free offers, trials, and discounts offered by BDJ, but don't have that much time to waste just to see the same Trade Pub offers 3 or 4 (5?) times. Once is enough (and yes, I've gotten many good things from Trade Pub as well). Next time, if no version is stated, I'll remember to assume it's one I already have and move on.
Apr 23 2019 at 12:18pm Copy Link

Our virus scan reports this website is 100% Clean View Deal

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