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  • Thursday at 1:33pm
    EverWeb’s NEW Dividers Feature for Advanced Page Styling!

    EverWeb's Dividers

    One of the main goals of EverWeb is to help you build beautiful websites easily, simply and without having to code. It’s also our goal to bring you tools that help you to build the site you want in a user friendly way. Typically, this means making traditionally complex website building tasks simple for our users to use and understand.

    In our latest EverWeb release, version 3.9, we introduced a new design tool – Dividers! As the name suggests, Dividers are great to use when you want to visually split up content into sections on your page. You can, of course, do this already but Dividers give you sixteen different, fully customizable, styles to help you visually transition from one section of your page to the next. This is especially useful for mobile devices where your visitors may have to scroll the page a lot for discover more content.

    More About Dividers

    A Divider is, in fact, a scalable vector graphic (SVG) file so the styles you use in your pages will always look great at any page width. All Dividers are fully customizable so you can create exactly the look that you want. You can change the color, opacity, height and width of a Divider. You can also set the Divider to be inside or outside the object it is attached to, as well as being able to invert the Divider horizontally or vertically. There are a myriad of customisation options. Note that when you use certain styling options, this may automatically disable other options.

    Dividers can be used on both fixed width and responsive pages. They can also be applied to almost any object you want. Typically, though, you will find that they are used mostly on full width objects as they can only be applied to the top and/or bottom of these such objects.

    Adding a Divider to an Object

    Adding a divider to your page is easy:

    1. First select the object that you want to add a divider to, for example, a shape, or widget, such as the Responsive Row widget.
    2. Go to the Shape Options tab in the Inspector Window.
    3. In the Fill section, if the dropdown menu is set to ‘None’, change this to ‘Color Fill’. You do not have to change the color from the default shown.
    4. If the Fill section is anything other than ‘None’ already, leave the setting as it is.
    5. Towards the bottom of the Shape Options, you will see a section called ‘Dividers’. If this section is closed, click on the triangle to the left of the word ‘Dividers’ to open the section.
    6. Click on either the ‘Top’ or ‘Bottom’ button to select the type of Divider that you want to add or customize.
    7. To activate the Top or Bottom divider, click on the ‘Use Top/Bottom Divider’ checkbox.
    8. To select the Divider that you want to use, click in the ‘Select’ box.
    9. You can now scroll the Dividers to find the one you want to use. Double click on the divider of your choice to select it.
    10. Now use the options below the Divider to customize its look. You will see the changes you make reflected in the Editor Window.

    Customising a Divider

    Changing the look of a divider is easy. Just select the object that uses the Divider then change the options you want to alter. If you want to change the Divider style itself, just click on the Divider style and select a different one. When you change the Divider style, the new Divider style will inherit the options that you selected for the previous Divider.

    Removing a Divider

    If you decide that you do not what to use a Divider anymore, all you need to do to remove it from the object is to uncheck the ‘Use Top/Bottom Divider’ checkbox.

    Dividers are a great, easy and flexible addition to EverWeb, giving you more flexibility in design than ever! Let us know what you think of our new features of if there are other design features that you would like to see in EverWeb in the Comments Section below.

    EverWeb on Social Media

    You can also find EverWeb on the following social media platforms:






    The post EverWeb’s NEW Dividers Feature for Advanced Page Styling! first appeared on Website Building for Mac OS X | EverWeb Website Builder.

  • Jan 12 at 12:03pm
    7 Good to Know Tips When Using EverWeb on Mac and Windows!

    EverWeb on Windows and Mac

    If you work on both Windows and macOS platforms, the recent introduction of EverWeb for Windows now makes it easy to use EverWeb on whichever platform you are currently using.

    Both versions of EverWeb work in the same way as each other as you would expect, but there are a few things that are good to know if you are going to work in mixed operating system environments…

    1. Do I Need to Purchase EverWeb Twice?

    If you already have an EverWeb + Hosting plan EverWeb for Windows is free! There is no need to purchase a copy of EverWeb for Windows.

    If you have an EverWeb Standalone license, you will need to purchase a Multi-Platform License for EverWeb. This is a one time payment that can be made through your EverWeb Client Area.

    2. How to Install EverWeb for Windows

    To start using EverWeb for Windows, just go to the EverWeb website’s Downloads page then click on the link to ‘Download NOW for Windows’. EverWeb for Windows uses an Installation Wizard to guide you though the process, so process is simple and easy.

