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Virus Scan for XML ValidatorBuddy

Manage and Edit XML and JSON Documents

XML ValidatorBuddy is a set of tools that let you edit, validate, transform, and manage a huge number of XML and JSON documents.

Our virus scan reports this download is 100% Clean Free Download

Download Virus Scan - XML ValidatorBuddy

We've scanned the download using a variety of antivirus software and can bring you the following results.

Virus ProgramResultScan Date
Bkav (v Clean 8/2/2016
Lionic (v 4.2) Clean 8/2/2016
TotalDefense (v Clean 8/2/2016
MicroWorld-eScan (v Clean 8/2/2016
nProtect (v 2016-08-02.01) Clean 8/2/2016
CMC (v Clean 8/1/2016
CAT-QuickHeal (v 14.00) Clean 8/2/2016
ALYac (v Clean 8/2/2016
Malwarebytes (v Clean 8/2/2016
Zillya (v Clean 8/2/2016
TheHacker (v Clean 8/2/2016
Alibaba (v 1.0) Clean 8/2/2016
K7GW (v 9.235.20434) Clean 8/2/2016
K7AntiVirus (v 9.235.20434) Clean 8/2/2016
Arcabit (v Clean 8/2/2016
Baidu (v Clean 8/2/2016
F-Prot (v Clean 8/2/2016
Symantec (v 20151.1.1.4) Clean 8/2/2016
ESET-NOD32 (v 13899) Clean 8/2/2016
TrendMicro-HouseCall (v 9.850.0.1008) Clean 8/2/2016
Avast (v 8.0.1489.320) Clean 8/2/2016
ClamAV (v Clean 8/2/2016
Kaspersky (v Clean 8/2/2016
BitDefender (v 7.2) Clean 8/2/2016
NANO-Antivirus (v Clean 8/2/2016
SUPERAntiSpyware (v Clean 8/2/2016
Ad-Aware (v Clean 8/2/2016
Emsisoft (v Clean 8/2/2016
Comodo (v 25555) Clean 8/2/2016
F-Secure (v 11.0.19100.45) Clean 8/2/2016
DrWeb (v Clean 8/2/2016
VIPRE (v 51292) Clean 8/2/2016
TrendMicro (v 9.740.0.1012) Clean 8/2/2016
McAfee-GW-Edition (v v2015) Clean 8/2/2016
Sophos (v 4.98.0) Clean 8/2/2016
Cyren (v Clean 8/2/2016
Jiangmin (v 16.0.100) Clean 8/2/2016
Avira (v Clean 8/2/2016
Antiy-AVL (v Clean 8/2/2016
Kingsoft (v 2013.8.14.323) Clean 8/2/2016
Microsoft (v 1.1.12902.0) Clean 8/2/2016
ViRobot (v 2014.3.20.0) Clean 8/2/2016
GData (v 25) Clean 8/2/2016
AhnLab-V3 (v Clean 8/2/2016
McAfee (v Clean 8/2/2016
AVware (v Clean 8/2/2016
VBA32 (v Clean 8/2/2016
Zoner (v 1.0) Clean 8/2/2016
Tencent (v Clean 8/2/2016
Yandex (v Clean 8/2/2016
Ikarus (v T3. Clean 8/2/2016
Fortinet (v Clean 8/2/2016
AVG (v Clean 8/2/2016
Panda (v Clean 8/2/2016
Qihoo-360 (v Clean 8/2/2016

SHA-256 Hash: 4aa37c6804ac9821224655e0162cc1d628a779eb274a3b6e76c7f3bab47d2e0f
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Website Malware/Phishing Scan - Clemens Uhlenhut

We've scanned using a variety of antivirus software and can bring you the following results.

Virus ProgramResult
CMC Threat Intelligence Clean site
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securolytics Clean site
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PhishLabs Unrated site
EmergingThreats Clean site
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Virusdie External Site Scan Clean site
Artists Against 419 Clean site
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Lumu Unrated site
zvelo Clean site
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StopBadware Unrated site
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StopForumSpam Clean site
ZeroCERT Clean site
Baidu-International Clean site
Phishing Database Clean site

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XML ValidatorBuddy Virus Scan Report
XML ValidatorBuddy Virus Scan Report
XML ValidatorBuddy Virus Scan Report
XML ValidatorBuddy Virus Scan Report
XML ValidatorBuddy Virus Scan Report

What are people saying about XML ValidatorBuddy

Jan-Christoph Ihrens When purchasing (which I cancelled for now), the conversion into Euros is a little bit strange. $19 is less than 14 EUR at the moment; when I add 19% VAT, that's about EUR 16.50.

