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Aml Pages (Home License) Screenshot
Aml Pages (Home License) (PC) Discount
for PC

Aml Pages (Home License)

Organize Info Into Tree Structures

30% Off
TwinkiePaste Business License Screenshot
TwinkiePaste Business License (PC) Discount
for PC

TwinkiePaste Business License

Insert Frequently Used Text with a Hotkey

30% Off
Aml Maple (PC) Discount
for PC
Aml Maple
Never Confuse Keyboard Layouts Again
Aml Pages Home License (PC) Discount
for PC
Aml Pages Home License
Organize Notes In a Tree Structure

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The latest news, straight from our vendors.

  • 10 minutes ago
    New Release: Aml Maple 7.35

    Aml Maple 7.35 released

    Aml Maple has a new kind of view on keyboard layout indicators: simple, modern and flexible.

    Aml Maple indicates the layout being used (i.e. the language you are typing at this particular moment). It is always in front of you, exactly at the position where you are typing!

    You can download multilingual version with installer or portable version.

    What`s new in version 7.35 build 907:

    1. fixed: text translation on hot key in the Google Chrome;
    2. changes: settings of AutoSwitch languages is reseted;
    3. added: many info into Languages list;
    4. changed: languages list drawing;
    5. updated all language files of user interface;
    6. many bug fixes and changes;
    7. full change log see here;

    What`s new in version 7.34 build 906:

    1. disabled gdiScaling;
    2. added: menu command "Help\Blog", see;
    3. added: license info into results of languages detection;
    4. fixed: animation menu command "Run As Administrator";
    5. changed: custom drawing of indicators list (see Settings);
    6. changed: formatting of result of checking updates;

    What`s new in version 7.33 build 905:

    1. added: the mouse pointer displays the text “Not An Administrator” when Aml Maple is run without administrator privileges;
    2. added: new setting "Show in the mouse cursor if are no admin permissions";
    3. changed: tooltips for a menu commands;

    What`s new in version 7.32 build 904:

    1. added: jump menu command "Run As Administrator" to top (if command is enabled);
    2. added: extended tooltips for the "Check For Updates";
    3. improve language detection engine;
    4. many small changes in the main engine of 7-st version;

    What`s new in version 7.31 build 902:

    1. added: tray menu shown latest used menu command as default;
    2. added new setting for mouse pointer "Show symbol for admin privelegies ^";
    3. tray menu shown settings of hotkey for text translation;
    4. many fixes and changes for TrayIcon API;

    What`s new in version 7.29 build 899:

    1. added: export of settings into external files;
    2. full refactoring of saving\reading of settings;
    3. changed: mouse pointer indicator for expired licenses;
    4. changed: text formatting in nagscreen for expired licenses;
    5. added: more details about reasons of failure on registration with a expired license key;

    What`s new in version 7.26 build 889:

    1. changed submenu "More Our Software";
    2. fixed Russian language file of user interface;

    What`s new in version 7.25 build 885:

    1. a new "Sounds" tab has been added to the settings;
    2. added setting "Do not play sounds on starting;
    3. information about the latest version of Aml Maple found on the site has been added to the tooltip for the "Check for updates" command;

    What`s new in version 7.22 build 880:

    1. changed: report for command "Check For Updates" (+ more info);
    2. changed: localization of dialogs;
    3. many fixes for NOTIFYICONDATA supports;
    4. added: new multilanguage localization subsystem (background mode);
    5. added: background saving unlocalized strings into language files of user interface (*.lng);
    6. fixed: hung up on selection of menu command "Email To Us";
    7. added MMF-based sync with service "Flag on caret";
    8. added: internal handler for "Flag on caret" service;
    9. added new build of core-DLL FlgCRT.DLL 7.20 b108;
    10.  fixed: CFU-report formatting;
    11. Added new version of core-DLL FlgCRT.DLL 7.19 (added: new alignment instructions).
    12. Added new version of core-DLL AmlMaple.DLL 7.19 (added: new alignment instructions).
    13. Improve and fixed in the AmlMaple.exe for events from FlgCrt service.
    14. Improve and fixed interaction beetween AmlMaple.EXE and *.DLLs modules.
    15. changed async services architecture;
    16. added sounds for the tray menu;
    17. added: mouse pointer shown symbol "^" when Aml Maple is running as Administrator privilegies
    18. added new tool: AM_Restorer.exe;
    19. added: new menu command "How to pay at an ATM";
    20. added: supports of Catalan language;
    21. added: new menu command "Mute Mode" (see menu on system tray);
    22. added: new component - GGSoundUtil.DLL;

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  • Yesterday at 1:01am
    TwinkiePaste Home License - 30% OFF

    TwinkiePaste Home License - 30% OFF

    TwinkiePaste Home License (4 users/computers) - 30% OFF - 20$ USD today only on

    The discount for the  Business License

      Tip for for the home users:
      You have the option to opt for a cheaper TwinkiePaste home license (~$20).