    3. Opening Project Files in EverWeb For Windows

    When you launch EverWeb, the first screen you see is the Projects Window which lists all of your projects on the right hand side of the window. The name that you give to your project file(s) is in fact an alias. You can see the real unique filename by clicking on the Settings Button or Down Arrow to the right of your Project name in the Projects Window. Select ‘Show on Disk’ and you will see what lies beneath the ‘alias’ name…

    When you use ‘Show on Disk’ you will see the project files stored in their default location. If you move a project file to another location, such as an iCloud or Dropbox location, you will no longer see the file in the Projects Window when you launch EverWeb. When you look at a project file on a Mac it will appear to be different to what you see in Windows. To start with, on both operating systems you will see the real name of the Project file. This is a uniquely generated name consisting of randomized letters and numbers.

    When you see the project file on a Mac computer, you will see that it has a ‘everweb’ file extension. When looking at the same file on a Windows computer you will see the file name, including the .everweb extension as a folder. In reality this is the same ‘project’ as on the Mac, just that the two operating systems view the project in two different ways. On a Mac, if you right clicked on the Project file and selected show package contents you would see the same file listing as you do in Windows. Essentially the Mac lets you neatly ‘package’ the contents in to a convent ‘one file’ for ease of use, where as Windows does not.

    The only time where this may have an effect is when you open a project file in EverWeb for Windows. If you use File-> Open just click once on the project file folder that you want then click on the ‘Open Project’ button. If you did the same operation on a Mac, you would just double click on the project file name.

    If you see a file with the extension ‘ewwinproj’ you can double click on it to open your project.

    One more thing to remember… please do not edit, move, delete or add to, the contents of the files in the project folder. If you do this will invariably cause problems for you when you use the project file in EverWeb.

    4. Transferring Files Between macOS and Windows

    When using EverWeb on a Mac. you can easily move a project file just by copy and pasting it from one location to another. When using Windows remember to copy the project file’s Folder as it contains all the subfolders that make up the project itself.

    Also remember that the fonts used on Mac and Windows quite often differ so you may need to install third party fonts from your Mac on to Windows to maintain project file compatibility. See the section on Fonts below for more information.

    5. Project Files on Shared Drives

    You can transfer your project files to a shared location such as iCloud or Dropbox. This makes it convenient to access your project e.g. if you use both a desktop and laptop computer. Please be aware that EverWeb is not a network product so you should only have your project file open on one computer at any one time. You can install EverWeb for personal use on more than one machine e.g. on your desktop and laptop. For more information about licensing for more users please contact EverWeb Support.

    6. Project Files and Fonts on The Mac and Windows

    One of the main differences between Mac and Windows is their use of fonts. Some font styles are ‘web safe’ so can be used on both Mac and Windows systems without issue, but often these fonts are not going to be the ones you will be using in your website anyway. Our recommendation is to use Google Fonts as these fonts are also cross-platform friendly.

    If you use other third party fonts, you may need to copy all of these over from one operating system to the other.

    Furthermore, if you are using third party widgets in your EverWeb project file, do not forget that these should also be copied over from your Mac on to your Windows System. Third party widgets on a Mac are stored in the following directory on the local hard disk:

    User Name/Library/Application Support/EverWeb/Widgets

    Copy the contents of the directory in to the following folder on your Windows computer:

    c:\user name\AppData\Roaming\EverWeb\Widgets

    Alternatively if you have the original widgets you can also just drag and drop them on to the Widgets tab in the Windows version of EverWeb. The above method is for when you have lots of widgets to copy over all at once. Don’t forget that if newer versions of the widgets are published by your third party developer, you will need to install the updated version on both computers. If you want to check the version of the widget you have in use at any time in EverWeb, just go to the Widgets tab and secondary (right) click on the widget then select ‘About…’ from the sub menu.

    7. Menu Option Differences

    Generally the menu options in the Mac and Windows versions of EverWeb are the same. Of course there will be differences in using keyboard shortcuts between the two operating systems, but apart from that, everything else will be where you expect it to be. Here are the main differences in the menu options (macOS -> Windows) when working with your Project file:

    • EverWeb-> Preferences becomes Edit-> Options
    • EverWeb-> About EverWeb becomes Help-> About EverWeb
    • EverWeb-> Check for Updates… becomes Help-> Check for Updates
    • EverWeb-> Check for New Templates… becomes Help-> Check for New Templates
    • EverWeb-> Quit becomes File-> Close

    Also bear in mind that you will have a lot more menu options available in the macOS version of the Projects Window. However, the Windows version of the Projects Window has File-> Open and File-> Open Recents… options available.