In the shopping cart, an original price of EUR 35.00 (without VAT) / EUR 41.65 (including VAT) is shown, followed by a rebate of EUR 14.59. The total is EUR 24.29.

Well, EUR 14.59 ist not even near being 50% of EUR 35.00 (net price!). The $20 off have just been converted into Euros, but the original price hasn't... So it's just 42% (not considering the VAT).
Feb 16 2014 at 10:37am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut Hi Jan-Christoph,

sorry for the confusion. There was no discount activated for people paying in EUR. This has been fixed now. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have further questions.

I'm sorry for any inconveniences occured.

Clemens Uhlenhut
Clemens Uhlenhut - Feb 16 2014 at 11:13am Copy Link
Jan-Christoph Ihrens Hello Clemens,

thank you very much for your reply and for taking action regarding this issue. ;-)

There was a discount, but only EUR 14.59, while now it's EUR 18.00. I reckoned with a total of EUR 20.00, and now it's EUR 20.23, so that's okay.
Feb 16 2014 at 11:26am Copy Link
Coweko Alinac USD 22,61 (inc 19% TAX)
EUR 20,23 (inc 19% TAX)

22,61 USD is 16,50 EUR

No deal for me, 3,73 Eur lost in the conversion of the price from USD to EUR.
Feb 16 2014 at 4:52pm Copy Link
Mark Johnson I have a license for XmlSpy and use it often, but unfortunately it loads the entire xml file into memory at once and fails on large xml files.
With large xml files I usually end up pulling them up in a text editor like UltraEdit.

The problem with that is while UltraEdit does provide an XML manager, it only provides a rudimentary search by node name. I need an Xpath or Xquery search instead, and it just isn't there in UltraEdit. I typically end up doing a regular expression search in UltraEdit instead; either that or just write a quick program to do an Xquery search.

Anyway, looking at your website on page I see that your product supports large xml files and has good load times for those files. It also states that your product has full-text search, but does not mention any xml-specific searching ability.

So... does this product support Xquery or Xpath queries in a large (1GB+) xml file?
Nov 19 2014 at 4:52am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut Hi Mark! Thank you for your interest in XML ValidatorBuddy! As you already mentioned you can do a full text-search also for huge files (not only XML). However, at the moment it is not possible to execute XQuery or XPath queries because the XML parser needs to keep the whole document in memory as a node tree to perform those operations and supporting the full functionalities of those XML technologies.

The support for large files is constantly improved, the upcoming version 5.1 will allow to edit huge files, but it is not clear if or when executing XPath and XQuery will be possible for huge XML.

Kind regards
Clemens Uhlenhut
Clemens Uhlenhut - Nov 19 2014 at 5:24am Copy Link
Dunking I have just tried the demo of this and found it installs into program files without an option to install elsewhere. Perversely, I do get the choice of where in the start menu to put it!

This is a killer for me - nothing gets installed in program files for various reasons. Is this likely to be fixed or should I give up on this app before even running it?
Aug 1 2016 at 6:18am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut Hi Dunking! Thank you for your interest in XML ValidatorBuddy. Unfortunately the installer only allows to use the standard Program files folder as destination. However, the sample files and other user related configuration data is written to your Documents folder.

I'm sorry if this doesn't meet your requirements but this won't be changed in the near future.

Kind regards

Clemens Uhlenhut
Clemens Uhlenhut - Aug 1 2016 at 6:25am Copy Link
Dunking OK, thanks. That seems very strange since I can't recall any other recent (and most non-recent) application not giving an option to install somewhere else. Perhaps you might consider investing in a decent installer if that's the problem.
Aug 1 2016 at 6:34am Copy Link
Gr3gw Is it 64-bit only? I downloaded the installer and it failed to install because I have a 32-bit machine.
Aug 2 2016 at 2:31am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut Hi Gr3gw! Thank you for your interest in XML ValidatorBuddy. The tool runs only on 64-bit operating systems. There is no 32-bit installer available anymore.

