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10 Terrific PC and Mac Audio Apps for Musicians


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YouÕve been writing music for as long as you can remember, and now youÕre ready to unleash your genius onto the world. Sure, the music industry might be struggling to stay afloatÑbut that shouldnÕt stop you from recording that demo for your Kickstarter campaign. Recording in a home studio has never been easier with some helpful aps from BitsduJour. Here are 10 Apps every musician could benefit from:

DÕ Accord iChords 2.0

D'Accord iChords 2.0 Need to learn the chords to a cover song for Open Mic night next week? DÕAccord iChords 2.0 can help you with that. This program recognizes and transcribes chords right from your audio files, and presents them on a virtual guitar fretboard or keyboard. No need to pay a human to teach you how to play the songs you love-- because with iChords you can learn the chords to any song. You wonÕt have to search for tablature or sheet music ever again.
Read more about D'Accord iChords 2.0

DJ Audio Editor

DJ Audio Editor Maybe writing music isnÕt your thing, but you love making other peopleÕs music sound different! DJ Audio Editor letÕs you add hundreds of audio effects that will spark your creative juices. You can cut, join, and trim any audio clip, and even record audio from a multitude of inputs. With DJ Audio Editor you can even export audio from video sources to create your own ringtones for your iPhone!
Read more about DJ Audio Editor

Cool Record Edit Deluxe

Cool Record Edit Deluxe Do you have a big show coming up and you know it would make a killer live album? Cool Record Edit Deluxe can help you do that! This app lets you record any sound passing through your sound card. From streaming audio to your microphone input, Radio Edit Deluxe has you covered. You can even put your own twist on audio tracks by applying special effects like reverb, echo, reverse, and more!
Read more about Cool Record Edit Deluxe

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Looking for something that will make your vocals really pop? Try the AV Voice Changer Software Diamond. ItÕs just what you need to add that deep satanic voice to your black metal album. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is the ultimate toolkit for voice alteration! With AV Voice Changer Software Diamond, you can alter your voice; mimic someone else's voice and so much more!
Read more about AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

MiDi Converter for Mac

Midi Converter for Mac There are so many ways to compose music, even on your computer! MiDi formatted files are great when composing music, but sometimes they arenÕt as easy to send. MiDi Converter for Mac is the perfect way to compose music and send it to your band mates. MiDi Converter For Mac will convert files to .MP3, .WAV and WMA formats.
Read more about Midi Converter for Mac

String Instrument Tuner

String Instrument Tuner You canÕt make music with an out of tune instrument. String Instrument Tuner tunes guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, fiddles, banjos and bass guitars. ItÕs the perfect tool for tuning your instrument right before youÕre ready to hit record.
Read more about String Instrument Tuner

How to Play Guitar

How to play the guitar So you want to create music, but you forgot one important thingÉhow to play an instrument. DonÕt worry, thereÕs always time to learn! How to Play Guitar is a great tool that will help you learn guitar from the comfort of your desktop.
Read more about How to play the guitar

MagicScore School

MagicScore School YouÕre ready to take your music composing to the next level. ItÕs time to start putting together some scoresÑbut where to begin? Lucky for you MagicScore School turns your computer into a tireless, accurate musical stenographer. The program listens to your MIDI input and instantly notates your music. It even allows you to cut, copy, and paste your composition any way you choose.
Read more about MagicScore School


Metronome A Metronome is a necessary tool for maintaining rhythmÑespecially when playing live. This Metronome app is available for your PC and will help you maintain the rhythm of any song. Use it for rehearsals, warming up, or even while recording. ItÕll keep you on track-- and that means less takes!
Read more about Metronome

Virtual Music Composer V4.0

Virtual Music Composer V4.0 - FULLHARMONY YouÕve tried to write music for yourself, but letÕs face itÑyou suck. How hard can music composition be in this day and age? With Virtual Music Composer V4.0 you can create musical themes quickly and easily. You donÕt have to be a virtuoso to get started making your own compositions. This app is equipped with algorithms that will help you to translate any music composition theory into real results. No music theory degree necessary!
Read more about Virtual Music Composer V4.0 - FULLHARMONY

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