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When MS Exchange comes up with an unusable or unexpected crash, system
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  • 10 hours ago
    New Release: Aml Pages 9.90 build 2818

    New version Aml Pages 9.90 build 2817 released. You can download version with installer or portable version. Localized versions see here (Russian, French, German, Ukrainian, Portuguese and other versions).

    Details change log see here or You can view the change-log immediate from Aml Pages. Announcement of previous  version Aml Pages 9.89 see here.

    What`s new in Aml Pages 9.90 build 2818:

    1. added: pane "Tip Of The Day" show visited items by other color;
    2. added: show web icon for the tip with URL to article on web site;
    3. fixed: crash on show of tooltip under hyperlink in the text editor;
    4. many bug fixes and impovements;

    What`s new in Aml Pages 9.90 build 2817:

    1. added: new pane Tip Of The Day;
    2. added: new setting "Show Tip Of The Day At Startup";
    3. added: new setting "Show node icons";
    4. added: tooltips show path to document on the History tabs;
    5. added: remove duplicates from search results (when find with multiple strings);
    6. added: tooltips show icons of nodes;
    7. added: command line key "/no1" (does not check first running instance of Aml Pages);
    8. added: Ctrl+S for command "To Listbox" in search results;
    9. added: new version of plugin AAC 2.09;
    10. added: new version of pluginChangeLog;
    11. disabled: setting "Disallow Overtype Mode On Text Typing";
    12. changed: content of tips file;
    13. changed: tips file as Unicode encoding;
    14. changed: hyperlinks in empty MDI-frame of Aml Pages;
    15. changed: search results pane;
    16. changed: sorting of search results (now: recursive Document->Node->Text);
    17. many bug fixes and impovements;
    18. Details change log see here or You can view the change-log immediate from Aml Pages;


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  • 10 hours ago
    New Feature Release : TwinkiePaste 3.07b597

    New feature release: TwinkiePaste 3.07 build 597  released

    TwinkiePaste is the utility for quickly typing commonly used text, dates, greetings, standard responses, Internet URLs, logins and passwords, and code templates. TwinkiePaste helps to quickly type text in almost any application, thus saving a lot of time and routine.

    Downloads here (ZIP with installer, 2.8 MB). Portable versions is available here.

    Details change log see here.

    What`s new in the version 3.07:

    1. changed: float pane show symbol "^" in caption if has admin privelegies;
    2. added: does no resave all history, when changed on item status "Protected" (if item already has saved\load status);
    3. fixed: reload clipboard data from drive, when user disable and enable clipboard history from float pane;
    4. improved: get info about source of clipboard (icon and window title);

    What`s new in the version 3.06:

    1. added: float pane show source of copied items;
    2. added: float pane show icon of source of copied items;
    3. added: VC.twinkiepaste phrase;
    4. added: info about source of data;
    5. updated Russian file of user interface;

    What`s new in the version 3.05:

    1. added macros: %MOUSEPOS_ASLARAM% and %WINSYSDIR%;
    2. added: supports command line parameters for the EXEC-commands;
    3. added: supports environment variables into Exec-commands of TwinkiePaste;
    4. added: popup menu for scrollable list in About-dialog;
    5. bold hyperlink to official web site in About-dialog;

    What`s new in the version 3.04:

    1. added: save URL of clipboard history items on exit from TwinkiePaste;
    2. added: menu tooltip for command "Open Source URL" show handler of URL and icon;
    3. added: extract path to files\folders on copying of paths into clipboard;
    4. added: extract URL from plain text, when text is copy to clipboard;
    5. added: meta-info for the clipboard history shown on top of tooltip;
    6. added: show text (Today, Yesterday and etc) in tooltip in clipboard history items;
    7. added: new command for float pane "Show All Items";
    8. changed: draw red frame for the current item in float pane;
    9. updated Russian file of user interface;

    What`s new in the version 3.03:

    1. does not auto minimize float pane, when report about command (Trim spaces, Join To Line and etc);
    2. added: TwinkiePaste delete on exit of temporary files, created by command "Edit", "Open With…" (see context menu of float pane);
    3. updated Russian file of user interface;

    What`s new in the version 3.02 build 587:

    1. added: icons for menu item "Sounds";
    2. added: icons for menu item of float pane;
    3. improve menutooltip hiding;
    4. changed: URLs of links (forum, Facebook and etc);
    5. many improvements and bug fixes;

    What`s new in the version 3.02:

    1. added: openning of large log-files;
    2. added: submenu "More History" show indexes of items;
    3. added: new phrases into samples;
    4. added: new offer parsing algorithm;
    5. optimized: fonts management for phrases menu;
    6. added: "VKontakte User Group";
    7. fixed: max menu items of clipboard history in menu;

    What`s new in the version 3.00:

    1. fixed: hide of float pane on moving in the minimized state;
    2. fixed: tooltips for the buttons of top toolbar (PhraseEditor);
    3. changed: changed make search string for commands "Search In";
    4. changed: installation directory as default (%LOCALAPPDATA%);
    5. changed: enlarged width of expanded combobox in PhraseEditor;
    6. added: new version of PhraseEditor;
    7. added: new version of Welcome module;
    8. added: tabs bar for the settings in PhraseEditor;
    9. added: client-server signal for the blinking of float pane;
    10. added: DLL-files for Win8.x\10 into installer and portable version;
    11. added: tooltip for hot copy icon on the float pane;
    12. updated language files of user interface;

    How TwinkiePaste works

    1. Press a hotkey in any application.
    2. The cursor displays a menu with text templates to be inserted.
    3. Select the menu command. Done! Text inserted.