Kind regards
Clemens Uhlenhut - Aug 2 2016 at 3:23am Copy Link
Gary Mugford Clemens,

Was ready to buy until I found out that there's no control over the install location. Like Dunking, I install to another place (E:\apps) because I've installed windows on a SSD and I keep that scrupulously devoid of ANYTHING that doesn't have to go there by fiat of Microsoft. Programs that eat away at that space slow down my computer and prevent maximum use of the hardware. Sorry, but your decision not to offer alternative install location seems counter to the target audience, who are savvy computer folk running 64-bit hardware. Maybe by the next time you offer a deal here, your decision will have been amended. In the meantime, I will just have to make do with my own tools, as crude as they may be compared to yours.

Aug 2 2016 at 6:57am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut Hi Gary! I understand and I added this requirement to the list of open issues for the next update. Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Kind regards
Clemens Uhlenhut - Aug 2 2016 at 7:25am Copy Link
Dunking @Clemens: I tried moving an installed copy of this app to a different location, and it worked fine - apart from the documents stuff, there was no bleed from where I moved it to anywhere else in the system. Of course, there is no uninstall info now, but it does show that the app doesn't actually need to go in program files are all, and it should be a trivial thing to arrange for it to be installed wherever the user cares.

On that basis I may review my decision not to purchase this app. I am not 100% yet because of some other simple things (opening a file doesn't have the expected .xml filter, or indeed any filter other than all files). What nags me is that if simple stuff like this is skipped, what happened to the hard stuff we can't see.

Against that, it is cheap, so...
Aug 2 2016 at 9:48am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut I'm pleased to hear if manually moving the installation to a different folder is a possible solution for you. Please note that you have to change some paths in the Registry to use all of the functionalities. The settings key is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\ValidatorBuddy

Thank you for the feedback that you are missing a list of file extensions at the standard file open command. Other file dialogs do add file extensions based on the context (xsd, xslt, ...). However, I will add the file extensions from the Options dialog to the standard file open command to improve the usability.

Kind regards
Clemens Uhlenhut - Aug 2 2016 at 11:16am Copy Link
Dunking @Clemens: Thanks for the info re the registry. Since you've taken it so well I went ahead and purchased a license anyway :)
Aug 2 2016 at 2:15pm Copy Link
Michael R. Can you tell when v6 is coming out and what major advantages are we about to expect?
Sep 3 2017 at 1:34am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut Hi Michael! Version 6 will be available within the next 2 weeks. New major features are a Web Service Query window to send http GET, PUT and POST requests, an Elements window to show available JSON/XML elements at the given position and a "Schema Info" window with additional information from any assigned XML or JSON schema.

Hope this helps!
Clemens Uhlenhut - Sep 3 2017 at 1:47am Copy Link
Mats Thell Is it possible to easy create an XML file, based only on a schema ?
Sep 5 2017 at 1:28am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut Hi Mats!

On creating an XML file using the "File | New... | Create XML from schema..." command you can select a schema which will be assigned to the new document automatically. You can also select the root element and the built-in entry helpers will help a lot on creating the XML content afterwards in the editor. However, it is not possible yet to create a complete XML structure from a schema with a single click.

Hope this helps!
Clemens Uhlenhut - Sep 5 2017 at 1:40am Copy Link
Daniel Gaudet I use XML and JSON documents on a regular basis. I have a few questions regarding XML ValidatorBuddy.

- Is it possible get this deal and then upgrade to XML ValidatorBuddy+?

- Will the next release of XML ValidatorBuddy+ support JSON Web Signature (JWS) or JSON Web Encryption (JWE) (a.k.a. Encrypted and Signed JWT)?
Sep 5 2017 at 6:38am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut Hi Daniel!

Regarding your questions:

- Yes, you can use the license from BDJ to upgrade to XML ValidatorBuddy+. Just get in contact with us after your purchase. The upgrade price is 20 USD for a single license.