    Setting up EverWeb for use in both Mac and Windows environments just takes a few steps so you can be productive on both platforms in next to no time.

    If you have any questions about this post, please let us know in the Comments Section below. We’re happy to help!

    The post 7 Good to Know Tips When Using EverWeb on Mac and Windows! first appeared on Website Building for Mac OS X | EverWeb Website Builder.

  • Dec 29 2022 at 10:01am
    Six Ways to Retool Your EverWeb Website for 2023!

    Retool Your EverWeb Website for 2023

    As 2022 comes to an end, it’s always a good time to take a final look at your EverWeb website for the year and to think about what you want to do with it for the next year. Here are some suggestions as to how you can retool your website for the year ahead!

    1. Start by Changing Your Site’s Copyright Year!

    The first thing that you should in 2023 is changing your site’s copyright notice year to 2023. Having a copyright notice on your site is a good idea in itself as it shows your visitors that you are the owner of the content of your pages. Although it is not usually necessary, or mandatory, to have a copyright notice, having one reduces infringement risk of your content and claims of “innocent infringement”. Having a Copyright Notice costs nothing and helps deter infringement, so if you don’t have one, add it to the pages of your site and to your blog. Remember, in EverWeb, this is quicker and easier to do if you use Master Pages in your site!

    2. Aim For a More Secure Website in 2023!

    Keeping your online presence as secure as practically possible should be a priority for any business that has a website. If your site is still using just HTTP, now may be the time to think about upgrading it to HTTPS. If you have an EverWeb+Hosting plan, you can easily secure your site using EverWeb’s Site Shield Addon. In just a few clicks you can secure your site. EverWeb Site Shield Addon has been engineered to make this potentially complex task a super simple one! If you want to maximize your site’s security, you can also take advantage of Site Shield’s new advanced security options! Again, we have simplified these options for you so advanced website security is available for you by just a few mouse clicks.

    EverWeb Site Shield Addon is available for only $39.95 USD/Year if you have an EverWeb_Hosting 2GB plan and requires EverWeb 3.6 or higher.

    3. Give Your Site’s SEO a Higher Priority

    If you are running a business, having a website is one way in which you can expand and grow sales. If potential and existing customers find it hard to find your site, products or services on the Internet, then you probably need to improve your site’s Search Engine Optimization.

    Adding and improving SEO in your site can take time and effort, and is something that you should review, maintain and update on a regular basis. EverWeb does help you with SEO by taking the contents of certain fields (e.g. the Web Page Description field in the Page Settings tab) and using it for SEO purposes. You can, however, refine your SEO to be more targeted to your needs easily and without extra cost. Our Free SEO for EverWeb Video Course will show you how!

    If SEO is important, or critical, to your business, then using EverWeb’s SEO PowerUp Addon is the tool you need to use. The Addon can be purchased through your EverWeb Client Area ($29.95 USD/Year) and is free for EverWeb+Hosting 10GB or higher plans. The Addon give you the ability to prioritize and set the frequency of when your pages are crawled for SEO purposes, allows you to add in your own SEO keywords on a per page basis, and much more!

    4. Spreading Your Word with a Blog

    Adding a blog can be a great way to engage with your customers and potential customers. It also gives you an easy way to keep your customers informed about what your latest products and services. A blog is also a great way of providing in-depth information that you would not usually find, or have space for, in the regular pages of your site. You can even use EverWeb’s RSS Feed widget to link blog articles to e.g. the Home page of your site. And a blog also lets your customers know that your site and business are alive and kicking!

    Blogging can take some time and planning but once you get in to he swing it can be incredibly rewarding. Checkout the chapter on Blogging in the EverWeb User Manual for more information on setting up your own blog and enabling discussion with your community by enabling Comment Engines.

    5. Creative, Consistent Content!

    Whatever type of website you have, one of the key things to bear in mind is keeping your site up to date. If you update or refresh your site on a regular basis, it is more likely that visitors will come back again. Keeping your site up to date also means that the information it contains also stays up to date. There’s nothing worse than e.g. visiting a site at the end of 2022 and seeing that its last update was in 2019! As discussed above, a blog can be a very useful tool, especially if most of your site’s content is relatively static.