      Key Features (more screenshots)

      • Pastes plain or formatted text into any applications
      • Keeps the clipboard history
      • Smart text insertion using macros: selected text, date and time, changing of keyboard layouts, usernames and etc.
      • Configurable hotkeys
      • Simple, lightweight and user friendly phrase editor
      • Unicode support. Minimal system requirements
      • No proprietary file format. Our database is simple XML only
      • Check for updates: automatically every 1-2-3...X day or manually from menu
      • Also we can suggest portable version
      • Purchase TwinkiePaste now

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  • Wednesday at 8:57pm
    WriteYours 1.34 released

    WriteYours 1.34 released

    WriteYours increases your productivity by inserting frequently used text phrases into any Windows application. Type a pre-defined text shortcut, and WriteYours expands it into the full phrase.  E.g. make an abbreviation “myname” to insert your name “First Middle Last” in any apps.

    Download here (275 KB). What`s new is here.

    What`s new in version 1.34:

    1. added: command "Copy" into about dialog;
    2. added: information about admin privilegies into about dialog;
    3. updated: Russian language-file of user interface;

    What`s new in version 1.33:

    1. added: command "Restart" (see menu on tray);

    What`s new in version 1.32:

    1. added: Bulgarian user interface;
    2. added: new commands for backups;

    What`s new in version 1.30:

    1. added: setting for the phrases database location;

    What`s new in version 1.21:

    1. fixed: does not work, when changed user session (user changing, hybernate and etc);

    What`s new in version 1.20:

    1. added: setting "Sounds" (see menu on system tray);

    What`s new in version 1.10:

    1. added: WTS notification support (reinstall after re-logon to session);
    2. added: embedded resource manifest;
    3. added: symbol "^" when WriteYours has administrator privilegies;
    4.  Key Features

    5. Auto-complete keystroke.
    6. Expand abbreviations in any program.
    7. Change the caret position after keystroke expanding.
    8. Simple XML format of snippets database.
    9. Statistics of snippets usage and printed chars.
    10. Multilingual user interface.

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  • Apr 27 at 10:41am
    New Release: Aml Pages 9.89 (German Version)

    German version of Aml Pages 9.89 is available.

    Aml Pages ist ein Datenorganizer für Windows, der alle Ihre wichtigen Informationen wie Notizen, Webseiten, Passwörter, Internetadressen in Form einer Baustruktur ablegt. So können Sie rasch alle wichtigen Informationen finden, wenn Sie diese benötigen. Das Programm bietet Ihnen die Möglichkeit, sehr komfortabel Webseiten (oder Teile davon) abzuspeichern oder aber auch die Ablage von Notizzetteln. Mit Aml Pages können Sie riesige Datenmengen effizient und übersichtlich verwalten - am Arbeitsplatz und zu Hause.

    Das Programm unterstützt neben einfachem Text auch das Rich Text Format (RTF), sowie Webseiten, Hyperlinks, Tabellen und Dateien, Hyperlinks usw. Es sind viele Plugins mit nützlichen Erweiterungsfunktionen verfügbar. Ohne Ihre wichtige Arbeit unterbrechen zu müssen, können Sie sofort wichtige Informationen in einer Notiz ablegen.

    Announcement of the new version is here.


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  • Apr 27 at 10:40am
    New Release: Aml Pages 9.89 (Italian Version)

    Italian version of Aml Pages 9.89 is available.

    Aml Pages Notes Organizer è un programma per Windows capace di strutturare e organizzare ogni tipo di note. Potrete inserire tutte le vostre note, informazioni, pagine web, password, indirizzi URL in forma strutturata, in modo da poter trovare velocemente tutto quello che vi serve. Aml Pages può facilmente salvare le pagine web (o parte di esse) da Internet e fornisce un programma anche per far apparire delle brevi note sul monitor del vostro computer. Tutte le note che vuoi, da gestire facilmente al lavoro o a casa.

    Aml Pages gestisce testo, rich text e pagine web, tabelle e immagini, gli allegati e molti plug-in per aumentarne la funzionalità . In qualsiasi momento è possibile inserire istantaneamente le informazioni importanti in una nota, senza paura di perderne alcuna.
    Aml Pages ti consente di archiviare ogni informazione nel database: testi, immagini, file, URL, ecc. Inoltre, è possibile salvare tanto i collegamenti ai file quanto i file stessi.

     Note a struttura organizzata
     Formattazione di testo e paragafrai
     Immagini, cattura immagini, tabelle
     Cattura facilmente testo e pagine web
     Sicurezza e auto-backup
     Segnalibri e collegamenti ipertestuali
     Molti plugin gratuiti
    Announcement of the new version is here.


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