- Definitely not the next release which is v6. Support for JOSE standards is planned but there is no time frame available yet. I suggest that we get in contact by mail if you need more details.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards
Clemens Uhlenhut - Sep 5 2017 at 7:18am Copy Link
Shazza HI - can you tell me if installing this will also install other runtime libraries, specifically the Java Runtimes Library? Also, has the install location issue been fixed - I too have an SSD drive and like to be able to choose where I install apps.

What’s the help like? I have never used JSON before, but am going to have to learn it for a project I’m about to start. I’m looking at this as a potential tool to help me avoid making mistakes, but it would also be good if there was comprehensive help so that I could learn along the way.
Mar 1 2018 at 1:26am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut Hi Shazza! Thank you for your interest in XML ValidatorBuddy. Regarding your questions:

1. The Java runtime library is not installed during the installation. However, the current version requires Java to run any JSON instance validation using JSON schema. We are working on an own validator to support all new drafts of JSON schema in the future. This built-in validator will be available in the coming months.

2. The new installer supports to set the installation folder. So yes, this issue has been fixed in the meantime.

3. The built-in JSON schema analyzer and the sample data generator can help a lot on creating JSON schema files. The help files are focused on how to use the software. But there is a good tutorial available by Roger Costello:

Hope this helps!
Clemens Uhlenhut - Mar 1 2018 at 1:44am Copy Link
Gr3gw Looks like it is 64-bit only.
Mar 1 2018 at 5:06am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut Hi Gr3gw! Yes, the software runs only on 64-bit Windows. XML ValidatorBuddy has a lot of functionality which is targeted to support big input data (like conversions from CSV and between XML and JSON). In the past, a 32-bit system did add some limitations to those features.
Clemens Uhlenhut - Mar 1 2018 at 5:43am Copy Link
Terry McMorrow Not able to visit website or download trial, website down?
Mar 1 2018 at 7:46am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut Hi Terry! All web pages are loading fine. Maybe try again?

Kind regards
Clemens Uhlenhut - Mar 1 2018 at 7:54am Copy Link
Shazza @Clemens Thanks for answering those questions of mine. Can I just explore the Jave situation a little more please. So the JRL is NOT installed, but Java is required for some JSON work. Can you explain how that would work in practice for me please given it’s JSON that I’m going to be working with. Is it the case that as soon as I want to do anything with JSON, I’m prompted to download and install the JRL?

You mentioned “coming months” for a built in validator. I know I can’t hold you to a number, but can you share what month the roadmap is targeting please. Also will that be a minor version upgrade or a major version change?

Mar 1 2018 at 11:22am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut Regarding Java: If a Java runtime can't be found on your system, a message will appear once you are trying to validate a JSON instance against a JSON schema. All other JSON related functionality is built-in and doesn't require any third party libraries.

The new JSON schema validator will be part of the next minor update. We are already working on it and the release date is set to end of April.

Hope this helps!
Clemens Uhlenhut - Mar 1 2018 at 12:45pm Copy Link
Shane User @Clemens Thanks - that helps a lot. So much that I went to purchase, but the paypal integration isn't working, and the "if you're not redirected click to continue" also doesn't work. Let me know when it's fixed and I'll have another go
Mar 1 2018 at 3:24pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Shane User, This promotion runs with the BitsDuJour e-Commerce. Unfortunately we do not have a definitive solution to the redirect to PayPal issue you mention. We experience it as well at times and the only solution we know so far is that you try to purchase at a later date perhaps even trying a different browser.
BitsDuJour Admin - Mar 1 2018 at 3:27pm Copy Link
Dippy Dawg Not able to open website or download trial, website down?
When did version 6 get released? The reason I ask is because I purchased this on the last Bitsdujour offer on Sept 3, 2017 and Clemens Uhlenhut made this statement the same day.
"Clemens Uhlenhut Hi Michael! Version 6 will be available within the next 2 weeks"
It was my understanding that anyone who purchased version 5.x on Sep 3 would get free upgrade to version 6 when it came out? How do I get version 6 upgrade?
I can not open website to check for ver 6 upgrade info.
FYI.. Very good software and if you have a need for software of this type you should get today's deal

