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Platforms: Windows 10, 8, 7
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Remember those good old days when you used to jot important stuff onto sticky notes and plaster your desk and monitor with them? While you do miss those days, you also enjoy your new modern, minimalist setup – just a computer on a desk and nary a piece of paper in sight! But you also find yourself forgetting things! Before you reach for that stack of stickies, take a gander at today’s discount software promotion, Notezilla 8!

Notezilla 8 lets you create electronic sticky notes that you can put anywhere on your Windows desktop. With Notezilla 8, you’ll enjoy the convenience and everywhere-ness of sticky notes, without the actual clutter of real paper to bog you down. How everywhere is everywhere? Use Notezilla 8 to attach sticky notes to documents! Folders! Websites! Programs! Without even adding an ounce of brain power, your sticky notes will automatically pop up at the exact moment you need them! Bonus features include the ability to use tags and set reminder alarms that are received as email messages. You can even pretty up your notes using attractive skins and formatting features!

It gets even better! How? Because you can sync your Notezilla 8 sticky notes through the cloud and access them using any iPhone, Android or Windows Phone! Organized notes into memoboards to reduce clutter on your desktop. You can even use Notezilla 8 to send sticky notes between computers over a LAN or the Internet!

Please note folks: today, you can either purchase Notezilla 8 (With Cloud) - ($17.95 first year, $14.95 renewal) which is a subscription based product or you can purchase Notezilla 8 (Without Cloud) - ($17.95) which is one-time payment.

The cloud version allows syncing sticky notes with different computers and smartphones. Where as the non-cloud version does not. The Android app and iPhone app for Notezilla are now both free. For more details please click here!

Also, the license you purchase is also valid for the Portable version.

This promotion includes the following:
NoteZilla 7.0 (Single User License - One Day Deal) ($29.95)
NoteZilla 7.0 (Portable License - One Day Deal) ($49.95)

Review Written by Roger Thomasson
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Gautam Jain Hello everyone. Thank you all for your great response in the past.

On the deal day you will also be able to buy a href="http://www.conceptworld.c..."Notezilla Portable/a at discounted price ($29.95, full price is $49.95) from the same 'Buy Now' on this page.

If you missed a href="http://www.conceptworld.c...Copywhiz/a & a href="http://www.conceptworld.c..."RecentX/a deals in the past, you can get them also along with Notezilla at discounted price on the same day.


Gautam Jain
Conceptworld Corporation - Jun 6 2012 at 2:06am Copy Link
Harald Vogel Hello Gautam,

I'm a long time user of Notezilla and like it very much. Its a very long time since there were any updates. Do you have any plans for a new version soon? Thanks
Jun 9 2012 at 6:25am Copy Link
Gautam Jain Yes. It is true that there has been a lot of delay in launching the new version of Notezilla.

We have completed 70% development of the new version. And there are very high chances that if you pick this BDJ deal, you will get the new version for free because we will be giving the license free to all recent purchases within last 6 months.

Thanks :)
Conceptworld Corporation - Jun 9 2012 at 7:57am Copy Link
Harald Vogel Thanks for the good news but I hope that you will give then some upgrade discounts or run another BDJ offer. I'm looking forward to the new version!
Jun 9 2012 at 8:09am Copy Link
umike Is there a way to attach a note to multiple keywords when the note is sticked to windows?
For example I have a note for holiday ideas. I would like notezilla open this note when it detect any one of the keywords in the window title : holiday, vacation, airline, tour.
Jun 9 2012 at 6:32pm Copy Link
Javier Gil I purchased notezilla a while back and I use it just about everyday. It's by far the most outstanding "post it" notes EVER made. The portable version is awesome, let's you take your notes everywhere.
My favourite features? hmm... I love the ability to add notes to webpages, and next time you visit them, the notes pops up. Really awesome!
I also like the transparency feature, ability to roll down notes, the alarms, etc.
Features I'd like to see in the new version?
Sometimes, if you have more than 100 notes on one memoboard, you get messages telling you that you should move those notes to another memobard. I guess that could be improved.
Perhaps some social network feature (such as "send to twitter" or whatever).
Tags would be interesting (as umike seems to suggest).
File attachment improvements.
A support forum would be cool too... ;)
Jun 12 2012 at 2:02am Copy Link
Gautam Jain @umike

Yes, you can attach to multiple keywords. Edit the title to *holiday* inside the 'Stick To Window' window. Select another title and edit it to *vacation* and so on.