    You may find that refreshing the look of your site from time to time can help, but keeping your content up to date and original is of greater benefit as it will be better for your SEO.

    6. Work Smarter, Not Harder…

    Keeping your website up to date with fresh content and making sure that your pages are always ‘SEO ready’ may seem to be somewhat of a daunting prospect. But there are ways in which you can work efficiently and effectively. Here are some tips that may help you…

    • Plan in Evergreen content for your website and its blog: We all have events in our calendars that repeat every year so why not make a note of these for your site or its blog so that you can have content ready in time for such events e.g. New Year, national holidays, festival days, your company’s anniversary and so on…
    • SEO only pages that need it: When it comes to SEO, you do not need to use it on all of the pages in your site. Just pick the pages that are the most important ones in your site to add SEO to.
    • When adding images in to your site, make sure the image’s filename is SEO worthy. Additionally, make sure that the size of your image files are not going to drag your page performance down and that you add in ALT Text whenever you can to an image.
    • Keep up to date: Every year EverWeb adds new features and enhances existing features. You may find that a new feature replaces an old one, for example, this year we added in-line Heading Tags. You no longer need to use the Heading Tags widget to add in these tags. Now it is simpler and easier to add in these tags and style them, so you may want to replace the ‘old’ with the ‘new’ – it’s more efficient for you in the long run!

    We hope that we have given you some food for thought about how you can retool your site for the new year. Got your own tip? Then why not share it? Let us know in the Comments Section below. And if you have any questions, please ask!

    Happy New Year EverWebbers!

    EverWeb on Social Media

    You can also find EverWeb on the following social media platforms:






    The post Six Ways to Retool Your EverWeb Website for 2023! first appeared on Website Building for Mac OS X | EverWeb Website Builder.

  • Dec 19 2022 at 11:29am
    The Best No Coding Website Builder for Mac Comes to Windows as EverWeb for Windows Launches!

    EverWeb for Windows Launches!

    We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of EverWeb for Windows. All of the website building features of EverWeb for macOS are now available to enjoy on Microsoft’s Windows operating system!

    EverWeb is the leading website builder that requires no coding – just use drag and drop to build the website you’ve always wanted! EverWeb comes with all of the features you would expect of a modern website builder: Responsive and fixed width website design styles, full drag and drop capability, a complete blogging environment, one click publishing, advanced shopping cart features using payment providers such as PayPal and Stripe and much much more!

    Downloading and Installing EverWeb for Windows

    To run EverWeb on Microsoft Windows you will need EverWeb for Windows version 3.9.1 or later. If you have not already purchased EverWeb you can download the app from our website and try it for free.

    If you have purchased EverWeb for macOS and want to use it on Microsoft Window, check out the ‘If you are Already Using EverWeb?’ section below.

    Which EverWeb Version Is For You?

    Choose the version of EverWeb that best suits your requirements…

    • EverWeb + Hosting: If you purchase, or are already have, an EverWeb + Hosting plan you get the benefit of being able to use both EverWeb for Windows and EverWeb for macOS at no extra cost.
    • EverWeb Standalone: If you want to use your own hosting provider, choose EverWeb Standalone, either for Windows or for macOS. If you want to use EverWeb on both platforms, you can easily purchase a one time only Multi-Platform license.

    If You Are Already Using EverWeb…

    If you already use EverWeb on macOS and want to use it also on Microsoft for Windows, you can do so with ease:

    • If you are and EverWeb+Hosting user you can download and use EverWeb for Windows for Free.
    • If you are an EverWeb Standalone user you can purchase our One Time Multi Platform license for $24.95 USD. The license is available to purchase from your the Upgrade/Downgrade Options section of your EverWeb Client Area.

    Multi Platform Compatibility

    Your EverWeb website Project files are compatible between MS Windows and macOS. Generally, EverWeb will also work in exactly the same on both Windows and macOS platforms. Some differences in use will, of course, arise due to the differing nature of these two operating systems.

    System Requirements

    EverWeb for Windows is compatible with Microsoft Windows version 10 and 11.

    If you want to use EverWeb on macOS we recommend using version 3.9.1 or higher which is compatible with macOS versions 10.13 (High Sierra) or higher.