Please advise...
Thanks Greg
Mar 1 2018 at 9:27pm Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Great News! Clemens Uhlenhut has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!
BitsDuJour Admin - Mar 2 2018 at 12:11am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut @Gwynne Hi Greg! The site is up and running. You can simply request your free version 6.x license by sending your purchase details from BitsDuJour to You get your new license details afterward. Hope this helps and I'm sorry for any inconveniences occurred!
Clemens Uhlenhut - Mar 2 2018 at 1:40am Copy Link
Thomas User It's a pity that one can only install the license on two own computers. For my personal use I have about 6 computers (three of them are virtual machines for non-commercial software development).
It would be great if one could easily move the license to the currently used computer and select which other computer should loose its license.
Mar 2 2018 at 6:35am Copy Link
Dippy Dawg FYI.. Great Service from Mr. Clemens Uhlenhut! I inquired yesterday about upgrade to version 6.0 and this morning when I checked my emails I received one from Clemens about upgrading to version 6.0. What a surprise that was. Not only does Mr. Clemens Uhlenhut read the comments but follows up with an email.

Great Job and Great Service!

If you want a excellent XML utility with Great service & support the hit the "Get This Deal" button.

Mar 2 2018 at 7:45am Copy Link
Charles Beauchamp What is the cost of an upgrade to the plus version?

How large are the files that can be handled by the standard versus plus version?
Mar 2 2018 at 1:24pm Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut Hi Charles!

1. The upgrade to the Plus version is USD 20.00. Please send an email to to get a link to the purchase page if you are interested.

2. The standard license has no limitations on working with large files related to the size of the data. However, only the Plus edition allows to edit huge text files and has support for XML digital signatures.

Hope this helps!
Clemens Uhlenhut - Mar 2 2018 at 2:07pm Copy Link
Shane User @Niko and a warning for everyone else. If you do decide to buy, make sure you don't use a different email address from the one you use here. If you do, you will get all the emails multiple times. To make matters worse the contact form either doesn't work or the BDJ team ignore requests to cancel accounts. The only way to contact them seems to be via the comments section.
Mar 2 2018 at 3:08pm Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Shane User, I noticed your email about the account cancellation. We will process it and let you know when this is done. You can always contact us in three ways:
- either email us at
- comment on any of the promotion pages (we monitor the comments)
- send us feed-back through this URL:
BitsDuJour Admin - Mar 2 2018 at 3:13pm Copy Link
Shane User Excellent - thanks @Constantin

And good of you to make an email address available in the comments here - When there was no response from the contact form request I looked for an email address but there wasn't one listed on your contact page. Can I suggest listing it there as well.

Mar 3 2018 at 1:55am Copy Link
Constantin Florea @Shane User, Thanks for the suggestion.
BitsDuJour Admin - Mar 3 2018 at 1:56am Copy Link
Nelson Carvalho What version of this promotion?
Sep 11 2018 at 6:09am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut Hi Nelson! Thank you for your interest. This promotion is running for XML ValidatorBuddy 7.x standard license including commercial use. Hope this helps!
Clemens Uhlenhut - Sep 11 2018 at 6:48am Copy Link
MrZebulon No updates since November 2015?
Still in development?
Sep 12 2018 at 2:19am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut Sorry, this is some wrong information on the page. The latest version 7.0 is available since a few weeks and the software is still in development. Kind regards
Clemens Uhlenhut - Sep 12 2018 at 2:45am Copy Link
Guido Junior Hi, I'm running version 6.3. What's new in 7.0???
Sep 12 2018 at 4:10am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut Hi Guido! Thank you for your question. The main focus for version 7.0 was on providing extended JSON schema functionality. The list of new features is also available above:

- Generate a JSON schema from any JSON data with a single click.
- Enhanced JSON pretty-print functionality with intelligent formatting of array content.
- New JSONPointer entry-helpers based on schema context information.

However, if you are not so interested in JSON related stuff, there is also the improved user interface with no tabs anymore and the editor environment right from the start.

And of course bug fixes and increased usability (new commands in the File menu).

Hope this helps!
Clemens Uhlenhut - Sep 12 2018 at 5:33am Copy Link
franp User Hi,

What kind of XSL transformation does it allows ? XSLT 1, 2 or 3.0 ? Which XSLT engine does it use ?
Sep 12 2018 at 8:48am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut Hi! It comes with Saxon HE and does support XSLT 1 and 2 transformations. Hope this helps!