@Javier Gil

Thanks a lot for the appreciation. Yes, the new version will have several improvements and it will keep improving. I will take note of everything you suggested. Tags is already supported in Notezilla (of course there is room for improvement there)
Conceptworld Corporation - Jun 12 2012 at 2:42am Copy Link
Chaim Krause I own a "static" version of Notezilla and purchased a portable version today to use on my various other computers. I recommend Notezilla as a general note/reminder utility.
Jun 12 2012 at 4:26am Copy Link
VLM Hi there,

1. In your write-up, above, "convience" should be spelled "convenience".

2. Is it still true that the same key works on both versions (desktop and portable)?

3. From a prior BDJ sale:
Notezilla videos can be watched here:

But when I go to this page, not much there. Have these been moved?

4. Is a version history or change log available?

5. From earlier discussion here, a sticky note "attached" to a document is not really attached, in that if the document is moved, the note does not go with it. Has this been improved in any way?

6. Sorry if this one sounds a bit lame ... what is meant by "email activation"? Seems like a contradiction in terms to me. ???

Jun 12 2012 at 5:42am Copy Link
Andreas Hoffmann Dear Gautam,
just checked your NoteZilla + it looks great. Esp. the 'Stick
But one question: When I export my test-stickies to HTML the embedded picture is not exported! When I print the sticky I see the pic... :-)
A problem with my pix or something with your export?

Greetings from Cologne - Andreas
Jun 12 2012 at 6:11am Copy Link
Amit I would like to add some thing to say to features that would be welcomed -

See -
- and it has features of explorer integration to files and folders which i really like.

- in notezilla, whenever the matched window appears (activates), the associated note takes 3-4 seconds to appear - can u make it instant ?

i would like that the price of the portable version if higher kept so much, it should be a user based license - means i dont keep my portable apps on usb drive but my hard drive only - i wud like to buy the license but the license should be such that i can use it on hard drives of any of my own 4 pcs / laptops.

ie. the license should not be resticted to 2 pcs only of 1 user - of the installer and if not the installer then the portable version atleast. (and users should be able to install on their hard drives too on all pcs - not just 1 usb drive). the present restrictions make the program quite much expensive for persons who have multiple pcs / laptops and install portable apps on hard drives.

+ will u give more discounts if i buy more than 1 products of urs today (ie. combined purchase) ?
Jun 12 2012 at 6:12am Copy Link
VLM I agree with Amit, active links would be very nice to have.
Jun 12 2012 at 7:39am Copy Link
MK @Gautam Jain:
"And there are very high chances that if you pick this BDJ deal, you will get the new version for free because we will be giving the license free to all recent purchases within last 6 months."

I nearly bought NoteZilla v7 through BDJ today - then realised I had bought v7 back in September 2007! 70% development in 5 years!

Can you commit to delivering a v8, and with a free license to BDJ users, within the next 6 months?
Jun 12 2012 at 7:47am Copy Link
Steven Avery Hi,

I like Notezilla, and gave a nice review of it on Donationcoder some years back.

it seems that the webpage sticky aspect is very rudimentary "Stick to Window" .. while the Firefox extension Internote allows a much more flexible type of sticking based on url .. (although the note itself is weaker in various other ways)

Am I correct in the distinction ?
If so, can you try to move into that realm ?


Jun 12 2012 at 9:35am Copy Link
vern taylor nice idea for win xp users but since a lot of us have since upgraded to windows 7, why would we just not use the sticky notes that came with windows 7 ? I think even at the discounted price of 17.95 that its a bit pricey for what it does.
Jun 12 2012 at 9:48am Copy Link
Amit I want to buy more products of the vendor - in particular - recentx, within this days deal only - but tried downloading the portable and the installer - both were downloaded from author's site but when launched - both gave errors and never started up. i think regsvr32 errors.


i wud really like to try and buy the software fast. can the vendor post a quick solution for the trying up of this app (recentx) ?


i am intrested in buying PikySuite and not the copywhiz, can this be done too ?
Jun 12 2012 at 1:52pm Copy Link
Gautam Jain All, sorry for the delay in responding. If you wanted to buy and missed the deal in waiting for my response, then please email us at . We will extend the deal it for one more day for you.