      1. Click the button "Get This Deal" here.
      2. Scroll down the order page.
      3. Click "Add to Cart" to the right of "TwinkiePaste Home License".
      4. Check the "Remove" box to the right of "TwinkiePaste Business License".
      5. Click "Update Cart".
      6. Ready!

    What is the TwinkiePaste?

    The reason why the Twinkiepaste program allows you to quickly past text onto any writing application is because most accept the command CTRL+V and that is what Twinkiepaste uses as a command when it inserts the text of your choice. Load up its virtual clipboard full of your most commonly used phrases your frequently used logins and your code templates and pick the hotkeys that will generate a paste function. The tool sits quietly as a background process whenever you are using it. The only time it appears in the foreground is if you are making changes such as adding another text segment. The program is cheap but it is still more expensive than most other apps in the text-pasting genre/niche. It works on most applications.

    More information and download on official web site here.

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  • Tuesday at 6:40am
    New release: Aml Pages 10.00 buld 2961

    New release: Aml Pages 10.00 build 2961 released.

    You can download version with installer or portable version. Localized versions see here (Russian, French, German, Ukrainian, Portuguese and other versions).

    What`s new in Aml Pages 10.00 build 2961:

    1. improved processing of the “Apply Style” command (Ctrl+Shift+S): if the Font panel is hidden, it is shown immediately; if the list of styles is hidden in the Font panel, it is also shown immediately;
    2. gdiScaling, dpiAware, dpiAwareness disabled;
    3. information of HighDPI has been added to the "About the Program" dialog;
    4. information about the configuration of syntax highlighting (Bold, Background, etc.) has been added to the “About the program” window;
    5. added Russian description of command line keys  (see menu "Help\Command Line Keys");
    6. tooltip to the Tools\Settings menu also shows the name of the color groups file;
    7. the highlighting of marks in the text has been changed: for lines with marks, increased line spacing is used;
    8. released all localized vesions of Aml Pages: Ukrainian, German, French, Spanish and many more;
    9. A empty MDI frame has been changed: on the right is the "Tips and Tricks Panel" command, the "Check For Updates" command in the list on the left;updated tips (see panel "View\Toolbars\Tips And Tricks");
    10. updated tips (see panel "View\Toolbars\Tips And Tricks");
    11. many bug fixes and improvements;
    12. Details change log see here or You can view the change-log immediate from Aml Pages.

    What`s new in Aml Pages 10.00 build 2960:

    1. released all localized vesions of Aml Pages: Ukrainian, German, French, Spanish and many more;
    2. the implementation of the "Install plugin" command has been changed: if you do not have permission to write to the plugins folder, then options are offered (restart as admin, show folder properties, LogonAsAdmin);
    3. if LogonAsUser fails for the “Plugins\Install Plugin” command, it is suggested to execute the "Restart as admin" command;
    4. the tooltip for the menu command "Install Plugin" shows a ban icon if there is no write access to the plugins folder;
    5. added an extended tooltip to the menu command "Plugins\Install plugin";

    What`s new in Aml Pages 10.00 build 2958:

    1. the position of the cursor in the text after opening the node in the Text Editor has been changed;
    2. the "Tips" tab has been added to the right side bar;
    3. the nodes sorting menu shows the selected sorting settings in bold;
    4. the "Close" command has been added to the "Tips and Tricks" panel menu;
    5. added: when starting a text search in a document, the selected text from the right panel is searched (if there is a selection);
    6. added: when you select the "Nodes Tabs" tab in the settings dialog, the nodes bar is highlighted;
    7. new version of Plugin API;
    8. fixed sorting of tree nodes by date (for the command File\New\Diary, Insert\List of Pages);
    9. fixed: reloading node text into the editor when clicking on a search result in the results panel;
    10. clicking on the "News" tab in the right side bar of bookmarks shows/hides the News panel;
    11. fixed the formation of text search results for web pages;
    12. creating a list of nodes by dates immediately sorts them by creation dates + changes the dates of created nodes to the dates from the header;
    13. settings for tree node flags are disabled;
    14. commands for managing tree node flags have been removed from the tree context menus (they were deprecated a long time ago);
    15. changed the default setting "Show right side bar" (on);
    16. blink link to the article "What are quick settings" when starting the settings dialog;
    17. the promotion has started on - Aml Pages: 50% discount - here ;
    18. improve running of command "Mark All Readed" (in-memory implementation);
    19. changed: formatting of News (less images from web site);
    20. added new version of plugin ChangeLog 1.37;
    21. new version Plugin API (added cmd: AMCMD_PANE_NEWS);
    22. changed: updating of commands "As Childrens Only\All Childrens";
    23. Details change log see here.

    Buy license here or renew updates here.


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  • Jul 12 at 2:07am
    New feature release: TwinkiePaste 3.65

    New feature release: TwinkiePaste 3.65 released

    TwinkiePaste is the utility for quickly typing commonly used text, dates, greetings, standard responses, Internet URLs, logins and passwords, and code templates. TwinkiePaste helps to quickly type text in almost any application, thus saving a lot of time and routine.

    Downloads here (ZIP with installer, 2.1 MB). Portable versions is available here.

    Discuss on forum or Telegram group.

    What`s new in the version 3.65 build 717:

    1. added: modules TwinkiePaste, PhraseEditor create new files\directories with low level security attributes;
    2. added: new menu command "Quick Settings\Open Phrases Folder" (see tray menu);
    3. added: new version of PhraseEditor module;
    4. added: Backup of phrases write info into ZIP-archive (date, from, usernames and etc);
    5. added: new menu command "Help\F.A.Q." into PhraseEditor;
    6. added: more info in the tip for menu command "Show Phrases Menu";
    7. added: double click on empty area of float pane to minimize pane;
    8. changed menu tooltips;
    9. updated all language files of user interface;
    10. many improvements and bug fixes;
    11. Full details changelog see here.

    What`s new in the version 3.63 build 715:

    1. added tips into welcome-module HTML template (en,ru versions);
    2. added: new version of Welcome, PhraseEditor modules;
    3. menu command "Edit Phrases\Settings" shown info about folder with phrases;
    4. changed hyperlinks in the welcome-module;
    5. improved welcome-module UI appearance;
    6. changed: blinked tray icon of TwinkiePaste;
    7. changed: tray icon, when TwinkiePaste running as administrator;
    8. changed: tray menu, when runnings with admin privelegies;

    What`s new in the version 3.62 build 714:

    1. changed behavior of command "Open As URL" in the insertion menu: (added: remove lead spaces);
    2. changed behavior of macro MC_TRIM_LEFT_ALLPROTS_FROM_SELTEXT (added: remove lead spaces);
    3. added: new version of PhraseEditor;
    4. fixed a crash when showing a recursive menu in the phrase insertion menu (handling of right click on any menu command in the phrase insertion menu);

    What`s new in the version 3.60 build 710:

    1. changed: Editor uses menu colors in the commands tree;
    2. changed: tooltips for the menu commands;
    3. added: new macro %EMDASH%;
    4. added: new macro %COPYRIGHT% (©);
    5. added: new version of PhraseEditor;

    What`s new in the version 3.59 build 709:

    1. added: new menu command "Edit With Notepad" in the Float pane;
    2. added: GoogleKeep.twinkiepaste;
    3. added: new version of Welcome, PhraseEditor modules;
    4. added new commands: Google+ (creation of the Google documents, tables, forms and etc from the TwinkiePaste);
    5. dialog "About..." shown privilegies of TwinkiePaste;
    6. menu tooltip shown privilegies of TwinkiePaste;
    7. changed menu tooltips for the menu command "Check For Updates";
    8. changed menu sounds for TwinkiePaste starting without Admin privilegies;

    What`s new in the version 3.57 build 704:

    1. added: menu insertion of phrases shown icons in the menu tooltip;
    2. added: new version of PhraseEditor;
    3. changed icon of command "Translate By Google";