Kind regards
Clemens Uhlenhut - Sep 12 2018 at 8:56am Copy Link
franp User Thanks. Any plans to switch to 3.0 soon ?
Sep 12 2018 at 9:01am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut You can also set the path to the XSLT engine using the options dialog. You could point to your Saxon HE installation there.

But I will check if I can update the engine with the next release.
Clemens Uhlenhut - Sep 12 2018 at 9:16am Copy Link
Dunking I purchased this from BDJ a while back (V5.3) and it seems I missed V6 being released and now V7,. The fine print says that this offer can't be used for an upgrade, which has to be paid at full whack, and when I go to the website there is nothing to indicate that an upgrade is available at all, never mind how much it would cost.

So, what's the cost to me of upgrading from 5.3 to 7?
Mar 12 2019 at 1:44am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut Hello Dunking! You could use the offer from today to get a license for version 7. Although this is not a typical upgrade, it is still the best deal for you in this case. Hope this helps!
Clemens Uhlenhut - Mar 12 2019 at 2:16am Copy Link
Dunking OK, thank you. I'll give it some thought :)
Mar 12 2019 at 2:21am Copy Link
Dippy Dawg Clemens - I purchased a license today for XML ValidatorBuddy. I would like to upgrade to XML ValidatorBuddy+ 7 Plus Edition. Could I just pay the difference between a regular license ($49) and a Plus License ($69), which would be $20? Is it possible to send me a Paypal invoice for $20?
Please advise.... thx
Mar 13 2019 at 3:53pm Copy Link
Kimmo Lahtinen Are you planning to offer also the plus version some day?
Mar 4 2021 at 4:10am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut Hi Kimmo! Thank you for your interest in XML ValidatorBuddy. There is no promotion scheduled with BDJ including the Plus version, but please feel free to get in contact with me using the form at if you are interested in a coupon code for a discount (Unfortunately, not as much as we can offer at BDJ). Kind Regards, Clemens
Clemens Uhlenhut - Mar 4 2021 at 4:49am Copy Link
Dunking Does this - XML ValidatorBuddy - include all the features of JSON Buddy?
Mar 4 2021 at 6:21am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut Hi Dunking! The JSON core features like syntax-checking, validation and the conversion tools are all present in XML ValidatorBuddy also. However, support for JSON-Patch is only available in JSONBuddy. In the future, more features will only be released for JSONBuddy. If you are working a lot with JSON schema, JSONBuddy is recommended. Kind regards, Clemens.
Clemens Uhlenhut - Mar 4 2021 at 8:06am Copy Link
Dunking Thanks for the info, Clemens.
Mar 4 2021 at 8:14am Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Great News! Clemens Uhlenhut has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!
BitsDuJour Admin - Mar 5 2021 at 12:11am Copy Link
Dunking Is there a list of changes since the previous (and previous to that) version?
Jun 30 2022 at 12:18am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut Sorry, there is no comprehensive list. But the main improvements to version 7 are support for dark user-interface mode, finally DTD entry-helpers and list of elements, and validation of JSON Schema draft 2019-09.

Beside that, there are always bug fixes and usability improvements.
Clemens Uhlenhut - Jun 30 2022 at 12:51am Copy Link
Dunking OK, thanks :)
Jun 30 2022 at 1:58am Copy Link
InterestedParty Hi - what is the relationship between XML buddy and JSON buddy - does the former include the latter or does JSON buddy have functionality not in the XML buddy ?
Jun 30 2022 at 9:04am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut In general, JSONBuddy does not have a lot of the XML functionality included with XML ValidatorBuddy. But all of the standard JSON functionality like JSON Schema validation, entry-helper and conversions are also included in XML ValidatorBuddy.

Advanced JSON features like the JSON Schema debugger and streaming validation are only included in the extended editions (Plus and Large Data) of JSONBuddy.
Clemens Uhlenhut - Jun 30 2022 at 12:00pm Copy Link
InterestedParty Thanks for the quick reply - ordered!
Jun 30 2022 at 2:47pm Copy Link
Egon User Brilliant xml validator!