    For more information on EverWeb for Windows and EverWeb for macOS please check out our website or let us know in the Comments Section below.

    EverWeb on Social Media

    You can also find EverWeb on the following social media platforms:






    The post The Best No Coding Website Builder for Mac Comes to Windows as EverWeb for Windows Launches! first appeared on Website Building for Mac OS X | EverWeb Website Builder.

  • Dec 1 2022 at 9:19am
    Be an EverWeb Web Page List Expert II: Advanced!

    EverWeb Web page lists Advanced Features: Assets Search, SEO and Secondary Clicking

    In our previous post about EverWeb’s Web Page List, we looked at many of its core features and functionality. In this concluding post, we look at some of ways in which the Web Page List is used as a cornerstone of EverWeb functionality as well as some of its lesser known features.

    The Web Page List and The Assets List

    EverWeb’s Web Page List is also used in conjunction with EverWeb’s Assets List as you can see where a particular asset e.g. an image, is used on one or more pages in your project. To use this feature, first click on the Assets tab in the Inspector Window. Next, secondary click on the asset you want to find in the Web Page List and choose ‘Find Pages Using Asset’ from the menu options. The pages that use the asset will be highlighted in the Web Page List.

    To clear the highlighted page indicators in the Web Page List, secondary click on any page in the Web Page List and choose the ‘Clear Using Assets Indicator’ option.

    Web Page List Search

    The section at the bottom of the Web Page List is where you can quickly search for the page in the Web Page List that you want to locate. Usually this feature is only going to be of use to you if you have a large website project file that contains a lot of pages, or where most of your pages are located in directories.

    Additionally, you can scroll backwards and forwards through the pages that you have already visited in your current EverWeb session by using the Previous and Next Arrows to the right of the Search box. When you exit and relaunch EverWeb you will begin a new ‘session’.

    Adjusting The Width of The Web Page List

    One small, but useful, feature of the Web Page List is that you can adjust the width of the list. This is especially useful when if you need a bit more Editor Window space as you can shrink the width of the list, or if you have long file names in the Web Page List, you may want to temporarily increase the width of the list to easily see the file names in full.

    To change the width of the Web Page List, simply put your mouse cursor anywhere on the right hand vertical edge of the list. When the mouse cursor changes to a vertical line bisected with a double ended arrow, mouse down and move the edge left or right as desired. Release the mouse cursor when done.

    Secondary Clicking in the Web Page List

    Secondary, or right mouse clicking is a feature that can be used throughout EverWeb. It makes your workflow easier and more efficient as you do not have to mouse to a different part of EverWeb to get to the feature you want to use. The same is true for the Web Page List where you can use secondary clicking in both the Master Page and Regular Page sections. Secondary clicking is also context sensitive so that you only see the options that can be used within the context of your actions. If you right click on the name of a regular or Master Page you will see different options, for example, as you cannot create a directory for a Master Page, this option will not be listed when you secondary click on a Master Page.

    If you secondary click in a blank area of either the Master Page or Regular Page section, you will see only one option – New Page so this is a quick way to add pages to your site without having to navigate to the Toolbar or EverWeb’s menu options

    …And Let’s Not Forget The Web Page List and SEO!

    …and last, but not least, remember that the names of the pages that you use in your website are also used for your SEO! So make sure, whenever possible, to use page names that are good for your SEO. This usually means creating descriptive page names, or even using your primary and secondary keyword terms where possible and appropriate. Also bear in mind that some pages will not need this treatment e.g. ‘Contact’ and ‘About’ will not need special naming as all site’s use these and so they will have no importance in regards to SEO.

    You can change, or edit, the name of your page directly in the Web Page List just by double clicking on it and editing the name, then pressing return. Alternatively, you can also use the ‘Filename’ field in the Page Settings tab of the Inspector Window.

    For more information about SEO and EverWeb, checkout the SEO for EverWeb Video Course.

    The Web Page List is an integral part of EverWeb. It is easy to use, but also with some nice quick to learn shortcuts to make your workflow easier!

    If you have any questions on the Web Page List, or on anything EverWeb, please do not hesitate to let us know in the Comments Section below.

    EverWeb on Social Media

    You can also find EverWeb on the following social media platforms:






    The post Be an EverWeb Web Page List Expert II: Advanced! first appeared on Website Building for Mac OS X | EverWeb Website Builder.

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