    What`s new in the version 3.56 build 703:

    1. changed URL of "Get It Free". New URL:;
    2. added: submens of recently used phrase groups are added to the insert menu;
    3. added: new icon for the phrase menu command "Search In Google";
    4. added custom icon for the phrase menu command "Translate to Google Translate";

    What`s new in the version 3.55 build 701:

    1. updated French language file of user interface (thanx to rico.sos);
    2. the tooltip for the floating panel has been changed;
    3. the title of the floating clipboard history panel is drawn in red if there are no administrator privelegies;
    4. the menu by Ctrl\Shift\F10 in the floating panel is positioned by the selected list item; [*] new icon for admin mode;
    5. the "^" symbol is included in the clipboard history elements in the header of the floating panel, if you have admin rights;
    6. added setting "Use multi-column menu if the items are more" (unchecked as default);
    7. added: activating the floating panel from the phrase menu or the list of windows by Alt Tab immediately expands the panel so that all elements of the list are visible ("Show all elements" command);
    8. remembers the number of the latest version found on the site and shows it in the tooltip for the "Check for Updates" menu command;
    9. added: new version of PhraseEditor 3.54;
    10. custom background color for the “Save and close” button in the phrase editor;
    11. increased to 15 maximum last commands added to the beginning of the menu;
    12. fixed: duplicate service commands in phrase menu;
    13. improved receipt of clipboard history icons on copying when working without admin privelegies;
    14. improved user license management;
    15. fixed right click on phrases menu;
    16. added: play sound when apply commands "Copy As Plain Text", "Copy Exclude Spec. Symbols" from the right click menu under phrases menu;
    17. added: supports localized names in the Phrases menu;
    18. changed *.twinkiepaste files (added localized names for menu commands);
    19. fixed: crash on uses command "Join To Single Line" from Float pane;
    20. fixed: deletion files on HDD for the clips after command "Delete" on Float pane;
    21. added: link to VKontakte Group in the Welcome-module -;

      Full details change log see here.

      How TwinkiePaste works

      1. Press a hotkey in any application.
      2. The cursor displays a menu with text templates to be inserted.
      3. Select the menu command. Done! Text inserted.

        Key Features (more screenshots)

        • Pastes plain or formatted text into any applications
        • Keeps the clipboard history
        • Smart text insertion using macros: selected text, date and time, changing of keyboard layouts, usernames and etc.
        • Configurable hotkeys
        • Simple, lightweight and user friendly phrase editor
        • Unicode support. Minimal system requirements
        • No proprietary file format. Our database is simple XML only
        • Check for updates: automatically every 1-2-3...X day or manually from menu
        • Also we can suggest portable version
        • Purchase TwinkiePaste now

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  • May 14 at 12:05am
    New released - Password Cracker 4.82

    New Release: Password Cracker 4.82 — the tool for restoring of forgotten passwords.

    What`s new:

    1. added: supports of Private GPS Detector;
    2. added: commands "Web Site", "Forum" into menu of button "Help";
    3. added: supports of GNU Spiles;
    4. added: animation of menu command "Restart As Admin";
    5. changed: hyperlink to user group;
    6. added: supports of gSUMO 8.x, GNU Spiles;
    7. changed: starting without admin privelegies;
    8. added: supports password extraction for the IconSys Manager (DB-engine);
    9. added: menu command "Start Password Cracker x64";
    10. added: uses simple crack password method for Win 64x;
    11. added: memory mapped files inter-process communication;
    12. added: RichEditXXX supports;
    13. added: supports multiline passwords (e.g. "Line 1 of password\nLine 2 of password" and etc);
    14. added: tooltip for field "View" shown info about restored password (window caption, path to exe-file and etc);
    15. added: extended tooltip for the field "Password" with info about restored password;
    16. added: _Install2 function in the engine DLL;
    17. added: CueBanner for field "Restored Password";
    18. improved: encoding text data on the fly;
    19. added: article "How To Translate of Password Cracker" —;
    20. added: new subsystem localization of UI;
    21. added: supports of BitTorrent;
    22. Added: supports of FileZilla;
    23. Added: supports password restore in the Kitty (portable edition);
    24. Added: detection of admin privilegies;
    25. Added: submenu for button Help;
    26. link to demo video;

    You can place ad on the Password Cracker tool...

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