I hesitated to buy since for very large xml files, you would have to buy the 69$ "Plus" version, and then I tried both MindFusion XML Viewer (free for non-commercial use) and QXmlEdit (ditto), both on an .xml file and on an .fdx file (i.e. the same .fdx file, just with renamed suffix in the second case), and both refused to open the files, giving an error message, indicating the correct address of the very first of five xml errors, MindFusion indicating just the address, QXmlEdit with a little but more or less wrong "explanation", and with the surrounding text, but not correctly displayed, for the part after the error, in the error dialog; it suggested to open the files up to the very first error which would have been devoid of interest.

Thus, yes, you can use those (more or less free) tools to identify the location of the very first error, then open the file in a text editor, try to correct the error, then try to open in those tools again, for them to give you the address of the next error (if you had been able to fix the very first one), and so on: have a nice day, as they say!

Then, Validator Buddy (trial) opened both files instantly, and displayed (and tried to explain) all 5 errors instantly (and concurrently), and fact is, its explanations for the following (!) errors helped me to really understand what it was all about, all those errors being linked with each other; with the other tools, by the above-mentioned, "manual" way, I would not have had that chance to comprehend, and thus to fix, the errors.

So, both for viewing, and for validating (i.e. error-searching), "regularly-sized" xml files, even when they follow some special, non-standard xml format and with the "wrong" suffix, Validator Buddy is absolutely perfect, and at this price, it's an absolute steal!

So I bought just minutes before "end of offer" - and now that it's gone into the extension, you're well-informed: you RARELY get so much value for your buck!
Jul 1 2022 at 12:38am Copy Link
Dunking I have a previous version of this and wonder if it's worthwhile upgrading using this offer (if, indeed, that's allowed).
My main beef is in the grid view. Suppose there is a parent 'target' which has children 'status' and 'match', and each of these children have subchildren. 'Targets' comprises many 'target'. When viewed (I tend to use the grid, but it applies to the text view also) it's a very long list and it's tricky to close in on each target because of all the noise from the children. You can collapse a line along with all its children if you want, but that only applies to that particular line.
So, what I am wanting to do is just have a list of targets (seeing their name and any other data) with the children all collapsed so they don't add noise. Using the collapse feature I have to go through every target and collapse each child individually. So I don't bother.
What I want to know is: when you do a collapse line and children, does it operate on ALL the same lines in every target? If not, any idea when that kind of feature might turn up?
Thanks :)
Dec 27 2022 at 3:14am Copy Link
Nelson Carvalho This offer cannot be used for updating.
I have version 7.2.
What were the changes from version 7.2 to version 8?
What is the value to upgrade and how to upgrade?
Dec 27 2022 at 4:46am Copy Link
franp User Please could you precise wich version of xslt is supported ? xslt 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 ?
Dec 27 2022 at 5:06am Copy Link
Dunking @Nelson: Thanks, I missed that bit about upgrading. With the feature I need it might be worth just acquiring a new license on this offer - often that turns out to be cheaper than upgrading!
Dec 27 2022 at 5:35am Copy Link
Nico Westerdale Great News! Clemens Uhlenhut has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!
BitsDuJour Admin - Dec 28 2022 at 12:11am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut @franp User XSLT 1.0 and 2.0
Clemens Uhlenhut - Dec 28 2022 at 3:52am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut @Nelson Here is a list of the most important changes from version 7 to XML ValidatorBuddy 8:

- Entry-helpers for XML documents with an assigned DTD
- Improved XML to JSON conversions
- UI dark mode
- JSON Schema support of Draft 2019-09
- Improved JSON to CSV conversions
- A lot of usability improvements and bug fixes
Clemens Uhlenhut - Dec 28 2022 at 4:13am Copy Link
Clemens Uhlenhut @Dunking Maybe I don't understand the workflow completely but shouldn't the "Edit | Collapse line and children" command help in this case?
Clemens Uhlenhut - Dec 28 2022 at 5:04am Copy Link
Dunking @Clemens: I would like it to collapse the appropriate lines/children in ALL parents. That is, at the same level in every object. Difficult to describe succinctly, but suppose the layout is:

target 1
If could collapse the child in target 1 you currently get:

target 1

What I would like to get is:

target 1

Hope that makes it clearer.
Dec 28 2022 at 5:10am Copy Link

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