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thread Refund Request
Hi, I would like to request a refund for: - VSDC Pro Video Editor Li
Yesterday at 6:10am
Hi. I just refunded your order. Please notice that it will take betwee
Yesterday at 4:30pm
thread Purchases - Can I view license terms?
Is there a way to view the license terms after a purchase is complete
Oct 9 at 8:35pm
Arrrgh! My apologies, Constantin. All the times I reread my post che
Oct 11 at 8:11pm
thread Why is my approved comment not showing
Why is my approved comment not showing in:
Aug 18 at 8:32pm
The problem is that the author hasn't responded in a long time...
Oct 2 at 5:54am
thread WriteWay Pro
Not sure if this is ok, but it is only for a limited time. WriteWay
Oct 10 2012 at 9:35am
I tried the code but it's not working, is it still active ?
Sep 28 at 9:44pm
thread Only first post showing after replying
I just posted a reply to a thread (75-off-litecam-hd-screen-capture-wa
Jan 1 2014 at 2:55am
@eb235 - We are aware of the issue you mention and we have it on our b
Sep 26 at 5:13am
thread How to download all Yahoo attachments
I want to download all attachments from yahoo account
Jun 25 at 4:24am
thread Unlocker PDF File
I have a pdf file I have to unlock it but I forgot the password can an
Jun 3 at 6:08am
thread How to Convert CSV to Vcard File Format?
I would to Convert CSV to Vcard file format, does it is possible to Co
Jun 2 at 6:58am
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WinCatalog 2015 Personal (PC) Discount
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WinCatalog 2015 Personal

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WinCatalog 2016 + SecureSafe Pro + ToDoPilot (PC) Discount
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WinCatalog 2019 Professional (PC) Discount
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WinCatalog 2019 Professional

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  • Oct 12 at 3:00am
    WinCatalog’s 19th Birthday!

    This week we celebrate the 19th birthday of WinCatalog. It’s time to add a candle, cut a cake, and say thank you to all of you who supported us during all these years! For today we also have a couple of announcements. First, WinCatalog 2020 will be released until the end of the month. One of the key features of the upcoming 2020 update will be the improved search speed.

  • Aug 31 at 2:00am
    WinCatalog 2019 Release 19.8.1

    Hello, we’re glad to announce that the new version of WinCatalog was released. The version number is 19.8.1. This is a small maintenance update fixing an issue of rounding down the total size of the drives in the phrase “280.5 GB is free of 1.82 TB” (WinCatalog displays it on the Properties panel). Previously WinCatalog rounded down the total size, now it rounds the total size down to gigabytes, just like File Explorer does, i.

  • Jun 26 at 2:00am
    WinCatalog 2019 Release 19.8

    Hello, we’re glad to announce that the new version of WinCatalog was released. The version number is 19.8. This is a maintenance update that makes changes to the interaction with the MusicBrainz online database after their recent protocol update (WinCatalog uses MusicBrainz to download information, track titles, and album covers for Audio CDs). The other two changes fix the inability to sort by the Volume Label column in the main grid view and in the search results and appearing the contact manager out of the screen after changing the monitors’ configuration in the multi-monitor environment.

  • May 8 at 2:00am
    WinCatalog 2019 Release 19.7

    Hello, we’re glad to announce that the new version of WinCatalog was released. The version number is 19.7. This is the feature release adding the ability to download Audio CD info and album covers from the Misicbrainz online database, different sound settings for search (a beep when the search is completed), including the silent mode, a new “Open in Catalog” context menu entry for the File Operation Queue (the Open in Catalog functionality was also improved, now it highlights entries in the catalog).

  • Feb 21 at 1:00am
    WinCatalog 2019 Release 19.6

    Hello, we’re glad to announce that the new version of WinCatalog was released. The version number is 19.6. The new version adds an ability to prevent the computer from entering sleep while the scanning or the updating process is running. This option may be turned on or off individually for each scanning profile. It is turned on by default. The Properties panel now displays disk size in the Disk Info section using the classic File Explorer like format: “20.

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