1) Thanks for the spelling correction :)

2) Yes, the same key will work, but the licenses are different.

3) The videos link is here:

4) Version history is here:

5) No, technically it is not possible to embed the note to just 'any' document as each document is different from different capabilities & companies.

6) Email activation means, activation key will be sent via email.

Conceptworld Corporation - Jun 12 2012 at 10:12pm Copy Link
Gautam Jain @Andreas Hoffmann,

Yes, the pictures are not exported to HTML. You are right. It is not a bug, but a limitation.

@Amit Gandhi

in notezilla, whenever the matched window
appears (activates), the associated note
takes 3-4 seconds to appear - can u make it instant ?

Making it instant would take more resources.

i would like that the price of the portable version if
higher kept so much, it should be a user based license

Portable software are not meant to be used on hard drives. In your case you need to install the regular desktop version.
If you are the *only* user between 2 computers, then you can purchase just a single user license and use it on both the computers. Please note that this policy is applicable to a maximum of 2 computers only.

will u give more discounts if i buy more than
1 products of urs today (ie. combined purchase) ?

The product is already discounted 40%!!! We will not be able to give more discounts.

also if we can attach pictures in the sticky notes, wud be fine.

This is already supported in this version.

if we write a path to a folder or file in the note -
that file or folder or exe can be launched from
within the note

This is also supported already. Just that you need to prefix and suffix the path like: <file://C:\Temp\FileName.doc>

i am intrested in buying PikySuite and not the
copywhiz, can this be done too ?

PikySuite is a discontinued software. The best features of PikySuite are moved to Copywhiz.

Regarding the error when reinstalling RecentX, please send us email with the screenshot of the error. You can continue to purchase Notezilla today. When you are able to resolve RecentX issue, you can purchase at the same discount % from us.

Conceptworld Corporation - Jun 12 2012 at 10:23pm Copy Link
Gautam Jain @MK,

You are right that the development has been quite slow. But we didn't start the development of the new version 5 years back. We started development 2 years back and we will sure launch it within 6 months. We have sped up the development in various ways. Customers who purchase in today's deal will surely get the license of the new version for free.
Conceptworld Corporation - Jun 12 2012 at 10:30pm Copy Link
Gautam Jain @Steven Avery

Yes, you are right. Notezilla sticky notes depend on the title and not the url. We have redesigned the new version so that we can accommodate the url aspect also, so that we can ship plug-ins for different browsers & other software tools. Of course, this is not planned in the upcoming new version.
Conceptworld Corporation - Jun 12 2012 at 10:33pm Copy Link
Gautam Jain @Vern Taylor

For very basic use, Windows 7 sticky notes will suffice.

But Notezilla has the 'Stick To Document', 'Stick To Website' features, rich formatting, reminders, folders (memoboards), more color options, skins, sending notes to other users and lot more. The new version is going to be even more rocking :)

Conceptworld Corporation - Jun 12 2012 at 10:37pm Copy Link
Steven Avery Gautaum, thanks. It is not really proper to say "stick to Website" until you add that feature. It is "stick to Window". This window right now is "Notezilla Notes Browser with a 40%...."

There is NOT a single window equivalent to " " .

Not for the particular url, and not for the whole domain or sub-domain (which is what is done by the otherwise rudimentary Internote, surprisingly this feature is not common anywhere else).

So there is no way to stick to this website in general.

As for documents, that probably depends on the window naming convention of the particular word processing or other program.

While Notezilla is a fine program for popping up more statically named windows (especially the windows that come up each application program, email, file manager, etc) and it can easily be worthwhile for that and general note stickies, please do not simply say it has a "stick to website" feature. Not yet, and not for awhile based on what you say above.

Jun 13 2012 at 4:12am Copy Link
Gautam Jain -
Hello everyone,

Pleased to inform you all that early this month we launched the new major version - Notezilla 9.

To learn what's new in this version - https://www.conceptworld....a/WhatsNew

Conceptworld Corporation - Aug 23 at 8:25am Copy Link

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